If you are a hair lover and wake up in the morning thinking of your next hair experiment then it’s likely that you would feel some joy from seeing your perfect hair on social media and share it with the world!

Social media is the new place to be nowadays.  To most of us it’s equally important to look our best when we’re out with friends or on a first date with a potential soulmate and to show our glam on our social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram.

Instagram has evolved into a place where people can share their lifestyle, looks, dreams and hobbies! It’s also a great place to share your amazing new look or outfit with like-minded people or get inspiration from others. And for you, Instagram is the place where you want to upload the best photos of your amazing hair and let it attract as many followers as it can!

To be a successful hair Instagramer, however, there are a few things that you must keep an eye out for if you want your photos to look their best. In this article we will share 10 tips on making your hair look gorgeous in Instagram pics and share a few examples of successful photos taken by popular Instagramers.


1. Let your viewers see your hair

Okay, as obvious as this may seem we can often forget to put the accent of the photo in the right place. If you want your hair to stand out on your image make sure all of it is brought forward if you are taking a picture of your face and not your back. Pushing your hair forward will give it immediate volume and a thick and full look.

If you’ve decided to take hair photos it’s a good idea to avoid hats, unless they are a specific accessory to the hairstyle you’ve selected. Although most hair photos are taken from the back you can play around with your facial angles and sides to make your hair look even more perfect.


A nice example of some hair showing going on can be seen on @romeestrijd ‘s Instagram photos. By putting most of her hair in the front area where the photo is being taken, this Instagramer is showing confidence in her hair volume and colors!

2. Turn up the volume

The first thing that catches the eye when it comes to hair pics is volume! With volume, it’s the bigger the better! Of course, you should never overdo it and keep your hair volume in tact with the shape of your face, making sure there is a perfect match. Apart from the available hairstyling methods of backcombing or using powder of additional hair products to get the desired volume, on photos you can experiment with showing volume by using your hands. You can take an Instagram picture with one hand pushing up your hair on the side, immediately causing a look and feel of sexy volume! Whether your hair is long or short, curly or straight, blonde or brunette, this method will always work.

3. Avoid capturing split ends

This is especially important when taking hair photos. If you haven’t been to the hair salon recently you can try to smooth out any dry ends as much as possible by applying hair oil to provide a strong and healthy hair look. There are a lot of hair oil products available but your photos are a last minute thing you can always use hand cream, coconut oil or body lotion, which will give a similar effect.

If it is absolutely impossible for you to smudge out those dead hair ends then it is always an option co completely cut them out of your Instagram photo. When doing so make sure you have synchronized it with the overall composition.

4. Get your extensions out

If you’ve gotten yourself new extensions now is the perfect time to put them in use! Add on to your hair volume and hair color by adding in your hair extensions and your Instagram photos will become better in a blink of an eye! Extensions are great for photos as they add a vibrant look and can make your hair wavy or straight, longer and fuller without much effort on your side. Hair extensions are every girl’s favorite hair accessory!

You can use hair extensions for a ponytail or half ponytail hairstyle, to add a new dimension on your hair volume, create a thicker hair braid or simply make your hair look longer on your photo.

5. The risk of messy hairs

Have you come across an Instagram photo of a girl with the messiest hair at first glance but somehow it makes you want exactly that look? Well, that’s the magic of the natural looking hairstyle. It’s not mandatory to spend hours in front of the mirror before takings an Instagram photo. If you’ve managed to successfully combine the scenery of your photo, your facial makeup, outfit and photo colors, you can pull off the messy hair look and gain a lot of Instagram attention from hairstylists and followers. “Messy hairs” are also a hairstyle and you can experiment with hairspray and a little brushing off here and there to see how your hair reacts. Give yourself some time in advance as retouching may be necessary to get the perfect Instagram photo.

6. Make your curls look amazing

Curly hair is gorgeous but often difficult to manage, especially on photos. Try brushing out your curls to make them look with bigger volume, more organized and as if you’ve just spent your whole monthly wage on your hairstyle. To calm curls down and avoid messiness you can use hair oil or gently apply hair spray to finish up your hairstyle.

33 years old today! Yay❤️ #birthdaycurls #عيدميلادي

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Instagramer @sarahangius is absolutely rocking her curls in this Instagram post, showing a combination of natural and thick looking hair.

7. Baby hair and rogue hairs

We’ve all had the problem with those tiny hairs that stick out of our hairstyle even after we’ve tried everything to organize and find a place for them. Here’s a simple and guaranteed trick. Using a toothbrush or a makeup brush of your choice, apply hairspray on the hairs of the brush and softly brush any additional baby hairs or rogue hairs down. There is no guarantee on how long this trick will last but it will definitely be enough to take a snap of a perfect hairstyle that you can share on Instagram.

 8. Scenery is important

Don’t underestimate the role that scenery plays in your Instagram photo. Instagram filters will not be enough to make your picture look amazing if you’ve failed to plan out the scene and setting for your hairstyle. Make sure the visible part of your outfit allow for your hairstyle to stand out. For example, you can play around with showing one shoulder and putting your long hair on the side on the other shoulder. If you have short hair you can add a beautiful necklace or the modern chokers to add some spice to your photo.

It is also crucial to get the lighting right. Of course, nowadays there are a number of applications that can help you get the lighting you need but there is no guarantee that these will be of any help if you’ve chosen extremely poor lighting for your hair photo. It’s best to capture natural sunlight so if you don’t have access to light in your room or your photo place, you can try photoshooting outdoors.

Hair color will look great on Instagram in combination with contrasting or similar colors in the background, depending on the style you are after.


You can see how Intagramer @svglamour has taken advantage of outdoor light to get the perfect visualization of those beautiful blonde nuances in her boho hairstyle!

@butusofa on the other hand, makes a successful use of this beautiful sea view to show her curls in a natural looking hairstyle!

9. Advertising tactics

In advertising, the people behind the image ad will often play with the viewer psychologically. You may have spotted that often there are hidden details in an ad that are stuck in our minds subconsciously after viewing. For example, food images that actually advertise champagne glasses will depict part of a beautifully arranged dinner table with a tasty meal that you can almost smell from the photo and casually place a glass of champagne on the side. Well, the eye opener is that what you are meant to remember, in reality, is that campaign glass itself.

Relating this back to hair, you can experiment and create different themes for your hairstyle. For example, if you’ve decided to take a picture of a glamorous hair braid hairstyle you can try adding colorful flower arrangements to your hair, put on a fancy spring or cocktail dress and capture an arranged background, which best suits your photo concept. Your hair can easily become part of a mesmerizing summer sunset, a cocktail dinner or be at the center stage of a fashion lover’s room.


Ladies, what do you see here? Although there are so many things  in the image somehow there are two things that capture the mind – the beautiful red lipstick and the gorgeous color combinations in the hairstyle!

10. Makeup

Even when you’re taking pictures of your hair it is likely that your face will be an important part of the photo. Match your makeup with your hairstyle or your hair color to create an overall nice look to your photo. If you have gone for a hairstyle suitable for dinner occasions or going out clubbing, try adding darker makeup, smoky eyes and darker lipstick. If you have selected a more casual and everyday hair look then it’s a good idea to keep your makeup simple and fresh looking, in combination with a light dress, for example.

It’s advisory to keep in mind cool color combinations and research what their effects are. For example, violet or dark red lipstick can make a blonde’s hair have a rich, golden color. Consider your eye color as well as it will be in combination with your hair color.

It’s worth noting that makeup can have alternative implications apart from its usual facial ones. You can apply eyeshadow in the color of your natural or extension hair to make the color look even fuller. There are also a range of cool glitter powder accessories that you can add to your hairstyle to get a more young, fresh and party hair look for your Instagram post.

Getting your game on with Instagram hair photos is certainly a fun process, in which you can discover a lot about your hair and your personal style! Regardless of whether your end goal is to get more followers for personal use, whether it is your business that you are promoting or you are a beginner hairstylist looking to grow your career, Instagram is a great way to promote your stuff.

It’s worth doing your research beforehand and going out on Instagram to see what other hairstylists are doing and what it is exactly that makes their hair pictures so perfect. By trying out the tips from above you will be a step closer to getting your Instagram hair pic just right!

Good luck!