No matter what type of hair you have, you need to take proper care of it. There are special tips and tricks for curly hair, short hair, thinning hair, etc., however there are a few universal tricks that can help you have a much healthier hair regardless of its type. All you need to do is just be persistent with the advice and you will see the results much sooner.

We have collected several interesting and unusual hair tricks and we can divide them into several categories for your convenience. Here is a list of our suggestions that will help your hair look better:

Washing and Drying

We all have a special routine when washing our hair and we know that there are alternatives to daily shampooing as well. Some of the most popular tricks that most probably every one of us follows, regardless of their hair type and length, is never to apply conditioner on the scalp, unless you have very dry hair, and to use cool water for rinsing your hair instead of hot. Here are a few more tricks that you can add to your washing and drying routine:

  • Brush your hair before washing it. Thus, you will lose the hair that you normally do while washing and prevent tangles. Not to mention that the hair won’t clog your bathroom drain.
  • Massage your scalp. Every time you shampoo your hair, massage your scalp for at least one minute. This has a positive effect on your blood circulation and will stimulate hair growth and strengthen your roots.
  • Brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb when wet. We have all read that it is better not to brush your hair while wet since it breaks easier. If you want to detangle and brush your hair, though, use a wide-tooth comb. The comb doesn’t pull your hair as the brush does and it is a much safer way of detangling your hair.
  • Condition only the ends for extra volume. If you struggle with lack of volume, the good idea is to put a conditioner only to the ends. This will also help you avoid too oily scalp and hair.
  • Choose your shampoo in accordance with the hair you want. Naturally, we pick a shampoo depending on the type of hair we have. Try for a change using a shampoo that is suited for the type of hair you want and you will soon see the difference.
  • Dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt. If you want to avoid frizz change your bath towel for a cotton t-shirt when drying your hair.
  • Tip your head upside down when you dry your hair. Thus, you will get more volume and you will manage to dry your hair quicker.

Everyday care

Everyday care of your hair is very important. Here are a few tips that can make your hair look gorgeous with less efforts:

  • Apply natural hair masks. There are plenty of recipes for all-natural hair masks that you can find online. Choose those that are suitable for your hair type and apply them regularly. Coconut oil, for example, is suitable for all hair types and lengths and is an easy solution for having great soft hair. Apply masks for split ends as well at least once a week if you want to get rid of the problem.
  • Choose the right brush for you. Invest some time to read about the different types of brushes and combs and choose the one that matches your hair features. Picking a natural bristle hair brush is always a good idea, especially for brushing your hair before going to bed.
  • Choose a silk or satin pillow case. Most of us use cotton pillow cases but they are a bit harsh on our hair. Cotton takes the moisture out of your hair and causes split ends. So, if you opt for a satin or silk pillow case you will do a favor both to your hair and your skin and you will luxurious.


Styling is an important moment of interaction with our hair. One of the most important tips is never to use too tight styling tools and to avoid heating tools in order to prevent your hair. Here are also a few tricks that can make your styling easier:

  • Spray your bobby pins for a better hold. Use dry shampoo or hairspray to spray your bobby pins so that they can hold better. Place a towel under the pins and spray them. Leave them for a couple of minutes to dry before using them.
  • Insert your bobby pins with the wavy side down. The wavy side is made to grab the hair, while the straight part holds the hair down.
  • Replace your bobby pins with spin pins. If you want a tighter and easier to fit bun, replace your bobby pins with spin pins. You will need only two to hold even long and thick hair instead of dozen bobby pins.

Most of the tricks are quite easy to follow and apply on any type of hair. Include as many of them as you can in your hair routine and you will surely enjoy gorgeous hair for a long time. Remember that no matter if your hair is short or long, you can always improve your style with hair extensions. You can learn more about the basic types of hair extensions and textures if you make an appointment with our professional stylists. All you need to do is contact us and arrange your free hair extensions consultation. Take good care of your hair with the tricks above and let us do the rest of the magic by applying the highest quality of hair extensions available on the market.