We can never get tired of talking about blonde and the merits of this hair nuance. You can choose a blonde color depending on your skin undertone, if you want to express yourself better and no matter if you have long or short hair. The color is a timeless classic and blonde hair extensions are the most expensive ones, when we are talking about natural blonde hair.

What makes blonde such a unique option for dying your hair is that it has numerous nuances and shades, so the alternatives a professional stylist can offer are almost limitless. If you start thinking about it, you will most probably be able to list at least 6-7 different shades that are trendy at the moment.

Different magazines and sites have made various rankings about the best or the most popular blonde shades but perhaps the digital version of Marie Claire magazine has compiled the most comprehensive list that includes 41 shades of blonde. Take a look at them and choose the one that appeals to you much.

Cooler blonde shades

Some of the most popular blonde shades are cool as the ones below:

  • Icy blonde – a combination of platinum white and silver that illuminates the face. Cara Develingne is one of the ladies to sport such a shade.
  • Silver blonde – a shade that gives a heavy metal look to the color. You can see Elli Goulding wearing it.
  • Opalescent blonde – it’s a hue that combines grey, platinum blonde, light blue, and purple and the trick is that it catches the light in a magnificent way.
  • White blonde is for those who are brave enough to wear red lipstick like Rita Ora.
  • Creamy blonde is a mixture of golden blonde and white and is one of the most popular nuances of the year.
  • Golden platinum blonde adds a glow to your hairdo and is the signature color of Gwen Stefani.
  • Yellowish platinum blonde adds a flaxen accent on a brighter hairdo.
  • Icy-highlights blonde are for those who want a fiercer look achieved just by adding highlights to an existent blonde ‘do.
  • Ashy blonde is a timeless classic that will outline your facial features.

Warmer blonde shades

Blonde is also often associated with summer and its warmth and hence a few blonde shades try to resemble the natural coloring resulting from the sun:

  • Champagne blonde – the color mixes together creamy blonde with some platinum and golden accents for a stunning look.
  • Cream Soda blonde combines light brown and golden blonde. It is one of the easiest shades to achieve if you are a natural blonde or brunette.
  • Buttermilk blonde is an intermediate shade for every girl who has darker hair that used to be white platinum before.
  • Golden blonde is perfect for those with lighter skin undertone as the porcelain complexion of Charlize Theron.
  • Bright golden blonde concentrates the brightest shade of gold and steers clear of all brassy nuances.
  • Root-y blond – being a bit lazy and skipping a dyeing session is not a bad idea and actually gives a rather sophisticated look.
  • Sandy blonde – as the name suggests you find sunny and sandy highlights that form your hairdo. All you need is a big smile as that of Reese Witherspoon.
  • Baby blonde – for a fresh look add some platinum micro-highlights to get this modern nuance.
  • Beach blonde can trick you to believe that the highlights added to the original color are really made by the sun as Blake Lively will testify.
  • Neutral blonde mimics natural blonde hair to the maximum. It relies on a mixture of warm and cool shades to achieve the nude blonde shade desired.
  • Brushed-on bright blonde adds thick highlights that look like naturally painted on the hair as Ashley Olsen can prove.
  • Updated frosted-tips blonde – the combination of darker roots and cooler chunks of blonde leads to this unique combination.
  • Golden dirty blonde basically relies on golden highlights that upgrade the basic dirty blonde look.
  • Honeyed blonde is perfect for natural blondes who want to elevate the color with some yellowish-brown highlights as Gisele Bündchen.

Blonde blends

Those who prefer a more sophisticated look, often combine blonde with another color. The results can be:

  • Chestnut blonde is a blend of light brown and blonde and is the best way to get a fresh summer look.
  • Light strawberry blonde means adding a reddish hue to a natural blonde color and you will get the stunning look of Emma Stone.
  • Rose gold blonde combines pastel pink and blonde. If you want to achieve a more glowing hue, then focus on the platinum base.
  • Blorange is a nuance coined from the combination of blonde, pink and orange.
  • Gingery blonde adds a warm ginger tint to the blonde color.
  • Golden beige blonde means combining your brown roots with golden highlights as Jennifer Aniston does.
  • Fair amber blonde means adding a darker turn on a classic golden blonde nuance.
  • Chocolate blonde is an excellent nuance for brunettes that want to lighten up their color.
  • Café au lait blonde welcomes a monochrome beige shade to the dominance of blonde. Take Tailor Swift as your example and do not be afraid to try this tint.
  • Muted strawberry blonde is a bit darker than the strawberry blonde but yet lighter than the red-brown hue associated with the fruit.
  • Light copper blonde is a warm color that is born of the mixture of golden blonde and red.
  • Fiery blonde blends orange, red and gold to prove that they can be combined to a polished look.
  • Caramel blonde is a tasty shade achieved with aureate layers.
  • Bronde is yet another shade coined from the combination of two colors – brown and blonde, that makes the hair look more natural.
  • Black blonde is a two-toned ombre look that is best illustrated by Jessica Alba’s lob.
  • Light brown blonde means sporting ecru tones in your hairdo.
  • Dark ashy blonde combines grown roots with toned bright blonde color.
  • Practically-brunette blonde – if you want a dramatic look, then simply use a nearly-brown hue as Clémence Poésy to express your blonde nature.

As you can see there is a blonde tone for every girl. Choose between the warmer or cooler shades and head for the hair saloon to get your dream blonde hairdo.