Hair Extensions, Cicero, Berwyn

Get Sexy Hair Extensions in Cicero & Berwyn, IL

hair extensions Cicero,Berwyn Searching the web for salons that do hair extensions in Cicero and Berwyn but want to find affordable prices? We are the next generation of hair care services with mobile hair extensions appointments. This is a fabulous way to get to have healthy, beautiful long hair because you won’t have to travel to a hair salon. Of course, our client’s can always choose to visit us at our Chicago location. If you are wondering how much hair extensions cost, then you will be pleasantly surprised to know we are very affordable. Since the primary function of our services is lengthening hair, we are able to purchase the best quality, remy fusion and micro bead hair extensions from leading brands. This includes Great Lengths, SoCap, as well as many other top providers. our costs start out at just $150 a bundle, which is fantastic when compared to other top salons.

How Do Mobile Hair Extensions in Cicero & Berwyn Get Scheduled?

It’s really convenient to book a free consultation. Simply call our salon and one of our talented hair stylists will work with you to figure out a time to see your hair. During this encounter, client’s are able to discuss length, price-colors and much more. Then, it’s as simple as picking a date for your real human hair extensions to be applied, all from the comforts of home.

How Much Time Do Hair Extensions Take To Do?

This really depends upon the brand, length and style you want. All of our extensions include the cost for hair, application, and of course, styled hair cut. Typically, it takes anywhere between 3 to 4 hours for a full head. If you are just going for some extra locks, then the process is much shorter. Our specialists travel to to 60804. Free consultation when booked at salon. Small trip fee may apply for mobile consultation.

Contact Chicago Hair Extensions Salon for Hair Extensions in Cicero and Berwyn for further information.

Best Hair Extensions, Romeoville, Bolingbrook

Hair Extensions in Romeoville, Bolingbrook, IL

romeoville bollingbrook IL hair extensions Phone: (773) 996-0533 With mobile services, our salon provides hair extensions to Romeoville, Bolingbrook and Lemont, IL. If you have been have been looking for a salon that does hair extensions but don’t want to travel to a high end salon downtown Chicago, then Chicago Hair Extensions Salon is the solution! Our hair dressers have worked at such famous places as Mario Triccoci, as well as Vidal Sassoon, just to name a few. The difference with our service is you won’t pay the crazy high prices that other hair salons charge for you new extensions. Unlike clip in hair extensions, our style stays on your head between 4 to 6 months. Regular self mainainence can help them last even longer! We offer the exact same brands that big time Hollywood celebrities use to lengthen hair. This includes Great Lengths, Socap, including Tony Odisho extensions. We hand pick the very best quality, remy virgin hair for all applications. Choose weft, fusion, Micro Ring or invisible hair extensions.

How Are Hair Extensions in Romeoville and Bolling Brook Performed With Mobile Appointments?

Imagine getting the kind of treatment movie stars receive by having a personal hair dresser come to your home to provide personal attention. It’s as easy as booking a free consultation (when booked at our salon) with a hair stylists and simply booking an appointment. Mobile consultations may include a small trip fee. We also give our clients the choice of coming to our salon on Chicago’s north side. During the consultation, our stylist and you will discuss your beauty goals-hair length, color, style are all apart of the process. Once everything is customized to your liking, one of our artists will make an at home visit to apply your beautiful new hair.

A Hair Extensions Salon for the communities of Romeoville & Bolingbrook

Our hair extensions specialist can drive to Romeoville, Bolingbrook and Lemont easily because some of our staff live near the area. We are also just a short drive from the city. We carry 12inch, 16inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 26 inch with the option of getting 30 inch extensions for those who want ultra long hair.

Do you have a hair extension salon in Chicago?

We are located right near Wriggley Field, near the Downtown Lincoln Park areas. This means you can choose to have hair at our location or yours. We pride ourselves on giving women custom-tailored appointments, sturctured in such a way that the whole process is very client centered.

What are the benefits of using your salon instead of buying Cheap Hair Extensions?

When you are researching hair, it’s important to consider quality. Many of our products are known as Virgin hair. This means your getting 100% natural hair extensions cut from the heads of real people. The hair flows seemlessly without that artifical, fake look. Many famous actresses have worn extensions for film: Jessica Simpson, Kim kardashian and many more. Communities of 60441, 60446. Call us today to schedule a consultation for Best Hair Extensions, ready for residence in Romeoville, Bollingbrook, Lemont and Lockport, IL.

Hair Extensions Aurora, Joliet

Get Real Human Hair Extensions in Aurora & Joliet, IL

Been looking for hair extensions salons near Aurora & Joliet but can’t seem to find a salon with good prices? Now it’s possible to have high quality, beautiful long hair from the top brands without having to leave home for an appointment.  We are a Chicago based mobile salon that serves Dupage County all the time.

hair extensions aurora, joliet

Chicago Hair Extensions Salon features premier hairdressers that apply high quality human hair from the best brands in the industry. We make getting longer hair easy by keeping our prices affordable, as well as giving clients the opportunity to choose from a variety of methods.

Cheap Remy Hair Extensions Aurora & Joliet

More often than not, women inquire about extensions for long hair, but are naturally turned off by what some high end salons charge. Our professional hair dressers hand pick the best quality human hair from the top brands that are used at popular salons. This means you cann choose to buy the same I tip, fusion and micro ring hair extensions as Hollywood celebrities.

What is the Hair Extensions Cost For Your Services?

There are several factors which go into figuring out prices. These variables include brand, length and method used. Since all we use is best quality remy human hair, you will be able to have extensions affordably priced. Right now, we have a special at just $150 per bundle of hair. Compared to other salons, it’s a fantastic deal.

What are the best hair extensions out there?

Every company tells the public that of course their hair is the best. In reality, talking to your personal hair dresser is a good way to figure out which type of hair will look most natural for you.

How Do You Schedule a Hair Extensions in Aurora & Joliet get Scheduled?

To begin with, all consultations are free. You can choose to meet with your specialist at your location, our salon or even online with Skype. During the consultation you can Choose to have curly hair, wavy hair, pin straight hair or even colored extensions. This is the perfect time to ask about the process. Then it simply comes down to scheduling a reservation time to get your new, beautiful hair applied. Plan on spending a few hours for the actual application. Many clients report having a much higher sense of self confidence after getting longer, thicker hair. Free consultation when booked at salon. Small trip fee may apply for mobile consultation. We serve 60504, 60505, 60506, 60507, 60568, 60572, 60598.

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Hair Extensions Oak Brook

Hair Extensions Oak Brook

Hair Extensions in Oak Brook, IL

Look no further than our top mobile salon for hair extensions in Oak Brook, Downers Grove and Evanston!  Since all we perform is hair extension services, we make getting longer hair a cinch.  Our main location is the city, but our stylists provide excellent at home hair extensions services.  This means you can get gorgeous hair without having to spend an entire day at the salon. We use high grade, real human hair extensions from the same name brands as Hollywood celebrities. The difference is we don’t charge those outrages prices. Our professional hair extension team have been creating natural looking, longer hair for years.  In fact, our salon provided extensions for the Miss IL, USA contestants.

How do hair extensions in Oak Brook, Downers Grove & Evanston get scheduled?

When you call Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, simply request a mobile appointment within your area. Once booked, a friendly hair dresser will travel to your location. Free consultation when booked at salon. Small trip fee may apply for mobile consultation. This will give you an opportunity to talk with your hair dresser, ask questions, and figure out a method which works best for you. If you are from out of town and staying at one of the many Chicago area hotels, we can also visit your location. Just make sure to reserve a time slot a few days in advance to give our hair artists enough time to order your remy hair. If you are wondering where to get hair extensions in Oak Brook, Downers Grove or Evanston, call our salon for fabulous hair. Serving the communities of 60523,60522 and 60521.

Get Top Hair Extensions Oak Brook Today!

Downtown Chicago Hair Extensions, Lincoln Park, South Loop

Chicago Hair Extensions

Downtown Chicago Hair Extensions The city’s hottest new service offers beauty salon treatments to Downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, and South Loop areas through private appointments at the client’s location. For years, you’ve watched rich Divas on TV hire personal hairstylists instead of going to a traditional salon. Free consultation when booked at salon. Small trip fee may apply for mobile consultation. Now you don’t have to be a celebrity to hire your own personal hairstylists to get the gorgeous, longer hair you have always wanted. Friendly, Chicago hair extensions specialists perform exceptional color matching, as well as highlights  for discerning ladies that want personal attention.

Chicago Hair Extensions Can Be Enjoyed Throughout the City

More often than not, downtown Chicago hair extensions on Michigan Ave charge thousands for professional Remy hair extensions. Why play the game when you can schedule a personal, discreet visit at your hotel, office or home? If having a house call isn’t your style of a hair salon, we also invite you to come to our exclusive hair boutique right off Lake Shore Enhance the overall quality of your appearence with hair extensions which look so real that no one will know your secret. Make an appointment to get your special Chicago hair extensions applied, available to downtown, Lincoln Park, South Loop and much more.

Hair Extensions, Schaumburg, Palatine & Arlingtons Hts

Professional Hair Extensions Schaumburg, IL

Hair Extensions, Schaumburg, ILHave you been dreaming about having luscious long hair but got turned off by prices for hair extensions Schauburg, IL? Now residence in Arlington Heights, Palatine and Schaumburg can have professional mobile hair extensions salon services for very reasonable prices from the comfort of home or at our professional studio in Chicago. Our hair dressers use 100% human hair extensions, plucked from the finest Remy hair strands around the world.  Choose the best hair extension brands, such as Great Lengths, Ultress, SoCap and much more.

How do your Palatine and Schaumburg Hair Extensions Salon reservations work?

It’s as easy as calling to make an appointment for a consultation. Free consultation when booked at salon. Small trip fee may apply for mobile consultation. A certified hair extensions specialist can come to your location to answer all of your questions in person.  These are experienced professionals who have worked at some of the best salons in the Midwest. Please see the hair dressers biography page to learn more information.

Amazing Hair Extensions in Schaumburg, IL

Why pay jacked up hair extensions costs at a salon when the same results can be achieved? We purchase the finest European, Asian, Indian and Italian hair available for these services with the goal of giving you long-lasting extensions that look totally real. Although there are many hair extensions systems available on the market, we use the fusion extension method to bring about super incredibile results.

What’s the difference between professional mobile hair extensions in Schaumburg and other salons?

While there are dozens of talented hairdressers in the Chicago area, very few offer professional Remy fusion extensions applied at the client’s home. We provide our customers with a choice of where to get their hair done. Schaumburg, IL 60193, 60159 is only a quick 20 minute drive from the loop and a short distance from Algonquin as well as Barrington.

Contact our mobile salon today to learn more details about our hair extensions in Schaumburg, IL.