Springtime is here and it is time for all the ladies to adopt a funnier and more accessorized style for this season. Spring hairstyles are usually defined as super girly and the 2018 trends are no different than that. Elle suggests to spice up things for this season with seven gorgeous hairstyles and we have chosen five of them that look great with hair extensions.

We can just add up, that spring is also the perfect time to visit your stylist and try professionally applied for hair extensions if you haven’t done it already. No matter if you have long or short hair, hair extensions are the best way to give your hair instant volume, length or thickness. Take hair inspiration from our suggestions below and you will appear cute and refreshed, while your hair extensions will look naturally on your mane.

You can choose between the following spring hairstyles, depending on your personal preferences and taking into account the type of hair you have and the recommendations of your stylist.

Sexy High Ponytail

The high ponytail is an eternal hairstyle that is suitable both for every day and a casual look combining jeans and a T-shirt, while also quite trendy for the red carpet as stars like Yara Shahidi and Candice Swanepoel prove.

An improved version of this fuss-free hairstyle is the bubble braid ponytail, which definitely looks better if your hair has more volume and length. All you need is to create a ponytail at the crown of your head and work down on it adding a hair elastic every 3-4 inches. Pull out some hair from all sides of each bubble to create a more dramatic effect.

A twist-back ponytail is also trendy this spring as long as you are ready to take some more time to achieve the desired look.

Perfectly Tight Curls

Tight curls and bouncy hair look gorgeous on all hair lengths. Choose this style if you have a naturally curly or spiraled hair or opt for some professional hair extensions that will give you the desired effect. Make sure to take good care of your curly hair and it will pay back with a magnificent look.

Sleek Sharp Cut

Just contrary to the above style comes the sleek sharp cut that has been trendy as of lately. Choose a middle length and any color that you like – from subtle to bolder nuances. In order to maintain the look, it is worth buying a good flat iron and exceptionally smoothing serum.

Platinum blonde

We will never get tired of blonde! This spring out of the 40 shades of blonde, Elle focuses on platinum blonde and urges the ladies to either grab a bottle of peroxide or schedule an appointment with their stylist as the color is going to rock the season.

If you are wondering about hair extensions colors and how to maintain them, make sure to ask your stylist about the details.

Accessories are your best friend

If you are in doubt about your hair and how to style it, opt for accessories and you won’t be wrong. The influence of the ’90s is here to stay, so opt for colored velvet scrunchies, clips, berets or even bows to dress your hair. If the stars can do it, then there is nothing that can stop you from wearing your favorite accessory proudly this spring.

No matter which of the five suggestions you will opt for, you should know that hair extensions will make the look even better. As long as it suits you and makes you happy, you shall be sure that you will rock the spring hairstyle no matter where you go.