The beauty, the luxury, the versatility: there’s just something about long, wavy, sexy hair that’s irresistible. However, those stunning tresses also take a lot of time and care to maintain. If you want to grow out your locks but don’t have the months to invest in the process, hair extensions may be the solution. If you’re on the fence about whether long hair would look good on you, just take a look at these five very compelling reasons to let it grow.

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1. You have endless possibilities — Seriously, any hairstyle that you see online or while paging through a beauty magazine, you can probably replicate it. Lengthy braids? A full topknot? A librarian-like bun? A dressed-up ponytail? You can change your hairstyle for every day of the week and still have ‘dos leftover. If your hair is shorter, you pretty much have to leave it as-is because most of the time a bun or ponytail will come undone since your strands just aren’t long enough.


2. You don’t need a haircut as often — If you have a pixie cut, as it starts growing out, it can be awkward. That sharp, stylish bob you got at the hair salon a few weeks ago won’t look as photo-ready after about a month. With long hair, it doesn’t matter if it grows, as it’ll tend to just look better.


3. You’re never cold — Women who have shorter hairstyles will need to zip their coats up as high as they can go and wrap a scarf around their necks in the winter. Your hair is your own natural scarf. Your neck is protected, as are your ears, which are both very vulnerable spots. You’re free to enjoy a snow day or another round out on the ice rink.

4. It’s fun — Really, tossing your hair around, watching its texture change after a day on the beach (to those envy-inducing beach waves that many women covet), running your hands through it, doing an enthusiastic hair flip. What’s not to love? Plus your selfies will look so amazing on Instagram and Facebook.


5. Men love longer hair — We don’t have anything against women who decide to embrace shorter hair. However, research has proven again and again that men will gravitate towards women sporting longer locks. It’s not only that long hair is sexy and attractive (which it is), but it represents femininity and fertility. If you can grow longer hair, you’re healthy, and men’s primitive instincts seek healthy women.

Is your hair coming up a bit short? At this Chicago Salon, we offer hair extensions to lengthen your tresses or pump up the volume. All of our extensions are made of real human hair, so they never look synthetic, fake, or obvious. Our stylists all have cosmetology degrees and have worked in some of the best salons across the globe. They can dress you up anytime, whether you have a wedding, anniversary, or big party coming up or whether you want extensions for daily wear.

No matter your hair color or style, from curly to wavy to straight to everything in between, we can find you the perfect extensions to match. To learn more about the extensions offered at Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, come on in to see us for a free consultation. Of course, you can always get hair extensions in Skokie, at our salon on the North Shore.