Natural Hair Extensions

Why Choose Natural Hair Extensions?

Natural Hair Extensions


A key to natural hair extensions means getting 100% real human hair. An important part of woman’s beauty has been her hair since the period of the Renaissance and for centuries before that. Hair extensions, wigs and other hair accessories were originally used in the past, when hair was damaged because of illness, environment and other reasons. Extensions were used to create locks in the name of beauty and add length and thickness to the existing hair. Wigs and other hair accessories were used before, instead of hair extensions, because hair extensions looked less natural when applied. But today, thanks to science hair extensions can be applied and made to look completely indistinguishable from the natural hair. More and more women are using hair extensions to enhance their allure.

Natural Hair at its Best

Hair extensions are nothing but synthetic or natural hair, which are attached to a person’s scalp or head, to add thickness or length and sometimes both. Women can now receive hair extensions from salons and hairdressers and there are also some types of home tool kits which you can be used to apply hair extensions at home. These home kits are available in both beauty shops and online stores. But when applying hair extension, the most natural look is required and this can be achieved only by a trained professional who knows what he/she is doing. A natural and indistinguishable look is difficult to achieve using the home kits.

Though a professional hairdresser can advise you on this, understanding the different hair extensions and the different types of hair is required for you to make the correct choice when it comes to hair extensions. There are many types of hair such as wavy, thick, thin, frizzy, fine, curly, straight etc. But most categorise hair into three types: wavy, straight and curly with the various sub categories within the three. The type of hair that a person has already will determine what she should use for her hair extension.

When you are looking for hair extensions made of natural hair there is a slight difficulty because everyone’s hair is not exactly the same. Hair for natural extension is usually sourced from you Europe, Russia, China and India. The highest quality hair comes from Europe, while hair of lower quality comes from Asia. No matter where you source your hair extension from, to make the hair look inconspicuous and natural looking there are a few things to look into:


Hair can be fine or rough and sometimes in between. European hair is best suited for with fine hair as they have medium to finer density. Asian hair is coarse but Indian hair is better than Chinese hair.


The hair extension should match with the hair color of the person wearing them. This is unless the person wearing the hair extension is looking for a different color hair. Women wear pink, green and other bright color hair extension all the time. Extensions are also used to add tones and highlights to natural hair. However if the goal is to add thickness to already existing hair then finding the right hair color is recommended. It is easier to find hair which was colored during processing to match with the color of your natural hair than it is to find unprocessed hair which is exactly the same colour as your natural hair.


Hair extensions can be cut and trimmed to fit the natural hairstyle of the person wearing it. Blending the extension to the existing hair style depends on the kind of extension and the application method used.

Application method

Though there are many ways of attaching the hair extension, the method will determine the difference between natural looking hair and the ones which look fake. Clip-ons for example can create bulges under your hair and will not look natural. The solution is to ask professionals to give you high quality extensions.

Let us look at some of the application methods available in the market so that you can choose the one right for you.

Tape-In Hair Extension

These are hair extensions made of human hair. It is called a tape-in hair extension because a tape system is used to attach the hair to your scalp. Glues are not used to attach the hair onto the scalp, so it is not damaging to your existing hair. Using techniques from the wig industry a special adhesive is used to invisibly attach the hair extension to the hair. Parting hair styles will be possible because braids and clips are not used.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

These hair extensions are preferred by the top stylist and celebrities in the country because it gives long-lasting and gorgeous hair. The hair extensions is fused with your natural hair using a protein tipped glue called keratin, which is healthy for your hair. The extensions lasts between 4 to 6 months.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

This is ideal for women with thin hair and is used to create longer extensions. Ultrasonic waves are used to apply cold fusion hair extension and hence it is not damaging to the hair.

Micro Bead Extensions

The professional needs an eye for the placement and areas of the head where the extensions can be applied. This method can bring about long flowing hair that can last for several months before any touch up work is required. Neither heat nor chemicals are used to apply this hair extension. However micro rings can sometimes be noticed if it is not applied properly or if it is not the right type of ring. Hair also needs to be 4 to 5 inches long before the hair extensions can be applied.

It is not enough if hair extensions just increase the length and thickness of your hair, it should also look natural when it is attached. What is the point of using hair extensions if people think it is fake? A lot of things has to be taken into account, one of which is the skill and the ability of the professional who is applying it. Other things you should consider will include the type of hair, quality, texture and the application method. High quality European hair can be expensive but it is more natural looking and is hence worth it.

Lower quality hair can do just as well but more care has to be taken and more effort has to be put in to make it look as natural as possible. At the end of the day no matter which hair extension you buy and which method of application you use to apply it, what matters is how it makes you feel inside. Book a free hair extension consultation in Chicago at our salon.


Fun Winter Hair Ideas

Fun Winter Hairstyle Ideas

Winter Hair Ideas

Everyone knows that Chicago can make finding a winter hairstyle tricky. When you have long hair to play with, there are countless possibilities in styling them, as opposed to having short hair that can only be styled restrictively. Thanks to the option of now having real hair extensions, that go so well with your natural hair that nothing about it looks artificial, everyone can have long hair to style and wear as they please. So get you ready for the winter, we have gathered some ideas how you can style your hair this winter:

Loose Winter Waves

The best part about winters is that you can leave them open everywhere without it annoying you or sticking to your neck. This is because there is less humidity in the winter, and the environment is dry. Loose winter waves are an easy hairstyle that can be worn casually or formally. The best part about this hairstyle is that suits all face shapes so everyone can look great with it.

Quick How-To: Use a curler to curl up the ends of your hair going three quarters up, release, set with fingers, and use hairspray to keep them intact.

Holiday Evening Twist ‘n’ Bun

This easy to style hairstyle is perfect for winter holiday events – Christmas parties, New Year’s, you name it! It goes well with dresses and suits all hair colors and textures. If you are going to a formal evening party, this is definitely your look.

Quick How-To:  Make a side or middle part, depending on what suits your face more. Take a side and begin twisting the front of hair back until it reaches your ear, and secure with a bobby pin*. Do the same with the other parting. Take the leftover hair in the back and circle it into a low bun that lies on the base of your neck.

*Use embellished bobby pins to give it a fancier look

Beanie Hair

Winters call for winter clothes and accessories, and beanies are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. If you do own one, beanie hair is a great winter style, especially if you are going out with friends or are likely to be outdoors. Just make sure the beanie matches your outfit!

Quick How-To: Apply protective serum and use a straightening iron to have long, shiny straight hair. If you have fringes or bangs, straighten them out too. Set your hair over your shoulders or behind, any way you like it. Wear your beanie, and if you have fringes/bangs, make sure they slightly show through in the front.

Side Fishtail

If some hairstyle never goes out of fashion, it is braids. All kinds of braids are perfect for all seasons. However, we’ve picked a creative way to braid and style your hair in winter. It is easy to make gives a casual yet runway-fashion look. The best part? It goes for all kinds of occasions and it does not matter whether your hair is straight, waved, or curly.

Quick How-To: Side part your hair and begin fishtail-braiding it from the nape of your neck, not from the top. Make sure it is slightly loose and braid all the way down until you secure it with a band, and flip it over the front. If you have layered hair, then some strands should already fall on your face, push them back and you’re done. If you do not have layered hair, then roughly fix the side parting again to loosen your hair from the braid and push back some strands to secure with bobby pins.  Ask a stylist at our Salon in Chicago about fun winter hairstyle ideas.


Clip In Hair Extensions-Understanding Pros & Cons

Chicago Hair ExtnsionsChicago Hair Extensions salon does sell Clip-in hair extensions on occasion. We wanted our customers to understand that basics of this temporary method for getting longer hair. Many women are not lucky enough to own long straight hair; thus, they sometimes turn green with envy on other females wearing long tresses that sway gracefully around their backsides.

Fortunately, there are solutions like wearing wigs for example.  But, wearing this hairpiece can be uncomfortable and there is always that embarrassing moment that it might fall off if not attached carefully.  So, hairstylists have found a solution; clip on hair extensions and other types of hair integration.

What is Hair Extension?

It is also known as hair integration and it is a method of making the hair appear longer by embedding natural or synthetic hair.  It is also used as a natural hair protection mechanism.  The techniques used currently are so advanced that lengthening the hair does not appear artificial.

What are the Types of Hair Extensions?

There are several types of extensions to choose from and each type has different upsides and downsides:

Temporary Hair Extension

Clip in hair extension is the most common temporary kind of hair extension; it can be removed and reinstalled in minutes.

Permanent Extension

Weave hair extension is where a portion of natural hair is braided and strands of hair are sewn into the weave row known as corn row.

Fusion hair extension involves pre-bonding of hair extension using adhesives like glue, keratin, petroleum and other plant based adhesives.

Which is Better, Temporary or Permanent?

Based on the classification above, there are two categories of hair extensions; temporary or permanent.  In the temporary category, clip hair extensions are the most temporary and fusion hair seems to be the most permanent. But which one is better?

Price – clip in hair is cheaper compared with fusion hair extension which costs several hundred dollars more.

Convenience – clip in hair can easily be removed when you want it but not ideal for longer use as it may cause bald patches when you remove it; while with fusion hair, you have to go back to the salon to have it removed.

Application is good for 4-8 weeks for fusion or permanent hair extensions while clip in hair is good for overnight use. You will spend a few more dollars to have it applied to your hair again.

Practicality – it depends, if you find no problem spending a few minutes applying the clip in hair extensions so be it, but if you want more permanent hair extension, then fusion hair is the one for you.

Pros and Cons of Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions are an excellent way to test if hair extension looks good on you before doing it permanently using fusion or other methods of permanent hair extensions.  But before you do, take a look first at its pros and cons.


  • Relatively no hair damage done
  • Relatively no cost when you put it again unless done by a salon expert
  • Change the style when you want it; can be curled or straightened
  • Can improve volume of hair and appearance
  • Blends well with natural hair


  • No ponytail style and even some hairstyles are not compatible with clip in hair extensions
  • Strong winds may reveal the clip portion of the hair extensions
  • Uncomfortable to sleep while it is on your hair; thus, must be removed every night.
  • Temporary

So, take your pick now if you want permanent or temporary hair extensions.

Schedule a free consultation for to learn about various types of hair extensions at our Chicago, IL hair salon anytime.

Hair Extensions – The Perfect Chicago Holiday Gift Idea

Holiday Gifts, Chicago, ILChicago Holiday Gifts-Hair Extensions

All of us have a woman in our lives that we want to make happy during the holiday season. You probably found this article when you were looking for the perfect holiday gift for her. It is important to give her gifts she wants. Not only should you look out for the price, but also look out for what she wants and needs. Be smart with your gifts this season and give gifts that compliment her clothing and beauty products. Focus on gifts that she can use every day, or focus on items that she normally wouldn’t buy herself. A great holiday gift is always hair extensions as many women don’t splurge on hair extensions themselves. Hair extensions are valued and will make any woman happy. But most importantly it will not wipe out your holiday budget.

Why Choose Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have never been out of style. Every woman loves and looks good when she has long and beautiful hair. They love it just as much as they love diamonds and pearls, but for you this is without the enormous expense. Unlike other gift items, hair extensions is the only thing that has its utility during any occasion. Today hair extensions come in different types and methods of applying it without damage the hair. It also looks far more natural than the hair extensions of the past decade. As a result hair extensions have a great deal of fashion appeal for all generations.

Where to Buy Hair Extensions

So now that we know what to buy, the question becomes where to buy hair extensions and then later applying and maintaining it so that it looks natural. During the holiday season, shopping can be very stressful. It can be frustrating and is seldom the fun experience retailers portray in advertisements. This need not be the case with hair extensions. You can visit our hair extension specialists in Chicago.

You can avoid driving to twenty different places to face massive crowds, endless cues and a marathon shopping session by purchasing hair extensions and hair care gifts. If you are buying gifts for several women this season such as sister, girlfriend, fiance, mother, daughter, wife or grandmother then you should select a store in your area which specializes in hair care, has a broad range of prices and services. If you know where to buy hair extensions, you will get world class services and products at a discount. Chicago hair extension provides a wide range of services and prices and the professional hair care specialists are the best at what they.

Types of Hair Extensions

Now let us look at some of the hair extensions available in the market, so you can choose that which is right for you.

Tape In Hair Extension

A Tape-in hair extension is a hairpiece made from human hair. A specialized tape system is used to attach a strand of hair to her scalp. Glues need not be used to apply them. Using ideas from the wig industry – this new technique uses a special adhesive which can invisibly attach to her hair. Braids & clips need not be used anymore making parting hair styles & up dos possible. Special hair is sewn with hand into a seamless, transparent base which is then attached to her locks gently.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

This is preferred by some of the top stylists in the world for long lasting, gorgeous hair. It can be healthy to the hair because a protein tip called keratin is used. Using this protein tipped glue the hair is fused with her natural hair. This method is popular with Hollywood celebrities because these hair extensions are invisible. These hair extensions also lasts between 4 and 6 months.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

For women with thin hair, cold fusion technique is used. Micro bead extensions are used to create longer extensions. Cold fusion hair extensions application rely on ultrasonic waves which can also be healthy for hair.

Micro Bead Extensions

This method eliminates the need for glue. With an eye for placement, a professional hairdresser establishes parts of her head where the links will be attached. The micro link method can bring about long flowing hair extensions that last several months before a touch-up is needed. One of the benefits of getting micro/ring hair extensions is that neither heat nor chemicals are used. A draw back can be that the rings can sometimes be noticed if the right type isn’t used, or if they are not applied correctly. Hair will need to be 4 to 5 inches long prior to having extensions.

Her long beautiful hair will not only bring sparkle and style to her Christmas season and New Year celebrations, but a genuine smile to her face. Good hair extensions are a simple and elegant way to reflect the joy of the holidays and will compliment any wardrobe or personal style. Every woman has her own distinct personality and buying a gift for a woman can be one of the most difficult shopping experiences out there. Hair extensions show you have taken the time and care to choose a holiday gift for her. Although giving gifts during holidays has been glamorized, it is the thought that truly counts. Gifts that come from the heart are more important than the price tag. Call our salon for information about hair extensions-among the perfect holiday gifts in Chicago.

Hair Extensions for Halloween

 Halloween Hair Chicago

Halloween Hair Extensions, Chicago, ILConsidering getting hair extensions for Halloween Chicago?  Why not get longer hair that will last you through the holidays? The nights are getting dark and thoughts turn towards Halloween costume store with trick and treat, horror masks and plenty of candy. Then, of course, there’s the Halloween party and that yearly question: how do I turn up looking totally gorgeous (in a freaky way, of course) without breaking the bank?

How about hair extensions with my costume?

Lots of girls love to wear a wig at Halloween and imagine themselves to be a deadly but beautiful witch or a forlorn vampire bride but what about taking it up a notch and trying one of our hair extensions for size? The prices might not be as scary as you have been led to believe and you can effortlessly extend your hair to anything from 10 to 26 inches!

If you want something purely temporary, then clip-in extensions are the way to go because you can take them out whenever you want to. Whether you fancy wavy, curly or ‘Morticia Addams’ dead straight hair, our natural-looking clip-in extensions won’t disappoint.

Looking for something more permanent?

If commitment doesn’t frighten you and you’re ready to try out some hair extensions for a few months, our professional stylists can demonstrate their skillful touch by applying tape-in extensions, micro-ring hair extensions or even fusion hair extensions. Don’t let other people frighten you off with gruesome tales of hair extensions gone wrong. Any hair treatment can go badly in the wrong hands, but our team have the expertise to flawlessly apply extensions you will fall in love with.

Tape-in extensions (or skin weft extensions) are adhered to the scalp using a customized double-sided tape that is strong enough even to handle an up-do. Micro-ring hair extensions (also known as micro-bead extensions) are a neat solution that involves passing your natural hair and the extension through discreet little beads that are then clamped shut. Or if you don’t mind sitting in our comfortable salon for a few hours, fusion hair extensions actually use a keratin glue to attach your hair extensions to your existing locks.

We can also carefully match your hair texture and color so that the final effect is so seamless you would have more luck spotting the Invisible Man at your Halloween do!  Fusion hair extensions are very popular with celebrities at the moment, and they can be easily revitalized by replacing strands when necessary.

So if you’re looking considering something a bit different this Halloween, pop in for a friendly extensions consultation. We know all the tricks and the treat is in our prices!


Best Back to School Hair Styles

Back to School-Get a Longer Hairstyle

Back to School Hair Style

After those joyful weeks of summer break, it’s time to get serious again! Whether you’re moving up into college or still in high school, the pressure’s now on to create that wow factor from day one because, as you know, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

So many girls like you will be agonizing over their back to school hair, wondering what girly do to opt for. In bedrooms around the country the flat irons will be out turning straight styles into wavy long hair or curly long hair into pin straight long hair. You really don’t want to be the only one of your girlfriends wearing the same tired style from the previous school year do you?

So what is your “back to school hairstyle” going to be like? Braids are as popular as ever, and there are plenty of tutorials around on how to create everything from a double twisted French braid to a lazy fishtail braid. Maybe you prefer the bohemian bedhead look, or the dramatic big bun or maybe blunt bangs with a ponytail instead? The choice is yours, but a funky longer style usually beats a chic short crop when it comes to judging who’s got the best back to school hair. After all, there’s so much more you can do with long hair, right?

And if you’re looking to impress a certain guy then you definitely need to go long, as guys love a girl with long locks.

Help! I need long hair, quick!
Extensions Chicago, ILThere’s nothing quite as amazing as seeing the envious looks on your school friends’ faces when you roll into a new semester having totally transformed your hairstyle. Going from a short bob to a waterfall braid in the space of a few weeks is bound to get you noticed but to pull off that curly long hair you’re going to need some help.

Quality hair extensions are a fantastic way to create natural-looking long locks and you can create any style you like, just as with natural hair. With hair extensions you could start your new college life with pin straight long hair or wavy long hair, depending on what you want to say about yourself and what you feel comfortable with.

If you’ve never considered hair extensions before, you might be surprised at the number of different kinds there are and how well they can be made to blend in with your existing hair.

Don’t waste any more time. Start work on your back to school hair Chicago today!

Double Drawn Hair Extensions-How Are They Created?

What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double drawn hair extensions are a term which describes custom-tailored hair strands that bring about precise length. Since most women want luxurious longer hair, this method is often preferred.

How is Double Drawn Hair Extensions Created?

The process begins by selecting human hair donors from around the world. For example, Indian or Russian drawn double hair extensions are grown decades before being sold to a manufacturer. Generally, hair used for real extensions are snipped off a ponytail-close to the scalp. Once back at the factory, an actual person inspects each strand twice to ensure exact matching color and length. Shorter hairs are plucked off the batch.

What are Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

There is nothing wrong with extensions using a single drawn technique. The chief difference is that a machine separates hair. The end result can sometimes mean uneven tresses. To remedy this problem, hairdressers will often sheer the extensions on the bottom a few inches to bring about perfected look. When shopping, ask a stylists how the hair was drawn. You will also want to know how much the hair weighs in grams. Ultimately, micro ring, I-tip and fusion can all be created through both methods. 

Where does Premium Hair Come From? 

Did you know that women within some Middle Eastern, cultures, Ladies purposely do not cut their hair until marriage? Brides frequently use their hair as an offering prior to the wedding ceremony. A family may then decide to sell their locks to a specific brand. These elite extensions can be expensive because the hair has never been touched. Making the decision to get hair extensions really comes down to personal preference.

Determining style, cost, plus hair quality should all be considered.  While Double Drawn hair extensions represent the very best quality, it’s always a good idea to speak to a specialist before deciding upon extensions.

Asian Hair Salon-Chicago, IL

Filipino Asian Hair Salon in Chicago

When a Filipino opens an Asian hair salon in Chicago, IL-it’s a pretty big deal. Meet Jennifer San Juan- a second generation Filipina, who applies high quality hair extensions on ladies throughout the Midwest. Most American Filipino women go into other careers, such as nursing, accounting, or other professions. Jennifer bucked the trend and decided to follow her passion by giving ladies a new hair style.

Asian Hair Salon Chicago, IL

While there are several Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, plus Korean Asian hair salons in Chicago, IL, Jennifer San Juan is proud of her Filipino heritage. Her parents were both born near Manila, Philippines and moved to the United States to create a better life. “There really isn’t a huge Chicago Filipino Community. Most of us kind hear about places through friends”, says Jennifer. Popular Filipino hangouts include Joseph Rizal Center, Argyle Street, Isla restaurant, Little Quiapo, including China Town. Ms. San Juan speaks Tagalog and English. If you happen to need English Classes on line, check out our friends at E Tutor Schools. Filipino Community, Chicago, IL

We Serve the Chicago Filipino Community & Many More

Filipino community ChicagoAlthough the beauty salon caters to many different cultural backgrounds, we are happy to have many different friendly Pinay women working here. Visitors have often said they appreciate our diverse staff members because the stylists represent faces from around the globe. Just because we are a Filipino owned hair salon, doesn’t mean we don’t do extensions for everyone.

These days, Asian hairstyles are super long with extra volume. Within Filipino fashion culture, a big emphasis is placed on a woman’s beauty. Filipina celebrities featured on The Filipino Channel can be seen sporting much longer hair, often by going to an extensions specialist.

Hair salon stylist Julie, featured on left.

Hair Extensions-Our Primary Service

Elongating tresses with extensions for short hair is extremely popular throughout Asia. Jenny believes that women from all ethnic backgrounds will enjoy the fashionable hair extensions craze. Since thinning fine hair can be problematic-extensions make it possible to get naturally looking longer hair within a few hours. The specialty boutique operates 7 days a week, even on holidays.  There are several hair extension methods, each depending upon the style you desire. As an Asian hair salon in Chicago, we know that people want services year round.  

Does your Asian Hair Salon Serve Everyone?

Chicago hair extensions salon welcomes clientele from everywhere. The shop operates to serve anyone who wants to change their hair look. Jennifer San Juan gives free hair extensions consultation-with no obligation. As a licensed cosmetologist, she can provide advice on hairdo to fun hair colors. Extending hair can take several hours, based upon which technique is used.

The Chicago Filipino community just got a tad bit bigger-with Jennifer San Juan’s business. Make a hair extensions appointment today by calling us at 773.996.0533.

black hair extensions

Feather Hair Extensions-What Colors Set a Mood?

Feather Hair Extensions in Chicago, IL

Getting feather hair extensions Chicago is just an appointment away-with multiple colors to accessorize any hairstyle. A very easy to install micro ring is used to fasten feathers into your own natural locks. Just like natural hair, feathers can be washed, ironed, including blow dried.

How can your feather hair extensions create a mood?

The feathers can be custom-styled to fit into your natural length. At our Chicago hair salon, we can even place feather extensions longer than your natural tresses to bring about a dynamic look.

What Feather extension colors are Available?

There are literally dozens of combos to pick from.  Whether your appointment is for micro links or fusion-beautiful feathers can be added to any look. Hollywood’s biggest celebs like Hillary Duff, Jessica Beil and Miley Cirus show off their fun and cool style with feather hair extensions.

Searching Feather Colors?

Various shades of blue can electrify your personality. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, why not show off an unpredictable side of your ego? Women with short hair love wearing blue feathers because they bring pop to almost any appearance.

Pink feathers are the ultimate female fashion trend. Hot pink ignites passion, plus tells others that you’re outgoing, pretty, and ready to have fun. Unique assortments will absolutely allow your facial features to shine.

Dark colors inspire mystery, along with curiosity. Typically, bright red and Black feather hair extensions make a nice contrast on light colored hair. Perhaps you have seen images of famous movie stars wearing extensions? Actresses have known for years that a few well placed feathers grab attention.

The fastest way to spice up a Halloween costume is a few well placed orange feather hair extensions-just a couple of strands can accentuate your hair. Orange may also be blended with other earth tones bring about transformation. This particular hairstyle is probably most popular during summer months, but can be used for occasions year round.

How much do your feather hair extensions in Chicago cost?

3 feathers any style are just $25.00.

Contact our hair salon near Lakeview to get the hottest feather hair extensions available in Chicago, IL.

feather hair extensions, Chicago, IL

Donna Bella Hair Review

Review-Donna Bella Hair

Perhaps you have read many Donna Bella Hair Extensions reviews online? Our Chicago salon frequently uses the Donna Bella brand to help women get incredibly longer hair. I have found their high quality extensions to be long lasting, as well as extremely durable.


Donna Bella Micro Bead Hair Extensions

I-Link extensions are created using ultra strong invisible beads to keep hair in place. Donna Bella Hair sells several types of hair beads, which can be custom-tailored to specific hair types. The flare bead is the perfect solution for women with fine thin hair because the ring is gentle on strands. A very strong ring from Donna Bella hair is their grooved micro bead. Made from aluminum, the small beads effectively prevent slippage. Hairdressers don’t have to struggle with keeping the rings closed because tiny grooves interlock once the micro bead is closed. Other products include silicone rings.

Donna Bella Tape-In Hair Extensions Our clients particularly request tape-in extensions as the hair is reusable and is fairly easy to apply. Donna Bella utilizes a medical grade adhesive on their weft extensions to enhance maximum hold. You get a lot of hair for your money. Each individual weft contains 3 grams of real human hair. Determining the amount of wefts you will require really depend upon length, volume and thickness needed. At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, our specialists can install tape extensions in a little over an hour.

Feather Hair Extensions Once a fashion fad, feather extensions are a popular beauty trend. The colorful feathers bring about a totally fun look on almost any hairstyle. If you are looking for a way to enhance your hairdo, then check out Donna Bella hair chalk. The chalk provides a temporary and fun way to add vibrant colors to your hair. Hair Quality The experts at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon like working with only the finest hair quality brands. We prefer to apply 100% remy human hair on our clientele. Donna Bella offers ideal hair lengths from 16inches, all the way up to 22 inches. Ladies can choose, super straight, wavy, plus funky.

We hope you enjoyed our brief Donna Bella Hair Extensions review. Ask our stylists about this well-known brand during your next visit.