Hair Trends in 2018

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As we all know, hair has always been a woman’s best accessory because it boosts her confidence and makes her feel more feminine. We tend to experiment a lot with our hair- dye it, cut it short, let it grow again, straighten it, curl it, or go to a hair saloon to get hair extensions done by a professionalist. One can tell a lot about a woman merely from her hairstyle because it can depend and vary from her mood, how busy her life is, how she feels in her skin, even her occupation. Now, let us dig into the Hair Trends for 2018 so we can give you some fresh ideas on how to style your hair.

Short and center-parted

short and center-parted hair style trend in 2018

Short, middle-parted hair is going to be a huge trend for 2018 because it is easy to maintain, effortless, neither too messy, nor too fancy  which makes it a great choice for women whose life is too hectic and busy. Furthermore, this hairstyle creates the illusion of a longer, skinnier and more feminine face.

At the runaways Michael Kors’ models are seen with center-parted straight hair, whereas Nina Ricci’s models have short, center-parted hair with curls starting from the level of the ears. If you choose to cut your hair short you will not only be following the latest hair trends but also save some time in the morning.


One-side parted and pushed behind the ears

mid-parted and behind the ears hair trend in 2018

It is a well known fact that men like to see their woman with a ponytail or a bun because there is no hanging hair to cover and hide their partner’s beautiful face.  This leads us to the next hair trend which is the parted to one side and pushed behind the ears hairstyle. Even though the hair is loose one can still see a woman’s beautiful and feminine cheeks, jaw line and ears. Long earrings go so well with this hairstyle. This is yet another easy to maintain, classy and feminine hair trend which will highlight your beautiful features and make you more confident.



Braids, braids, and more braids

loose braids hairstyle trend in 2018

Braids have always been in style because they come in so many different shapes, forms, color, style, and texture. Emporio Armani’s models were seen with loose braids at the fall show, Valentino’s models had well-styled micro braids, H&M’s models for the sport collection had braided pigtails which were such a hit for summer 2017 and are likely to stay as such in 2018. Other models had thick cornrows braided along the head which created imaginary mohawk.

Looking at such a huge icon as Rihanna herself and her Fenty models who were wearing cornrows, and other celebrities such as Halle Berry with her messy braids, Alicia Keys and her orange braids, Beyonce’s beaded braids, Coverne Cox’s honey blonde messy fishtail, Nicki Minaj’s microbraids, and Keke Palmer’s red box braids, we can assure you that braids will dominate in 2018. Messy braids, loose braids supported not by an elastic but just a few bobby pins stuck straight up into the braid, big braids, fish braids- no matter what type of braids you choose you will be following the latest trends.


bobby pins hairstyles trends in 2018

Other trends are pinning the hair by using countless bobby pins, thus creating the illusion of a short hair. This way women can see how they look with a short hair without having to cut it short and then regret having done it. Tom Ford’s models are seen with such hairstyle and everybody loves it. If you ever wondered how you would look with short hair then you should definitely give this hairstyle a try.




Pump it or curl it!

pump and curl hair trends for 2018

Pumping up the volume of your hair is going to make people turn their heads after you! Nina Ricci and Max Mara’s models have 60s inspired volume done by teasing the hair. This hair trend will make you feel like a diva! Last major trend are the curls- you will not go wrong with any type of curls- from beach waves, to Louis Vuitton’s  model’s big curls and Max Mara’s and Fendi’s models’ soft curls. Curls have always been so feminine and classy – you will not go wrong with any type of curls.




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10 Hair Trends You Need to Try In Fall 2017

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Now that summer is over and 2017 is coming to an end, here are a few pretty hair trends that you definitely need to try. There is a great variety of styles to meet any taste, and besides you still have a few months left before 2018 to try a few. Well, that’s if you do not start with the buzz cut that was one of the favorite hairstyle for many celebrities this year.

platinum blonde short hair cut

Platinum-Blonde Buzz Cut

Amber Rose turned this pretty summer style into a trend that is still an excellent choice for the autumn. This daring textured buzz was embraced by a pool of celebrities throughout 2017 so far, so if you want to join the club with Katy Perry, Taraji, Zoë Kravitz and Cara Delevingne do not waste any more time. Head for your favorite hair saloon and allow yourself to look completely badass before 2018 arrives.

the shag 80s hairstyle autumn

The Shag

Talking about going back, we can say that the ’70s are also making their way to the autumn hairstyles of 2017. The Shag haircuts, also known as “bedhead dos” are back in fashion. Choose a feathered, face-framing style and make it messy. The messier the better and you will be the rock star of the season.

crimped hairstyle

Crimped Hairstyle

Going back in time is definitely trendy this autumn. This year’s obsession with the ’90s brings back another tendency we swore to steer clear of: crimping. Of course, do not go to extremes – ease the style by putting your hair into a ponytail or bun. And do not overdo your hair – simply add a few crimpled sections to be fashionable.

curly and brave hairstyle

Curly and Brave

Curls are on this autumn. No matter if you are naturally curly, kinky or just wavy this is the season for you to shine. If you happen to have straight hair, don’t worry – the curling iron will be your friend this year. The thing to remember is to add volume and definition for a better result.

super-sleek middle length hair style

The Super-Sleek Middle Length

2017 is the time to live your school years again. The ’90s are back with straight, flat-ironed hair. Choose middle length and an even center part and you can join a list of stars rocking this hairdo that features Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, etc. The blonde color is not a must in this case but it adds the super to this sleek look.

ice blonde hair color

Ice Blond

No doubt, 2017 has been the year of the blondes. Some of the summer trendy colors included different shades of blonde, such as snow-white blonde, blonde-gray and blorange. Now when winter is coming, ice blond is the shade to try. If you want, you can also combine it with pastel undertones such as lavender or blue.

hair sponging autumn 2017

Hair Sponging

When it comes to colors, we already mentioned that 2017 has seen a great range of them. However, a new dying technique was also born this year and the autumn season is the time to try it. It is called hair sponging and was created by U.K. salon The Chapel in collaboration with Redken. It soon got the rest of the world attracted by the funny shapes and prints it adds to any hairstyle. Most preferred with shorter dos, the sponge effect is worth giving it a try if you want to match autumn’s colors.

tiger eye hair style

Tiger-Eye Hair Color

Those of you who prefer more natural and soft colors and especially the natural brunettes the tiger-eye hair color is especially for you. It is a mixture of golden and brown stripes and the stunning effect is achieved by dying the base in warm or dark chocolate and adding caramel highlights on top of it. It looks great with longer hair and a touch of waves.

trendy hair accessories autumn 2017

Hair Accessories of All Sizes

The hair accessories are here to stay. Follow the example of Janelle Monáe and decorate your hair with clips, pearls or even gold wire. Even tiny shiny elements incorporated in a simple bun can change your overall mood and appearance. Let yourself be inspired by unusual hair decoration ideas without overdoing it. Less is much this season.

Hair Extensions


Hair extensions are a timeless classic that has evolved significantly over the years. If you haven’t tried them so far, 2017 is the moment. Call our experienced hair extension stylists for a free consultation or directly get an appointment in one of our saloons for subtle touch or an extreme makeover and rock the hairdo of your dreams.

Gorgeous Summer Hair Colors Trendy in 2017

hair colors palette hair texture

Summer is here and all the ladies are ready to rock their best hair look at work, around the pool or simply while grocery shopping. This is the time of the year when we are more willing to experiment with hair color. Since 2017 turns to be welcoming anything from natural look to watermelon hair and succulent tones it’s your chance to find your best hair color while being fashionable. We have selected three of the leading trends this year and we challenge you to try them.

The Eternal Blonde

Blonde has ever been trendy and 2017 is no exception. What is new this season is that we will be hearing a lot of new words when it comes to blonde such as smoked taupe, creamy ginger, honey blonde with babylights, etc.


pearlescent hair Pearlescent hair

This pearl shiny finish is suitable for all types of blonde – from gold to platinum. Your hair will look cool and glossy but you might need several visits to your stylist before achieving the final effect.




blonde-gray hair


Even though it is not a new combination the mix of blonde and gray shades with darker, almost black roots is the epitome of modern for 2017. It looks great both on short and long hair.




snow white blonde hairSnow White Blonde

The platinum blonde has been polished and upgraded to look less yellow and more white. Choosing this shade is a commitment in terms of maintenance and preventive hair care but the final result is worth the efforts. If you like the idea of “snow” during the summer heat but prefer more shades in your hair then you can opt for snowlights. These are highlights of pale blonde that make your hair sparkle in the light as if covered with snow.



Baby blonde

In line with the natural look trend baby blonde is taking the stage in 2017. The color is neither too yellow or white, nor bright but looks like naturally growing.





Trendy words for trendy colors

2017 is the year of color combinations and mixtures and the respective words are coined to match the style:


blorange hair colorBlorange 

In line with the trendy blonde blorange is the mix to rock this year. Orange has already won its place onto the hair scene back in 2016 to be overrun by blorange in 2017. The new shade combines blonde and ginger and stands in between the two tones to offer a stunning look.



bronde hair colorBronde

This hair color trend seems to be modern at all times. People love bronde and for good reason – the hair looks blonde in the light and turns chocolate when it’s darker. Two trendy looks with one hairdo – is there something better?





The combination of gray dye and ombre effect is a chic way to add unconventional color to your hair this year. Known as grombre this style is suitable for any hair length.




ronze hair colorRonze

Ronze is a shimmering color that is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown. It will light up your complexion. Stylist swear that you can rock this color all year round and not only during summer.




Going natural

Summer of 2017 is the best time for the ladies who prefer a more natural hair look. You can let nature do its work by letting your hair gray or your roots grow and still be part of the modern tendencies.



gray-gray hair colorGray-gray

If you are lucky enough to have your hair gray naturally you will be rocking a trendy hairdo in 2017 without much effort. For the rest – there is dye and purple shampoo several times per week to eliminate any shades of brass or yellow.




overgrown roots hair colorOvergrown roots

The shadow roots were trendy in 2016 but 2017 takes it to a greater length. The distance between the root and the color can be up to five inches and instead of being scorned for not visiting your stylist you will be welcomed as a fashion icon.




nude hair colourNude hair

Nude hair offers a balance between warm and cool tones. It is easy to wear and is quite trendy since neutral colors are flattering to all skin tones.




ultra thin foilsUltra-thin foils

This is for the ladies who would like to do something with their hair but are not fond of big changes. If you have natural brown hair, straight, wavy or curly, several tiny highlights added to it will do miracles. They will not be immediately noticeable but the contrast will make your hair look thicker.

One great way to experiment with hair color is using quality hair extensions. Out stylists at Chicago Hair Extension Salon will gladly assist you on choosing the best nuance, extension method and hairdo that will suit your face.

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