The cosmetic industry is always on a quest for magic bullets to help us look younger. Thanks to empirical evidence, we know that there are certain things we can do to slow down aging, as well as appear younger than we really are.  As a professional counselor, I see a lot of clients who want to improve their self esteem. We all want to look our best.

One of the best ways for boosting your self image is to actually like your appearance. Did you know there is a high correlation between depression and low self-esteem? According to Psych Central, “depression and self esteem go hand in hand”. Improving your sense of self can have a huge impact on how you feel. Let’s explore a few ways to fight back against father time.

    1. Get Regular Exercise

Working as certified personal trainer, I have seen dozens of clients completely change their looks by losing weight. I’m not talking about the world’s biggest loser TV show here. Chiefly, this involves engaging in regular physical activity a few days per week. Resistance training-coupled with cardio exercise has been proven to lower blood pressure, strengthen bones,  reduce heart disease, plus slow down the aging process. From the LA Times: Exercise slows down
the aging process

    1. Get a Fun hairstyle

Luckily, changing your creating a new-easy hairdo is a cinch these days. With so many hair dyes on the market, you can literally have any color you want. These days, professional colorists can create everything from two-tone ombre to traditional hair colors. Even a trip to the local hair care isle at the local drug store can do the trick. Another popular method for women is hair extensions to look years younger. More length can help project a more youthful-energetic impression on others. Look at hair extensions on Rihanna or Jessica Simpson. Having longer thicker hair isn’t always the solution. Sometimes a simple hair makeover can make a world of difference.

    1. Reduce Stress Levels

Prolonged stress can cause the human body to age prematurely. Scientists have known for years that excessive worry can lead to skin break outs, hair loss, as well as unwanted weight gain. I use a lot of visualization therapy to assist clients get rid of stress. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to engage in activities you enjoy on a regular basis. For some people this can mean listening to music, while others might enjoy taking a yoga class. Spending too much time working is a sure fire way to burn out fast. Another technique is to visualize a problem on a movie screen to find the answer. The brain has the remarkable ability to calm the body down through visualization. Perhaps this is why meditation has so many benefits.


Hopefully, these fairly easy ways to look younger will get you on the right track.