Is Shampoo Dangerous for your Hair Extensions?

washing hair extensions with shampoo to avoid damage

After you get your hair extensions in, there are a lot of things you would have to start doing in order to protect your natural hair and extensions from as much damage as possible. Starting from your edges that are victims of continuous tugging, to the extensions themselves that you need to be careful of not drying out, having extensions is a process that does not end as soon as they are put in. Throughout the whole time you have them on, you need to take the time and put the effort in making sure you are using the right products and tools.

The Shampoo

The shampoo you use is crucial because it is something you use regularly. Some people shampoo their hair every day and some do it only once a week. No matter the frequency, not using the right product can be very dangerous for your hair extensions.

Sulfate Shampoos

We all use a shampoo to clean our hair with but some shampoos that contain sulfate are dangerous for your extensions. Sodium lauryl ether sulfate (SLES) is a chemical mostly found in personal care products such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste. It helps wash off the grease from your hair and scalp and that is exactly the problem. Once you remove the grease, your natural hair and scalp can easily produce more. The hair extensions, however, cannot. This results in the extensions looking dry and damaged. When purchasing your next shampoo look for one with a sulfate-free label.

Natural Home Remedies

Just because one ingredient in the shampoo is natural and good for your hair, it doesn’t mean that you have to go make a DIY hair mask at home, which contains only one or two products. Yes, natural products used in shampoos have good properties for your hair but remember that professionals make the formulas. There are specific amounts of the products that are to be used. Using too little won’t have an effect and using too much of something can become harmful.

Buy Salon Shampoo Brands

Nowadays, salon shampoo brands are available at drugstores as well. Even buying the products from your hairstylist is sometimes possible. You should go ahead and spend a bit more on a professional shampoo if you want your extensions to stay healthy and good looking for as long as possible.

Other products

There are other products, besides shampoo that we all use in our everyday lives that can cause damage to your extensions.

Alcohol Containing Products

Using hair products that contain alcohol will only do more damage than good. Hair products that contain alcohol include holding sprays, hair gels, styling sprays and hair mousses. After using alcohol-containing products your extensions will begin to shed, will be more tangled and will loose their shine. When purchasing hair products look for the ones that do not have alcohol listed as an ingredient or at least have it listed as one of the last products. The further a product is listed on the ingredients label, the less of it there is.

Type of Hairbrush

Believe it or not, the type of brush you use for your extensions is of great importance as well. The brush you use for your natural hair is not good for your extensions. There are brushes designed especially for extensions. You should look for boar bristle brushes. Instead of the typical wooden or plastic bristles look for ones that are made of hair and make sure the bristles are extra-soft.  This type of brush is great for delicate and damaged hair, so it is perfect for extensions.

Hair Curlers and Straighteners

If you have not invested in good quality hair extensions, you should expect them to be sensitive to heat, meaning they could burn if you straightening or curling tools. If you wish to straighten or curl your extension make sure you protect them by using heat protection product and put your straightener/curler at the lowest temperature possible.

In conclusion, one should put in the extra time to take care for their hair especially in case they have extensions. The extensions cannot reproduce oils, so be extra careful not to dry them out.  If the tips mentioned above are not applied continuously the extensions are to be damaged much faster, which would ultimately result in you being able to enjoy the extensions for less time than intended.

Chicago Hair Salon Talks Hairstyle Topics

Hair Salon in Chicago, IL

Our hair salon in Chicago is happy to talk about longer hairstyles. That’s because the expert stylists here have been elongating hair for decades.  While a typical hair extensions store does not usually provide instillation, our fantastic cosmetologists do all the work.  We offer variety of beautiful real human hair brands that feel like the real thing. Better yet-our hair salon offers a free consultation so that you can understand the various prices for hair extensions. The affect can help you to look younger, increase self-confidence, and grab attention. Feel free to ask any of our hairdressers about the process during your visit. Scheduling an appointment is a simple phone call away.

Hair Salon in Chicago That Creates Long Hairstyles

The hair salon is situated close to Chicago’s northside neighborhoods. Whether you are traveling from Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, or Lakeview-this hair extensions store is a short distance. Here are some easy travel directions. Take the brown line train from downtown and get off on Southport Avenue platform. Then just walk one block west to Ashland. For reference, we are just a few blocks south of the new Lakeview Whole Foods and even closer to X Sport Fitness. Wriggleyville is under serious renovations, which makes it the perfect time to check out all the scenes.

Alternatives to a Hair Extensions Store

When you want a hair salon in Chicago to give you a sexy hairstyle then look no further.  The experienced specialists here use a variety of methods to create beautiful and natural looking hairdo. The truth is thinning hair is common as we grow older. Hormonal changes are the leading reason women lose hair. The body produces less estrogen, causing the growth stage to be shortened. Stress has also been shown to have a devastating impact on hair growth. There are other reasons you might want a longer hairstyle. Many ladies that had a bad haircut that was too short want to correct the problem. So long as your hair length is six inches from the scalp, a hair extensions store might be the perfect solution.

Who needs pixie crops or bobs when you can do so much more with long locks? Here are just a few pretty hairstyle ideas for long hair:

  • Waterfall Braid
  • Up-do
  • High Ponytail
  • Long and Curly
  • Straight.
Hair Extensions Store-Chicago, IL

A Hair Salon Offering Longer Hairstyles

Most hair extensions stores explain topics on clip-in products.  These can be great for achieving temporary results. Sally’s beauty supply can be a good choice as well as Heads and Threads on Milwaukee Ave.  Clip-On hair is also useful if you desire a fun hairstyle.  The drawback is Clip-In has been known to cause bald spots if attached too firmly. On the other hand, Chicago Hair Extensions Salon installs long lasting extensions that are meant for everyday wear. By using the best 100% real human hair strands, you will be amazed at how gorgeous your will look.  Read below on how our hair salon in Chicago uses different hair extension techniques. Top brands such as Great Lengths, SoCap, Babe, plus Donna Bella are available to pick. Be sure to ask about hairdreams Nano extensions.

Fusion is a popular method because the keratin strands are bonded with a powerful heat gun. The process can take a few hours, but the aftereffect is incredible. These tip extensions are attached to your natural hair using small bundles. Cold fusion has several different meanings these days due to technology. Typically, cold fusion is a safe alternative to the hot fusion method as there is no heating tool used. Popular cold fusion methods include micro bead or micro ring extensions. The stylist uses a weaving too clamp to run small strands of hair through a micro loop.

Tape-In Extensions are a fast way to make dramatic change.  Invisible 1-inch tape wefts are attached to the natural hair strands. There are many benefits to choosing tape-in hair extensions.  Namely, tape-in extensions are thought to be the least damaging because instillation process is not harsh. They are also reusable. When you come to this hair salon in Chicago, ask about Hot Heads Extensions. They are super high quality and considered among the best on the market. Numerous famous celebrities have worn tape-in extensions. You will easily see these at most area hair extensions stores.

When you need a hair salon in Chicago the only does extensions then go with the best. Talk to us about your needs. Our salon has affordable prices that can fit your budget. Rather than going to a store, check out Chicago Hair Extensions Salon today. Aside from the Chicago location, we are available to the North Shore. Hair Salon serving Skokie, Des Plaines, Morton Grove, Highland Park, Glenview, Northbrook, including Niles and Northbrook IL.

Best Vitamins to Stop Hair Loss

Real Hair Extensions Chicago, IL

Have you tried different shampoos for hair loss and seen no improvement? Have you lost your trust in the advertisements for pills that promise to make your hair grow faster and thicker? It is high time we focused on nourishing our hair from inside out instead of applying different medications and shampoos which actually don’t work at all.

Nutrition is the key to hair loss prevention and better hair growth results. Combined with natural treatments that can strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss you can enjoy great results in the long-term. If you are wondering what type of foods to eat and which vitamins you need for a stronger hair you can take a look at our list of vitamins which promote hair growth and strengthening. Have in mind that it takes approximately 6 months for a new hair to grow out so be patient.

Vitamin C for hair nourishment

Hair loss can be a result of stress, age, over-styling, hormonal imbalance, poor diet, and nutrient deficiency. Hair becomes weak, dry, brittle, and easily prompt to breakage, splitting, shedding and hair loss when there is an existing Vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C helps nourish and rejuvenate your hair making it an essential vitamin for hair growth. It makes your hair grow faster and stronger while in the meantime it aids in the production of collagen which is important for hair regrowth after hair loss.

There are a lot of good Vitamin C supplements which are USDA approved but a more natural and efficient way to get your Vitamin C in is by including these foods in your diet:

  • Cruciferous fruits
  • strawberries
  • guava
  • raw red and green pepper
  • kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • broccoli

B Complex vitamins for more strength

Interestingly, the average woman loses 50 to 150 strands of hair every single day. In addition, about 250 strands of hair are lost during shower as a result of the heat and stress put on the follicles. However, if your diet is rich in important nutrients and minerals they will nourish and strengthen your hair follicles making it less likely to break and shed. A quick reminder is that skin and hair are the last to receive the nutrients and minerals which enter in your bloodstream so don’t be harsh on yourself if you don’t see immediate results.

Vitamin B7 is Biotin from the B-vitamin complex which is sometimes called Vitamin H and it plays a tremendous role when it comes to hair loss prevention. Those who are deficient in Vitamin B7 are more likely to experience premature hair loss than those who are not. Our body produces this vitamin naturally in our intestines, however, it can be found in foods such as:

  • Leafy greens, green peas, cauliflower, avocado, raspberries
  • Nuts, oats
  • Egg yolks, salmon
  • Brown rice, lentils
  • Brewer’s yeast, whole wheat bread

Vitamin B3 improves the blood flow to the scalp and brings more oxygen along with nutrients to the hair follicles. B3 deficiency leads to hair loss, dry scalp and dandruff. Include vitamin B3 supplements in your diet to avoid all that or make sure to eat these high in Niacin foods:

  • Tuna
  • Peanuts, oats, sunflower seeds, soybeans,
  • portobello mushrooms
  • green peas, avocado, potatoes, bananas, cauliflower
  • brown rice

Collagen to stimulate hair growth

Collagen is highly important for a healthy hair, nails and skin. It contains proline, alanine and arginine amino acids which are essential for hair growth because they improve circulation, nourish the follicles, make your hair stronger and thicker. Collagen supplements are great way to take your RDI, however, since they are derived from shellfish or other marine sources they may trigger food sensitivity. Get your daily Collagen intake by consuming the following foods:

  • citrus fruits
  • soy products beans
  • olives, olive oil, avocado oil
  • flax seeds, walnuts, apricot seeds, dried fruits
  • tuna and salmon

Vitamin A for a shiny hair

Taking Vitamin A supplements or consuming Vitamin A rich foods is one of the greatest ways to improve the production of sebum on your scalp thus make your hair look glossy, shiny and less likely to break. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that prevents the hair from dehydration and breakage while making it stronger and thicker. Add to your diet Vitamin A rich foods or supplements for a faster hair regrowth. Here is a short list of Vitamin A rich foods:

  • sweet potatoes
  • carrots
  • spinach
  • peaches
  • dried apricots

If you are taking supplements make sure you don’t take more than your recommended daily intake because overdosing with Vitamin A can lead to serious health issues.

Vitamin E to fight stress

Alopecia areata (bald sports on the scalp with the size of a coin) can be caused by stress and a very poor diet. Make sure you are not Vitamin E deficient because it is an antioxidant which builds and repairs the tissue, improves blood circulation, protects from cells damage, and increases oxygen intake.  All this makes your hair strong, shiny, thick, and helps it grow faster. Surprisingly, taking Vitamin E supplements can be hazardous for your health, therefore it is better to get it from food. Thus, here is a short list of foods rich in Vitamin E:

  • Almonds
  • Fish
  • Peanuts
  • Beans
  • leafy greens
  • sunflower seeds.

Hair loss can be decreased if you are more gentle when brushing your hair, especially when it’s wet; limit the use of hot curlers, chemical treatments, and hairdryers. However, the biggest change will begin once you start nourishing your body from inside out by eating healthy, balanced diet and wholesome foods rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, Vitamins A, E, and B. In addition, don’t allow stress and daily routine to overwhelm you: know how to relax and avoid anxiety. Your hair will get stronger, glossier and resistant to hair loss.

In addition to that, you should know that quality hair extensions not only do not cause hair loss but can help you hide it if applied properly. Contact our professional stylist for a free consultation if you need more information and personal treatment.

Understanding Hair Extensions Costs

Understanding Hair Extensions Costs

When considering hair extensions costs, there are many factors that go into determining the price.  With so many different brands on the market, making a good choice can sometimes be confusing. Over the past decade, longer-fuller hairstyles have been all the rage. Salons that exclusively apply hair extensions are popping up in almost every big city. Before booking an appointment with a hairdresser to get that longer hair, do a little research prior to making the final decision.  We are assuming that you are not buying clip-in extensions and want to have your hair installed by a specialist. This article will hopefully provide you with an extensive understanding when deciding upon how much to spend on getting hair extensions applied at a salon.

To begin with, there is not shortages of brands on the market.  A simple Google check will likely result in thousands of companies that claim to have the very best extensions.  The truth is that much of the so-called virgin hair sold online comes from China, India, Latin America, as well as European regions. While there is nothing wrong with this, it’s important to know where the product originated.  Since hair extensions quality is determined by grade, this will factor into price. The rating scale is scored 1 thought 7 with the highest grade considered best. Premium hair is anywhere between a five and a seven.  Another consideration should be length. You will see companies selling 30-inch hair online but in our experience, 26-inch extensions are plenty long enough. Naturally, you can choose to buy any length you desire.  As a rule, longer locks costs more money. 100% real human hair will additionally add to the price. The reason you will pay a little more is human hair is the real thing- feels natural and can be styled exactly like your own. These are the type of luxurious strands you see big named celebrities wear in the magazines. High quality real human hair tends to last longer, as well as tangle less.

Understanding Costs at Salons that do Hair Extensions

Nearly all upscale hair shops offer extension services. Elongating hair is usually a high-ticket procedure. This is simply because the extension process is labor intensive plus time consuming. Some instillations can take up to 5 hours. There are several beauty salons the exclusively only install hair extensions. These establishments have highly trained stylists that are truly experienced at their craft. The hairdresser is usually certified in many different extension methods. Here are just a few of the basic hair extension techniques that will affect costs:


Hair Extensions Prices

Other aspects that affect price include quality of hair strands, application time and hairstylists experience. A reputable salon will happily offer a free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to look at before and after pictures. The biggest benefit is having the ability to ask questions about the service. We suggest shopping around until you can find a beauty salon with affordable prices along with hair extensions costs which match your budget.

Why Remy Hair Costs More

Remy hair is often described as strands which come from a unique donor. Since the hair is cultivated in such a delicate way that the cuticles all face the same direction. The hair strands are a good choice for wigs, hairpieces including extensions.  Remy is human hair that can be colored or treated to create a desired look. The major brands that sell extensions nearly all sell Remy extensions.  An advantage to Remy hair is there will be reduced tangling, mating and overall less work. You may be wondering how this type of hair extension is collected? Well the answer is it is harvested from a healthy female donor who purposefully grows their hair to a specific length. After the growing process, she will put it into a ponytail where it will be collected for later use. Since this will be later used to create 100% real human hair extensions- costs can be expected to be a little more.  Although one can never be sure, this real hair comes from Asia, Europe, along with Indian regions. The result is having extensions that appear incredibly natural to onlookers. Authentic remy strands are much easier to maintain than cheap synthetics. If you want to guarantee that the strands are precisely the same length, then make sure to get double drawn remy. When trying to figure out how much hair extensions costs-this widely used product should be considered.  The bottom line is this hair can be made to be incredibly glamorous.

Understanding Virgin Hair Extensions Costs

There seems to be much misinformation about true Virgin hair. Just as the name suggests: Virgin hair has never once been chemically treated or subject to unnatural altercations. Everything about the way it is gathered is untainted. This is the plain truth why Virgin hair extensions cost more than other collection methods. If you are shopping around to find the real thing, then do as much research as possible. There are way too many brands that mislead people about offering virgin extensions. If necessary, read the packet before application to ensure you are getting what want. Virgin hair is understandably the most expensive hair extension on the market. Just remember that remy does not automatically mean virgin. It can literally be both.

Hair Length

How long you want to go is a major equation to hair extensions costs. The longer the pricier.  Here are typical hair lengths: 12, 16, 18, 22, 24.  Anything longer will ramp the prices up.  It’s not unusual to want 30 inches but you will probably have to make a custom order. Imagine stepping out into the night with super long hair that draws attention from everywhere. Hair extensions can easily get addictive. Just ask any fashionista.  We recommend choosing a length that you can easily manage. Most extensions using real hair can be flat ironed, curled and dyed.

Buying Online

Hair extensions costs and prices vary amongst websites. It is possible to buy them directly from the manufacturer- but we would not suggest doing this unless you are familiar with the company. We think it’s really important to have the ability to feel the hair in your hands to get better idea of the texture.  Another potential risk is that you will not have a color wheel to see if the strands match your own hair color. Well known retail websites like Amazon, Ebay or Sally’s Beauty Supply might be a good choice if you’re on a budget. If you’re willing to experiment a little, then getting them on the web might be a good decision.

Major brands almost always require a salon license to place an order. These include:

Remy Hair Extensions

A few good quality places will allow cosmetologists to purchase hair, but they will many times be asked to submit their credentials.

How Much Should You Spend?

Nearly everyone wants to look sexy. Having longer hair can truly help you to look younger and boost self-confidence. Think about the purchase as an investment into yourself. Although sad, we live in a society where we are judged on our appearance all the time.  Doing some comparison shopping is fantastic way to get a deal.  You can easily buy cheap hair extensions anywhere albeit they probably won’t last very long. Think of high quality extensions like you would a cosmetic surgery. Isn’t it worth it to spend a little extra money on getting amazing results? Your budget should depend upon your specific needs because your appearance is most important. That doesn’t mean you can find hair extensions costs at affordable prices.

Hair Salons & Spas

The price to get hair extensions installed at a salon is going to understandably cost more because you will be getting the best quality hair applied by a specialist.  Applying extensions is very much a craft. Experienced hairstylists will know how to create a hairdo that shouts glamour. They can make hair super straight, extra wavy and even ultra-curly.  Salons that specialize in this procedure are additionally knowledgeable enough to provide essential maintenance tips. Hair salons pay special attention to their client’s safety. For example, the hot fusion method requires a special glue gun to bond the u-tips.  While the micro link application can be a tedious process. This is because the bundle is secured to natural hair using a special clamping tool.  The appointment is also time intensive. It can take 4-5 hours to apply the extensions. Often, this is done strand by strand. The good news is many salons offer a completely free consultation. This will give you the opportunity to ask every question under the sun about achieving the results you desire.

Having longer hair increases hairstyle variety because there is more to work with. You can wear it in a ponytail, blow dry it out or even an elegant up do. Extensions are a great solution for anyone who wants a total makeover.  Whether you want hair extensions for a wedding, prom or everyday use-the more you learn about the costs involved will be a great benefit.

Interesting Hair Facts that Will Make You Smile

fun hair facts to make you smile

Hair plays an important role in our life and it is even fair to say that our society is obsessed with it. Both men and women spend time in front of the mirror in pursue of the perfect hair do and are willing to invest a substantial amount in hair products that can boost hair growth, thicken or otherwise improve their mane.

It is quite normal to have this attitude towards hair, though, since hair can reveal much of your personality. Long or short, natural or with classy hair extensions, the hairdo that you have chosen speaks tons about you. Therefore, learning a few interesting facts about hair that will make you smile will also help you understand it better and love it even more.

Hair Beauty Funny Facts

Everyone has a special beauty routine that involves washing, blow drying or coloring their hair. As this is an integral part of our everyday life it is interesting to learn some of the funniest facts associated with hair beauty:

  • 80% of the Americans wash their hair twice a week.
  • Women spend nearly two hours (1 hour and 53 minutes on average) to wash, blow dry and style their hair every week. This sums up to almost 6 full days every year or in other words by the age of 65 a woman will have invested nearly seven months of her life in dealings with her hair.
  • The average amount that a woman spends on hair products amounts to $780 per year.
  • Hair can cover almost any part of your body except on the soles of your feet, palms of your hand, your lips, and any mucous membrane.
  • The first people who started to remove unwanted hair were the Egyptians.
  • Again, the first people who started using hair extensions were the Egyptians with the first documented usage of hair weaves dating back to 3400 BC. (click here if you want to find more interesting facts about hair extensions).
  • It is normal to loose between 40 and 150 strands of hair every day, so don’t worry. In addition to that as soon as a hair is plucked from its follicle a new one starts to grow.
  • Keep in mind that balding only begins to be visible when you lose more than 50% of the hairs on your scalp.
  • The scientific term for split ends is trichoptilosis.
  • If you are stressed or shocked, it will take 13 days for a white or grey hair to grow. Same goes for aging too.
  • Hair coloring has made a great progress over the years with only 7% of the American women dying their hair back in 1950, now the number is 75%.

And especially for those who love dying their hair and prefer the blond color:

  • In Ancient Rome women used pigeon dung to dye their hair blond, while the preferred colorant for blondies in Renaissance Venice was horse urine.
  • Shocking as it may sound, for the Ancient Greek the color blond was associated with prostitution.

What does the color of your hair say about you?

Funny as it may sound, there is some statistics that the color of your hair is associated with your character or rather vice versa. In other words, how people perceive you may depend entirely on the dye you have chosen for your latest hairdo. So, here are some color-related funny facts:

  • Women with blond hair are perceived as funny and flirty, brunettes are smart and serious, while redheads are believed to be strong.
  • Black is the most common hair color, while only 2% of the population is blond.
  • As a result of being so rare, blond hair is about 3 times more expensive than black hair and 100 g of European blond hair can cost as much as $1,600.
  • Redheads are the rarest of all – with only 1% occurrence worldwide. The highest proportion of people with red hair is in Scotland – 13%, while the largest population of redheads lives in the USA – between 2 and 6% of all people.
  • The average number of hair strands varies according to natural color with the average being 100,000. Blondes have the highest number – 146,000, followed by black haired with 110,000 stands, brown haired have about 100,000, while the redheads occupy the last position with only 86,000.

At the end, it is worth noting that when we say hair is precious it also has its scientific reasoning. Each strand of hair contains up to 14 different elements one of which is gold. Therefore, treasure your hair and enjoy your hair style every day.

The Emotional Side of the Haircut

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Hair frames the face and is one of the most important and essential features when it comes to first impression. This is valid for both sexes but women, in particular, use it as their strongest weapon when they want to attract someone or express their feelings and emotions.

According to the psychologists, hair is one of the features that not only attracts attention but is most often recalled after a social interaction. Besides, the haircut is one of the things we are in charge of, when all the rest is out of our control.

A new haircut can be both emotional and empowering.

Here is how to approach it.

Why appearance matters

Let’s face it – we are living in a culture, dominated by selfies and saturated by images. Hence, we shall admit that appearance matters. And it matters a lot. Therefore, the decision to change one’s hairstyle is always an emotional one. For women it is much more emotional than for men, though.

Our general sense of attractiveness and beauty is determined a lot by hair. Long, healthy, shiny hair makes you feel like a goddess and you are often treated as such. Shaggy, unkempt, thin or greasy hair automatically puts you in a lower division.

Therefore, if you want a boost in your confidence, you can try changing your hair style. Sometimes, this is the only thing that you are truly in control of and can be quite empowering for your overall emotional state.

Catch the spur of the moment… or not

In some cases, people believe that dramatically changing your hair style after an unpleasant event will help them. Lots of women grab the scissors after a breakup in an attempt to express their bitterness with a cut. In some cultures, women cut their hair to show that they are mourning the death of a beloved one.

While changing your hair style can be liberating in some cases, in others you may end up regretting that you cut your hair as a spur of the moment decision.

Changing your hair style dramatically is a significant decision, which needs to be well thought of. Make sure that you are cutting or shaving your hair for the right reasons – because you want it, because it will good on you or your long hair is damaged and needs a relief. Never change your style simply because the others do it as it is currently trendy or just because you cannot tame your hair today. Here are a few suggestions to try – put it in a ponytail or braid, try some waves or choose funny accessories.

All that said, we shall also admit that sometimes good things happen exactly at the spur of the moment. You have been thinking of a hair style change for long, but you didn’t have the guts to do it. Then one day you pass by a professional hair saloon and you jump in. You can end up cutting your hair short or adding hair extensions to rock the long tresses you have always wanted and walk out of the saloon happy, revived and feeling in control of your hair and life.

Changes in style are never only good or bad and it is nice to have someone to consult you if you are in doubt.

Consult with your stylist

Your stylists knows your hair best. So, if you are considering a dramatic change – in style, length or color, make sure to go to your saloon and not to a random one. Your stylist will be able to give you advice on which hairstyle suits you best, depending on your hair type, face shape and other features. They will know if short or long is the style for you (link to article). Your stylist can also figure out whether you are in the right emotional and mental condition for a drastic hair change and offer an alternative style that will suit you best.

The good thing with hair is that it grows back and there are many options. You can always cut it more, add hair extensions to compensate for length, volume and even color. Therefore, it is worth being bolder and rocking a new more avant-garde style from time to time.

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The Best Natural Treatments to Strengthen Your Hair and Prevent Hair Loss

natural hair care to prevent hair loss

You have lovely long tresses but you are seeing much more hair on your brush recently and you start worrying what’s going on. Before turning to Google for advice on how to stop your hair loss and which are the best products available on the market, it is worth investing some time to find out what causes your hair fall and which are the best natural remedies that can help you cope with it.

Main reasons for hair loss

There are several factors that can cause hair loss and determining which one is valid for you is important for your next action. We can divide them into three main groups:

  • External factors

When we are talking about external factors we mean change of weather or location. It is normal to experience more intensive hair loss in spring and autumn. Your hair also reacts if the weather condition changes abruptly and outside temperatures rise or fall drastically.

If you have changed your living place, your hair may start falling a bit more intensive as well. It is kind of a reaction to all the different environment and natural elements that surround you.

This condition typically doesn’t last long and your hair recovers quickly. You can still use some natural remedies to boost your hair growth.

  • Medical conditions

There are many medical conditions that result in hair loss. Such as thyroid problems, ovarian cancer, menopause, hormonal imbalance, scalp infections, vitamin deficiency or genetic predisposition. If this is the case, you need to consult with a doctor and start taking the respective medicine. Usually, when the health problem is resolved, the hair will take care of itself and you will see it restored to its former beauty. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe some specific supplements to help your hair and body recover.

Though not exactly a “medical condition”, pregnancy or the period immediately after giving birth is also often associated with significant hair loss. This is due to the hormones in your body and is again a case in which your hair will cope with the problem on its own or with a very little help of some natural stimulants.

  • Life style

The most common cause of hair fall is the life style. Improper diet and excessive smoking can easily lead to hair loss. If you do not change these bad habits no hair treatment therapy will help your hair grow stronger. Try eating food rich in iron, vitamin C and vitamin B12 to give yourself shiny and strong hair and nails.

Stress and depression are also one of the main culprits for hair loss. Try different relaxing techniques such as meditation, yoga or even seeing a therapist, who can help you calm down. Your inner beauty and tranquility will immediately shine out.

Now, once you have identified the cause of your hair loss, here are a few ways how to cope with it.

Food supplements

Proper nutrition is your best ally in fighting hair loss. Protein strengthens hair and promotes growth. Food rich in Omega 3 fatty acids such as nuts, eggs, seeds and fish should be part of your daily serving. Iron, zinc and biotin are also important for the health of your hair. If you cannot source them via food, you can opt for taking food supplements. Be aware, however, since they are not completely harmless. Even though you can buy them without prescription, it is better to seek advice from a doctor which supplements to take and how to combine them.

Natural remedies

The best thing to do for your thinning hair is to stop overloading it with chemicals. There are some natural remedies that you can try in order to stimulate hair growth and prevent further hair loss.

  • Some smelly spices like garlic and onion are actually an excellent hair stimulant. Smash a few garlic cloves and rub the juice onto your scalp. Massage the scalp and leave it for 30-40 minutes. Then wash your hair. The same procedure can be done with onion juice.
  • Curry leaves are yet another spice that not only tastes good but has many health boosting advantages. It strengthens the hair as it affects positively the hair follicles. It is also a natural anti-oxidant and stimulates the hair growth.
  • Henna is a product that has been extensively used throughout the centuries. Queens and kings in the past used it for dying or shampooing their hair. Nowadays, henna is also used for hair coloring and cleansing. It soothes the scalp, leaves your hair shiny, promotes new hair growth and thus boost hair volume.

Of course, there are plenty of other herbs and spices that can help you fighting hair loss but these are some of the most popular and easily accessible ones.

Alternatives to hide your thinning hair

In addition to applying natural remedies, you can also use some alternatives to hide your thinning hair. Here are some suggestions:

  • You can use scalp coloring products so that your scalp is not so visible through your thinning hair;
  • Turn to experienced hair extension specialists who can recommend the best hair extensions for your type of hair so that it will have more volume;
  • Cut your hair short as this will make it look thicker.

No matter what the cause of your hair fall is, know that there is always a solution. Identify the reason and try maintaining a healthier life style in order to enjoy your long thick tresses longer.


natural hair care to prevent hair loss

Grow Your Hair in a Week: Here is How

Skokie IL North Shore Hair Extensions Salon

Generally, hair grows about half an inch per month. You can stimulate this growth if you follow all or some of the tips below. In some cases, women have reported that by applying these techniques their hair has grown about one quarter to one-half inch in a week.

If you are curious what your results will be, grab a meter to measure your hair and try the following over a period of one week. Then measure your hair again. You can make a chart and put the figures at the end of each week to see what the long-term results will be.

Use natural oils

Natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and castor oil are extremely beneficial for your hair. They provide it with special nutrients, keep it hydrated and as a result the hair is healthier and shiny. Here are two ways how to use them:

  • Hair treatment with hot oil – warm some coconut, jojoba, argan or olive oil on a stovetop or in a bowl of boiling water and massage it gently in your scalp with fingers. Be careful with the temperature – the oil should be warm not hot, wait some time to cool down if necessary. Massage your scalp for about 15 minutes, then run the rest of the oil through your hair and let it stay for about 30 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly using shampoo. You can do it 2-3 times a week.
  • Hair masks – there are many ready-made hair masks that you can use but here we suggest one that you can make by yourself in no time. Mix 1 cup of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon almond oil, jojoba oil and macadamia oil. Apply the mask to damp hair and leave it for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly using your everyday shampoo and/or conditioner. You can use the mask once or twice weekly.

Adopt a proper hair care routine

It is very important to follow a proper hair care routine. Washing your hair every day is not in its best interest. Make sure that you know how to wash your long hair right and what are the alternatives to shampooing if you want healthy long hair.

Here is a very simple routine that you can follow:

  • Don’t shampoo too often
  • Rinse with cold water at the end of the shower
  • Don’t wrap it in a towel after bath
  • Let your hair airdry whenever possible. Even cold air hair dryer can damage the hair
  • Brush properly
  • Trim regularly
  • Avoid styling tools

Follow a healthy diet

Eating healthy is beneficial for your entire body, including your hair and nails. If you want to have healthier hair make sure that you drink sufficient water and consume foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, zinc, copper, magnesium, selenium. Foods high in protein are very important too. Your diet shall include meat, fish, eggs, nuts, whole grains and beans and definitely exclude fast food.

Try the “inversion” method

Lately, the “inversion” method became quite popular as a stimulant of hair growth. Basically, you need to put your head below your heart to encourage the blood flow that can stimulate hair growth. You can practice it for 4-5 minutes every day. The most popular pose is to lay on the bed with your head dangling off the edge of the bed and your neck supported by the edge of the bed. The “inversion” method can be practiced with some yoga poses too – the downward dog, shoulder stand or head stand.

Always come out of the inverted position slowly so that you don’t feel dizzy.

A handful of tips for healthier hair

Here are a few tips that will help you on the road to having healthier and longer hair. They are straightforward and easy to follow.

  • Coconut oil maintains hair in good condition and makes it easier to take care of it. It is especially good for longer hair. While it won’t stimulate growth as such, it will provide your hair with essential nutrients and make it healthier.
  • Be careful with ponytails because if the ponytail is too tight it may damage your hair and cause headache. If there is a dent in your hair once you take the ponytail down, it means that it was too tight.
  • Use boar bristle brushes if possible since they are good for your hair. They make your hair shiny and healthy without styling products, improve the hair texture and reduce frizz. If you want to brush your hair 100 strokes a day then do it with a boar bristle brush. Synthetic bristle brushes are good only for styling hair and have to benefits for its health.
  • Live a healthy life and you will see the benefits for your hair – it will be stronger, shinier and grow faster. This includes having good rest, drinking sufficient water and eating a well-balanced diet.
  • Wearing scrunchies not only doesn’t help hair growth but even prevents it. Putting your hair in too tight hair styles every day will only damage it.
  • If you want thick, long hair with maximum volume overnight try high quality hair extensions. Consult with a reputable hair extension specialist who can give you advise which type and method is the best for you. Know that professionally applied extensions will not damage your hair.
  • Choose a shampooing routine and stick to it at least a month so that you can see any results. Change it after that period if it doesn’t work for you.
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How to Get the Most out of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions Information

There is no point in denying that a great hairstyle can transform your look. Some women wake up every morning with beautiful heavy locks, others, however, are not so lucky. Moreover, with every passing day, the density of the hair keeps falling. Although you can try hard to use all the available remedies in the market to cure that, there are still no guaranteed results. Moreover, even if you have healthy hair, there are chances that you will be tired of sticking to the same hair style. After all, experimenting on your hair is considered rather risky.

Hair extensions are an easier way out to cover the lacking of your hair as well as allow you to enjoy unique hairdos without any long-term commitment.

Do you remember how back in the 90s, famous pop stars had started the trend of using showy hair extensions? There had been a lot of criticism by the media as well. However, the hair extension technology has come a long way since then. Now they are considered acceptable and are easily available — not only to the celebrities but also to the general public. If you are tired of your age-old hairstyle and looking for a drastic change, hair extensions are just the thing for you. There are excellent services available in Illinois including hair extension salons in Chicago, Skokie, Schaumburg, and Highland Park, IL.

Here are some amazing ways in which hair extensions can help you get a complete makeover:

1.     Adding Volume and Length

Most people think that the hair extensions are only used for adding length. However, they have an equally useful role when it comes to increasing the volume. In fact, hair extensions are an excellent and easy way for adding volume to thin hair. For people who cannot increase the volume of their hair at least in any natural way, hair extensions are the right option.

2.     Braiding

Braids have undoubtedly made a huge comeback. You can see the trend making waves all over the Instagram. However, you will notice that all these braids are impossibly thick and long. If you have been pondering over this mystery, of unexceptionally dense hair then here is the answer—they are using the hair extensions to achieve that look. There is no way to have that kind of braid with your natural hair without one nice extension incorporated with the hair.

3.     Fixing Bad Haircut

Bad haircuts are unavoidable. They range from uneven and choppy layers to having your hair cut way over just one inch. In some cases, it is because of inexperienced hairstylists but that is not the case every time. In fact, some of the experienced hair stylists can make this mistake. At other times, it happens because you fail to explain them what you are really looking for. Whatever the reason behind the mishap, it can be fixed by using hair extensions.

4.     Bring on the Color

Dying the hair is another most common dilemma among women. Constantly coloring your hair requires a lot of time and energy and there is always the risk of damaging the hair, thanks to the heavy amount of bleach and other chemicals present in the hair coloring products. On the other hand, if you are looking to experiment with a funky color to try on your hair, you can always use tape-in or clip-on hair extensions, which are easily available at the hair extension salons in Chicago, Skokie, Schaumburg, and Highland Park, IL. The process is not only risk free but is also time saving since it takes only 30 minutes to add a hair extension. You can experiment with different colors without having the fear to remain stuck with it for a few months.

5.     Temporary Bangs

Bangs are among the most popular hairstyles. They keep coming and going away from the fashion trends for hairdos. Despite their immense popularity, the fact remains that bangs are not cut out for every face shape. Add to it their unpredictability in staying in the fashion scene and you will definitely want them on a permanent basis. However, it does not hurt to get a taste of them once in a while either. The problem has been solved by the availability of clip-on temporary bang hair extensions option. Try a style without fearing any kind of commitment.

6.     A ponytail with some Volume

The Arian Grand trademark look has recently become quite popular especially among teenage girls. A high ponytail is in fact a risky look if you do not have the hair volume that is most desirable for it. Not very many people are blessed with thick voluminous hair. However, you do not have to worry anymore if you want to rock this kook at a party but the number of locks on your head is not agreeing with your wishes. Add in a few hair extensions and your voluminous ponytail is sure to make waves at that party!

7.     Beautiful Curls

There is a general misconception among the public that all the models they see on the runway are naturally blessed with amazing hair. They see a woman walking the ramp with log and heavy curls hugging her around the body and they get impressed beyond reason since they think they cannot have the same look. Here is a surprise—those locks there are hair extensions and you can have them too! No need to curse your straight hair anymore if they do not curl, just get yourself a nice curly hair extension.

8.     Glamorous Up do

Most women wear their hair in an easy style that becomes their signature look. However if there is a party and you want to look different you would not go for your routine hairdo. What you can do, however, is opt for a classic yet glamorous look with a nice up do. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get that look if you have thin and fine hair. No need to worry though! You can have instant volume and a glamorous up do with clip-in hair extensions.

So are you ready to buy some hair extensions to rock at the next big event? Get an appointment with Chicago hair extensions salon for the perfect product to match your hair color and texture.

Top 5 Benefits of Real Hair Extensions That You Must Know

Real Hair Extensions Chicago, IL

If you have trouble growing your hair out or want to add more volume, then going for hair extensions is the right call. It is common wisdom that your hair shapes your face. But not just your face, your hair actually accentuates your entire look. Hair extensions are painless and require less effort in this regard.

Women turn to extensions to solve their hair problems because they are an instant way to get longer, thicker and more luscious hair. You can change your entire look with the right hair extension. These extensions will be glued or woven into your head and will be essentially an investment. This is why you have to be careful about what type of product you choose.

Real Hair Extensions Colors

There are two types of hair extensions you can get: synthetic and real. Synthetic hair is composed of low grade acrylic that is processed to look like natural hair. Imagine that on your head. Not a pretty picture right? Real hair is made from actual human hair, so they have all of the makings and appearances of natural silky hair.

If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, then you might be confused about whether to pick synthetic or real hair. Many women go for real hair for various reasons but here are the top 5 things that make women choose real hair extensions over synthetic ones.

They Give You a Natural Appearance

Synthetic hair wigs are basically plastic fiber that looks like hair strands. It doesn’t quite have the quality and appearance that real hair has. Your hair extensions are all about making your hair look Instagram gorgeous. Real hair extensions like Chicago Hair Extensions can easily blend with your natural hair and have a more realistic texture.

Real Hair Extensions to Choose From

There are a variety of different real hair extensions you can choose from. Since the hair is real, they give you a sleek look with a smooth finish. You can choose from a range of colors and textures at the Chicago Hair Extensions and improve your whole look. Ombre is very popular these days.

Real Hair Stands the Test of Time

If you are going to spend your money and effort into getting extensions, then they should last you a long time. The Chicago weather can take a toll on your hair which may cause you to use a lot of products. Since synthetic hair is, well, synthetic, they will get damaged by traditional hair products. They are more likely to start fraying or lose their sleek texture if you wash them again and again.

By comparison, real hair extensions from Chicago Hair Extensions Salon can last up to six months, even with the washing. You just have to treat them with care.

Style Them As You Like

Having real hair extensions means that you can treat them like real hair. You can straighten, curl or blow dry them to get any style you want. You cannot apply these heating tools to synthetic hair because it will melt.

Worth the Cost

It is no doubt that real hair extensions are expensive. But what makes them the best choice for hair extensions is that they pay off in the long run and actually help you save money. You don’t have to spend much to maintain their look plus they last longer. All of these things give you more ease and options when it comes to your hair extensions.

You can go and consult with the hair experts of Chicago Hair Extensions serving Skokie, near Schaumburg, IL North Shore to learn more about what extension is right for you.