Instagram Tips

Many women that visit our hair salon love Instagram because they don’t need to worry about check-ins, status updates, and other complicated features – it’s all about photos. This social media app boasts millions of users, and making it among the most popular mobile sites in the world.  Like most public venues, it does have a few pitfalls that you want to avoid.  Instagram offers an excellent way to connect with friends, market your business, or promote your career, but if you use the site poorly, it has the potential to cause problems in both your personal and professional life. You will want to read the Instagram terms of service. Bragging about sexy hair or pretty makeup is fine. 

We live in an age of personal branding, but sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what is and what isn’t acceptable to post on social media sites like Instagram. To make sure you avoid personal and professional disaster, here’s a look at five things you should never do on Instagram:5 Things to Never do on Instagram

1. Never Use Instagram to Post Embarrassing Party Pictures.

When you head out for a great night with friends, it’s fine to post a fun, tasteful photo. However, you don’t want to post a steady stream of drunken pictures. Current, plus prospective employers may be turned off by too many images that portray you as being irresponsible. The point is while you may think you’re having a lot of fun with your photos, you definitely don’t want to come across as the slacker, especially if you want to advance your career.

2. Never Use Instagram to Stalk Your Ex-Boyfriend.

Do you really want to see photos of your ex having a fun time with other women? What good can come out of constantly harassing an old lover through making nasty comments? If the relationship is over, then don’t partake in childish games just to make the guy angry. The last thing you want is for friends to see you air out dirty laundry online.

3. Never Post Nude Instagram Photos.

This one’s for the ladies – avoid the urge to upload bath, lingerie, or close up beach/pool pictures. Baths are great, but bathtub and lingerie photos aren’t a classy move for your Instagram account. The close up beach or pool pictures should be avoided as well. No one needs to see a close up of your bikini clad pubic area. Think about your boyfriend, husband or significant other. How’s he going to feel about you posting these photos for anyone to check out. Don’t forget about your parents. They probably don’t want to see your lingerie photo on Instagram, so keep your photos classy.

4. Never Cyber Bully Someone Using Instagram.

Social Media cyber-bullying has become a big problem recently, especially among young girls. It’s simply not okay to make fun of someone’s body or looks on Instagram. The person you are teasing has feelings that should be considered. What you say about another individual matters. According to the Center for Disease Control, many youth injure themselves due to being harassed online.

5. Never Display Negative Instagram Work Images.

Avoid posting negative work-related photos on your Instagram feed. Adding any negative photos that relate to your current employer, co-workers, or job is a huge mistake. Both current and future employers often look at the social media accounts of their employees or potential employees, and even slight negativity is enough to raise a red flag. Posting a picture of yourself at your desk with the caption “bored at work,” or posting a picture of a client or co-worker and complaining about that individual will only make you look bad within your industry. If you post work related photos, keep them positive and avoid posting anything that could look bad to a potential employer browsing through your Instagram account.

While it’s important to keep these “nevers” in mind when you use Instagram- you also need to make sure that you carefully evaluate all of your photos before uploading them. Before posting a photo, make sure that image won’t do any damage to your professional or personal life. Just taking a few seconds to think before your post can help you avoid posting one photo that could ruin your career or your relationship. By the way, it never hurts to have perfect looking hair on social media. 

We hope that this information will help you have the best social media experience. Drop by Chicago Hair Extensions Salon on any of our social media channels.