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Best Hair Extensions Illinois Wondering where the best salon in Illinois to get hair extensions done? The joy of every woman is to look in the mirror to see a beautiful and glamorous woman. She wants to see the goddess of beauty that when she walks on the street, she wants to be appreciated and welcomed by scores of gentlemen and ladies admirers. The dream to look impressive starts with your hair and gone are the days when just any hair would do, the real women of today need their hair to look real, a real human hair that gives a glamorous appearance of classic sensual femininity. Read More

How Can Hair Extensions Make You Look Younger

Look Younger Chicago
Some Chicago area women are curious about trying new style on their hair that change with trends. Amongst these products is the hair extension that has really amused people. Hair extensions are of different selectable lengths, styles and colors and they can be worn easily with glue or clips. Hair extensions have never run out of popularity and this is the reason why they are said to make you really younger. When you want to buy hair extensions, it is important to look for the following things:
  • Can you choose from a different variety of weights?
  • How does hair extension removal work?
  • What are the extensions made out of?
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Why is Keratin good for hair?

Keratin hair treatments at Chicago beauty salons are very hot right now. Everyone is looking to have them done – and for good reason. Keratin is in many ways a universal fix for whatever hair problem you might be confronted with. It not only makes your hair stronger and smoother, but also more beautiful, radiant and frizz-free.

This wonder of nature is a very strong protein that is a major component in skin, hair, nails and teeth. The amino acids that join to form it have unique properties; therefore, depending on the levels of the various amino acids, the keratin can be inflexible and hard, like teeth, or soft, in the case of hair. Finding out all of the facts about Keratin treatments is a good thing to do before you book this treatment.


keratin hair extensions in Chicago, IL



Long story short, a Keratin treatment is actually a hair straightening treatment that can help you get rid of your curls and the annoying frizz for a long time. The treatment will give your hair a visible sheen and shine but this will not last for more than three to four months, so you will have to have it re-done if you wish to keep the results. What is more, Keratin treatments are an excellent alternative to daily hair straightening.

Now that we know that ‘what’ is time to learn about the ‘how’. The ‘how’ is the most important fact about Keratin treatments that you could ever learn! Basically, it is a formula that is applied on the hair to make it straight and shiny! However, all formulas come with a lot of chemicals, so you are going to have to deal with them if you opt for a treatment like this. One of these chemicals is formaldehyde. While authentic keratin treatments have a safe amount of formaldehyde in them, it is still a risk you should weigh carefully as this chemical produces an odor that is known to cause allergic reactions in some cases.

Back to the how: the stylist applies the keratin treatment on your hair and then uses a flat iron to seal it in. The whole process usually takes about an hour and a half or longer. This depends on how long your hair is.




A lot of women are wondering if they should have their hair treated with keratin if they are wearing hair extensions. Unfortunately, a simple yes or no answer cannot be given in this situation because there are so many factors that play a role in this. Since hair extensions can be created from 100% real human hair, 100% synthetic hair or a mixture of human, synthetic and animal hair, keratin treatment is clearly not appropriate for all of them. Exclusive to human hair only, keratin treatment is just as effective on hair extensions as it is on your own hair, so, unless your stylist is inexperienced with the technique, there is no reason why you should worry about this at all.

All things considered, there are a lot of benefits worth considering when it comes to keratin treatments. If you happen to have curly hair and as a result you spend a lot of time struggling to straighten it daily, this treatment might be the best thing you could do. We all know just how much time we can waste getting ready in front of the mirror and in today’s world, it is simply now worth getting frustrated over something that can easily be fixed. Not only will you save time but your hair will be free of frizz and radiate health. The choice is yours.


Prom Hair Extensions

Get Pretty Prom Hair Extensions Chicago

The hottest prom hairstyles for long hair may include getting hair extensions in Chicago this season. The dance is coming soon, and it will be one of the most memorable nights of your life. You will want to hair look perfect for your date in every way. Most certainly you will be taking Pinterest selfies so that your friends as well as family members will have personal snapshots of you in your dress. Prom hair extensions are one thing that you can buy to ease the stress of the big day.

Prom Hair Extensions Chicago


Whether you’re traveling from Schaumburg, Joliet, Naperville or downtown, we can help your tresses pop, while wearing that beautiful gown. While some ladies might choose to do a prom hair updo- others want to create a perfect longer hairstyle that will not flatten or frizz if the weather throws you some surprises. You can find some amazing hair extensions by visiting our Chicago hair salon today.

Reasons You Should Get Hair Extensions for the Prom.

You can be anyone you want to be if you select the perfect hairdo. A few weeks before prom night, simple schedule a free consultation to check out various lengths. Super long hair extensions are available for you if you want to make your hair flow down your back. Curly extensions can give you the look of a natural queen. Wavy hair will give you a beautiful majestic look that will dazzle everyone who sees you at the prom. You can choose from a selection of sew-in or tape-in extensions. The type you get will depend on upon budget, plus strands.  Our posh salon has micro bead extensions and fusion extensions, as well. Why not get real human hair so that it all looks totally natural?

Where to Get Hair Extensions for Prom in Chicago?

You are probably wondering which salon to get hair extensions for prom in Chicago. If you want your day to go perfectly, you will want to visit a well-known shop where you can purchase long hair that lasts. What you will want to do first is contact a specialist, so that she can give you a free consultation.  The friendly hair dresser will speak with you about exploring extension prices. The person may help to connect you with someone who can put your extensions in for the exciting evening. You can call a stylist now at (773) 996-0533 so you will have plenty of time to get the best prom hair extensions.

How to Get Long Hair Fast

How to Get Long Hair FastA method to get long hair fast is coveted by most women today — particularly those who are very fashion-forward. Not only is long hair gorgeous, it is easy to style in a number of different ways. This makes it simple for a woman to change her look whenever she desires to do so.  

Sometimes Long Hair Just Doesn’t Come Naturally

Some women seem to be blessed with genes, including DNA that give them the kind of long and lustrous locks that make models and other women envious.

For most, though, their hair is not exactly what they envision for themselves. Maybe you are one of those women find that they have fine hair that does not lend itself to growing long. Or perhaps you simply do not have the time and energy to keep up with long hair 24/7.

 Solutions for Getting Long Hair Fast


Even if you weren’t born with the genes that give you the long and vibrant hair you want, there are solutions that can give offer you results. As with anything else in life, your results can vary and some options are designed better than others.

Hair extensions are an excellent way to get long hair fast.  Hair extensions offer all the benefits of long hair but they are temporary. In fact, having the choice of how long you have long hair is one of the many advantages of using hair extensions. Hair extensions are matched so closely to your natural hair color that even your best friends will be clueless about your beautiful long hair unless you chose to share the truth with them.

Because hair extensions are professionally applied, they flow naturally from your own hair. Your professional hair stylist will work closely with you to choose the exact shade you need. In order to achieve a natural look, hair extensions are painstakingly applied to each strand of your hair.

Once you have hair extensions, you can easily style them just like you would your own hair. They can even be washed in your normal manner so caring for hair extensions involves no more effort than you would otherwise perform anyway.

Long Hair Wigs

Today’s wigs are not your parents’ wigs. Even though wigs have improved in the past few decades, they still are not as natural looking as some other options. In addition, the quality of today’s wigs can vary widely. It can take a great deal of time as well as trial and error to find a wig that works for you.

Hair replacement systems

These systems offer you a definite advantage over wigs though there are some distinct disadvantages you should be aware of before choosing them. Hair replacement systems involve hair actually being implanted permanently into your scalp. The process can be painful and expensive. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage, though, is that you cannot easily have the hair implants removed.

At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, learn an easy and stress-free way to get the long and beautiful hair you have always wanted. Only hair extensions give you the option of having natural looking long hair fast, anytime you want and on your own terms.

5 things you can do with longer hair

5 Things You can Do With Longer Hair

Girls are really mad about their appearances, for that they can go to any extreme, it may be the matching heels, perfect manicure or the latest fad in mascara! They want everything perfect, stylish, amazing and truly fabulous. When it comes to their hair they are extremely fussy, demanding and scrupulous, that is why we are presenting you the five ultimately amazing things that you can do with your longer hair and if you don’t posses long hair then we are presenting you the solution as well. Just wait and read on…as the sugar is at the end of the cup from Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.

So first of all, the five things that you can do with longer hair:

  1. Different types of colour or streaks – There are many girls who just love to have streaks and they know that long hairs look absolutely lovely with streaks. You can make way for mind-blowing avatar in every season. In fact, in case you want celebrity looks and their gorgeous colours you can opt for them on your long hair quite easily.
  2. Uber-sexy curls: Every girl just adores the curls as it heightens her aura as well as glamorous quotient. You can be transformed into a “diva” with gorgeous curls on your long hair. You can even opt for hair extensions to get that ultimate look, instantly!
  3. Unique Sleek and stylist Ponytail – You can create magic with your long hairs as this hairstyle is trendy and many Hollywood actresses already used this hair style in big events such as Oscar shows. If you have curly hair then you have to straighten them before applying this hairstyle as it looks great only if you have straight hair.
  4. Fabulous buns: There are so many varieties of buns that you can experiment and they can absolutely transform your look. You can choose from the messy bun to classic, bridal buns or side buns. They are going to bring out your lovely feminine traits as you can decorate the buns with flowers, wreath, pearls and other adornments and what’s more! They look superb on special occasions or outings.
  5. 5. Braids and fish tails: For the ultimate girlish look the braids and fishtails are ultimate “wows”. You will never go wrong with the fish tail to make you look really a chic. With little more creativity you can bring lot of fun and glamour to your personality if you are blessed with long hair!

You can enjoy all these if you have the long hair and as many of us are not blessed with the luscious hair for them hair extensions is the right option to have impressive hairstyles without putting lot of efforts. You can opt for fusion, micro bead or tape extensions at our Chicago salon.  Moreover, you can book your appointments online at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon to choose different patterns of hair extensions for your grater looks. You can seek various hair extension packages in Chicago through our  team of extension specialists offering perfect solutions for your desire of having sexy and attractive long hairstyles.


Hair Extensions Gone Wild

Worst Celebrities’ Hair Days

Hair extensions are a favorite way to bring that much sought after volume and shape to a woman’s hair. In many cases, well-fitted though pricey hair extensions will actually do the trick, especially if a woman takes good care of her natural hair and her extensions too. Having said that, there are always two sides to every story, and hair extensions make no exception. Sometimes bad advice and bad hairdressing in combination with poor extension maintenance can really degrade the look of and feel of a woman’s hair. Without pointing fingers or making a bad example of someone, here are listed some of the cases where hair extensions have gone wild – making up for some of celebrities’ worst hair days.

Naomi Campbell

Supermodel with decades of carrier experience has had some bad hair days in recent years. Apparently her hairline has receded due to her wearing heavy wigs for many years as part of her modelling work. Currently Campbell does have extensions added to her hair though her damaged natural hair is clearly seen in some of her photos. Hopefully Naomi manages to grow her luscious natural hair back again or at least entrust her hairdo to true professionals.

Naomi Campbell Receding Hairline

Beyoncé Knowles

Arguably one of the best R&B singers and performers of our time frequently makes use of hair extensions in their full glory. On many occasions Beyoncé’s lace front is quite visible – one would think she knows how to conceal such things after her career practice and experience in wearing extensions. Nevertheless, Beyoncé is an example of the fact that extensions can actually look decent when taken care of and fitted properly.

Beyonce Hair Extensions - Lace Front is Visible

Britney Spears

America’s former pop sweetheart has been on the receiving end of destructive criticism, even ridicule many times for her lifestyle, fashion style and what not. No stranger to shame, Britney did opt for hair extensions at one stage but the results were far from good unfortunately. Unexplainably, Spears was wearing her hair up for a period of time thus showing openly the many extensions and the little natural hair she had at the time. Hopefully things improve for her and her appearance.

Britney Spears' Hair Extensions Showing

Jenifer Lopez

The dancer, turned singer, turned actor, turned etc. is actually an example that hair extensions can be made to work as long as you spend quality time on regular styling and maintenance. Those in the know, say J-Lo’s extensions are some of the best fitted and maintained out there. Only after a close and detailed inspection, there is the odd chance that one can see a so called ‘glued’ extension in her hair, and that’s only on a bad day.

Jenifer Lopez' Extensions - Barely Visible

Lindsay Lohan

Controversy, substances, issues, rehabs and a bunch of other such things describe this turbulent persona quite well. Lindsay has gone through many personal, physical and emotional transformations, so has her hair. Before 2013 she was anything but a good hair celebrity. For a time, she did not care one bit whether or not her extensions were showing and the wiggly bits were frequently showing in her photos. Thankfully she is back on top of things and her hair looks much more presentable in recent months.

Lindsay Lohan Extensions Showing

Katie Price

Extensions have been officially added to Price’s hair since she went totally blond. Problem was that there was a mismatch between her natural blond hair and her blond extensions. This usually happens when hairdressers do not add different shades of color (blond in this case) to the extension in order to match the variable natural hair shades. These days Katie has returned to a more natural darker shade which conceals the extensions better.

Katie Price Extensions Color Mismatch

Kelly Rowland

Another R&B star who performed side by side with Beyoncé during the Destiny’s Child days, has also fallen victim to an ill-fitting wig! As beautiful and stylish as Kelly is, her lace front is showing badly at times. Nothing wrong with adding some extra hype and vibe to your natural hair, but doing it right is what really pays off. Hopefully Kelly will find the right balance between natural and synthetic hair soon.

Kelly Rowland bad wig front lace showing

Big Hair-Top 1980s Celebrity Hairstyles

Big Hair-1980s Celebrity Hairstyles


Women wearing big hair during the 1980s captivated our attention and inspired us with cool celebrity hairstyles that looked incredible. With so many great movies, as well as television sitcoms during this exciting era-super long hair gained popularity.

Since big hair is hotter than ever, I wanted to share some of the top 1980s celebrity hairstyles we all remember.

1980s Featured Big Hair!


Valarie Bertinelli Big Hair


Valarie Bertinelli sported a fashionable big hairstyle that has influenced beauty trends throughout the years. Who could forget her childhood acting years on One Day at a Time, which aired 1975 thru 1984? Valarie’s naturally thick hair allowed her to pull off both short and long lengths on given period. Very few celebrity women have aged as gracefully as this famous actress. These days, Valrie Bertinelli is more attractive than ever.

Vanity 1980 hairstyle


Vanity-Denise Matthews outrageously big hair style was a thing of beauty during the 1980s. Her very public relationship with singer Prince kept our eyes glued to celebrity magazines to see what she had planned next. Although she is well known for singing with Vanity 6, Denise Matthews epitomized big hair in the movie: The Last Dragon. No longer a party girl, Vanity has changed her life and is now a heavily devout Christian.

celebrity hair extensions
World famous model Christie Brinkley graced over 500 fashion magazines, including being the face of CoverGirl makeup. Christie’s glamorous blonde hair helped her to be one of the few featured Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models for three years in a row. Playboy magazine named her one of the most attractive women of all time. If you grew up during the 1980s, then you probably remember her unforgettable role in the movie National Lampoons Vacation. Christie Brinkley has often said she loves wearing hair extensions.

1980s big hair styles

Do you remember when Demi Moore first appeared on the soap opera General Hospital back in 1981? Over the years, her dark tresses have appeared on such movies as About Last Night, Blame it on Rio and Saint Elmo’s Fire. I would have to say my favorite Demi Moore film is probably A few Good Men with Tom Cruise. As an accomplished actress, including director, her big hair has influenced many celebrity hairstyles.

Of course, there are many other 1980s celebrity hairstyles that will forever be seared into our memories. Famous stars like Michelle Pfeiffer, Brook Shields, plus Julia Roberts hair are certainly inspirational at any age.

Cheap Hair Extensions

Cheap Hair Extensions-Considering Affordable Costs

Cheap Hair Extensions, Chicago, ILCheap hair extensions in Chicago, IL  are definitely not difficult to find at local beauty salons. Most extensions prices vary depending upon length, style, as well as brand. While many companies claim to sell only 100% real human hair, that doesn’t mean the product will be durable.  The idea is to make a smart investment to enhance your appearance, as well as save money. Before making a purchase, talk with experienced hairdressers who understand how to make hair longer, using a variety of methods. The idea is to find long lasting extensions that will stand the test of time. Many women understandably get lured by amazing example pictures, yet become dissatisfied with their own personal results. The following information can help make the decision process less confusing: There are many ways to buy cheap hair extensions and each one can serve a unique purpose. The price analysis is segregated by hairdo.

Should You Buy Cheap Hair Extensions Online?

Let’s face it- you never know what might arrive at your doorstep when ordering products from the internet. That’s not to say that obtaining good hair is impossible. Whilst buying extensions wholesale is easy, you will get what you pay for. There are some really bad organizations who claim to the offer the finest quality. It’s just a good idea to read reviews and do research prior to making a financial commitment. Sometimes there really are great deals to be found buying online. A knowledgeable cosmetologist will be able to help you ferret out unfamiliar sellers. The highly reputable brands, including Cinderella, So Cap, Hair Dreams and Great Lengths extensions require a salon shop license.

Extension Shops

Affordable Hair ExtensionsPopular stores, such as Sally’s extensions offer reasonably priced attachments which can be applied using various methods. Quite often, dyi extensions can be bought on the internet-with prices under $100.00. This usually does not cover costs associated with installing hair. Clip-On extensions are cheapest because there generally is no labor involved. Clip-On extensions for prom hairstyles and weddings can sometimes be a good solution when on a budget.

Finding “cheap hair extensions” salons are typically hard to come across because the establishment wants you to have durable tresses. It is possible to find discounts on deal sites. The very best hairstylists can create stunning hairstyles that will look natural and withstand rigorous activity.

Whether microlinks, skin-weft or fusion methods are chosen, our specialist will assist you with finding fairly priced extensions in Chicago, IL

Types of Hair Extensions

Going with Hair Extensions – Select the Best Method for Your Hair

Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a good way to achieve that so desired look by adding volume, length and color highlight to your hair. Extensions are attached to a woman’s natural hair using a number of different methods. The way extensions are attached will also affect their feel and appearance. The idea is to select an attachment method that is sparing, yet it gives the finished hair a natural look and feel.

In order to better understand how the whole process works and choose the most suitable attachment method, it is best to consult with a professional hairdresser, in the meantime here is some valuable information:

There are different types of hair extensions and each one has its own unique attachment method. The methods are grouped in systems.

  • Strand by strandin this case, sectional pieces of extensions are attached to sectional pieces of your natural hair using a number of different attachment techniques. These techniques are usually warm or cold fusion, shrink tubing and micro tubing. Glue on attachment methods are now considered outdated and aren’t practiced as much.
    • Warm fusion attachment – extensions are attached to natural hair through heating of keratin bonds, the keratin comes from a special chemical that is present on the end of the hair extension strands.Warm fusion allows for certain extensions to be reused. Cost wise, it is a tat cheaper than cold fusion, and pretty much just as time consuming to complete.
    • Cold fusion attachment – the keratin bonds present on the ends of strands are activated and fused together with natural hair using ultrasound rather than heat. Cold fusion is considered to be superior to many other attachment methods and perhaps delivers the best results. However, cold fusion is somewhat expensive and time consuming.
  • Links, Microlinks, Tubes, Beads, Locks, Rings –  this method basically uses different types of miniature tubes through which natural hair and extensions are run, then sealed and bonded inside the tube.
    • Upsides – cheaper than fusion attachment, takes relatively shorter to complete, extensions can be adjusted if necessary, relatively long lasting results.
    • Downsides – extensions are somewhat visible, microtubing can be uncomfortable to wear at times, sometimes constant readjustment is needed, tubing can damage hair shafts in certain cases.
  • Weft hair extensions – the weft method is similar to the strand by strand attachment, though in this case instead of attaching a strand of synthetic hair to a strand of natural hair, extensions are shaped in tracks or wefts i.e. elongated pieces or lines of synthetic hair. The tracks are then attached to lines of natural hair on the scalp and left to hang freely. The attachment is done using one of the methods listed above, including the use of special adhesives.
    • Upsides – less time consuming and more efficient than strand by strand attachment, different attachment methods applicable, more cost effective than strand by strand methods;
    • Downsides – stresses hair more, heavier than strands, removal is more complicated, glue and braiding attachment can cause some damage to hair, wefts are somewhat visible, they need more maintenance and readjustment.
  • Clip-on extensions – these are perhaps the easiest, most sparing and uninvolving hair extensions you can get, most women attach them before an event or special occasion and take them off before retiring to bed, or after the event is through. Many of the clip-on extensions available right now come with Remy hair.

    What you need to know about clip-on extensions: Avoid non-Remy hair clip-ons, Remy hair is considered to be the closest thing resembling natural human hair. Remy hair is also quite resistant to matting, oiling, oxidizing etc. Non Remy hair clip-ons are cheaper but they are not as good as non-Remy hair is silicone treated in order to improve its appearance. Problem is that treated hairs are much more susceptible to matting, oxidizing, greasing, tangling and drying out. An alternative to Remy or non-Remy hair is synthetic hair. Having said this, synthetic hair is somewhat hard to blend in with natural hair – it just doesn’t look that real.

Choosing the right type of hair extension and attachment method for your scalp and natural hair should in all cases be done after a careful consultation with a professional hairdresser. If you are prone to skin conditions, perhaps it is good to speak to a dermatologist before going through with the procedure.