Hair Extensions Prices
You can expect to have amazingly beautiful hair that nobody could tell is not yours.
Yes, you should always call to arrange an appointment as we do get pretty busy. We will take you if you happen to stop by without an appointment, but only if we have the capacity to do so.
There are three different attachment methods for hair extensions: strand by strand, weft, clip on. The strand by strand method is the most popular and has several application techniques associated with it. Strands can be applied either by the cold fusion technique, the hot fusion technique or with micro beads (also called Links, Microlinks, Tubes, Rings, or Locks).
Clip-ins are a temporary fix. We do not offer these.
Hair extensions in their nature are not damaging. When application is done by an experienced stylist the risk of damaging your hair is not present at all. It is very important that a hair extensions specialist removes the extensions when the time comes.
Come to our salon and get a consultation. It depends on your hair texture, length, what look are you going for and what are your daily activities.
It depends on the method of application. For tape-in weft hair extensions, the job can be completed in around 45 minutes. Whereas fusion hair extensions can take several hours and the procedure can be broken into multiple sessions.
It depends on the type of hair that they are applied to and how you care for your extensions afterwards, but they should last 4-6 months on average.
Yes, absolutely. You will feel it as your natural hair and most importantly it will look that way. Depending on the type of hair weave used, you can even dye hair extensions. For detailed tips on after care, ask our stylists.
A quality hair weave looks 100% natural when applied by a specialist. At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon we bring glamour to your appearance with beautiful hair that has fullness and length.