The hot and humid summer weather is definitely not a favorable time for your hairstyle. It takes a bit more time and nerves to achieve the perfect polished look you rocked in spring. Therefore instead of investing that time we offer you five easy ways to tame your hair and look gorgeous despite the heat.

Chop Chop Chop

cut hair short for the summerThe ultimate way to get your hair away from your face and neck is to chop it. Shorter hairdo is quite trendy this year and there are many option you can choose from. From the ultimate buzz cut through the pixie and the bob and as long as the lob (the long bob) for those who would like to keep some of their bangs. You can rub some texturizing cream into your hair to style it and skip any of the hot tools. The shorter hairdo requires less maintenance but gives you freedom to play with color and form. If chopping your hair is not your idea of a best summer look, then just keep reading for more attractive options for longer hairstyles.


ponitails hair for the summerThe ponytail suits all hair types and it is the ultimate look for the scorching summer days. The final result is a look that looks neat and simple while flirty and stylish at the same time. Despite being an easy way to style your hair, the ponytail also allows you to play with several options. You can tie your hair in a a sleek high ponytail, rock a bubble ponytail or choose a more relaxed style with a loop-side ponytail. This cute summer hairstyle looks even more gorgeous with professionally applied hair extensions as they add volume and texture to your overall irresistible look.


braid you hair for summerThe classic braid can be customized in many ways to match your perfect summer style. It is a quick way to both look and feel cool during the scorching summer heat. There is a great variety of braids that you can choose from. You can even turn your ponytail into a stylish rope braid at some point during the day if you want to change your look. The thick long hair with or without hair extensions looks fabulous in a fishtail braid or a side Dutch braid. For a more romantic look you can add flowers to your braid once it is done. You can also opt for double Dutch braids or simply add some baby braids to your hair no matter if it is up or down. Baby braids are tiny and simple braids that you can also decorate with a colorful string or other accessories for more diversity. If you have started your day with a high sleek ponytail combined with a messy fishtail braid and you don’t feel the plait at the end of the day you can quickly fix it up into a bun with a few bobby pins.


wave curly hair for summerThe beach waves are the perfect summer style for ladies with longer locks. Since smooth and polished waves are harder to achieve in this sweaty weather and working with the hot iron is not very pleasant we suggest that you go for these “undone” beach waves. You can also look for some other ways how to make your hair wavy without much treatment and damage. There are some clever tutorials on YouTube for using headbands and even toilet paper to get heatless curls. You can try and see which option works best for you. After all you, should keep in mind that achieving an effortless and a little messy style does require some efforts on your side. The undone beach waves are suitable for all hair types but look better and more defined while wearing quality remy hair extensions. Adding an unusual color to your hair style will make your casual waves even more memorable.


keep your hair tight in the hot summer

Summer is the time to have fun and adding accessories to make your hairstyle less formal and flirty is a good way to achieve that. You can wear your hair in a casual low ponytail or put it in a bun and add a few metal clips to improve the look. Depending on your hair color and your mood you can opt for neutral nuances or go bold and chic with sparkling or neon clips. Do not be afraid of asymmetry as it will be trendy this season. You can also adorn your hair with a flower crown or wear a hair scarf.

If you are inspired to try any of these easy ways to style your hair this summer and have some questions how this can be achieved by adding hair extensions our Chicago stylists will be more than happy to help you with tips and suggestions.