Wearing hair extensions is one of the great ways to get the desired length and volume for your hair in just a couple of hours. There is a great variety of hair extension types that you can choose from depending on your preferences and needs.

Once you have decided to put hair extensions, you should know that you need to take proper care of them in order to keep them longer and have your hair look good as well. You will have to change some of your habits and beauty routine to accommodate the new requirements concerning your new additions. Special care should be given to hair extensions in winter and summer but adequate maintenance is necessary throughout the entire period of wearing hair extensions.

Below you will find 7 simple tips that will help you look after your extensions and sport a gorgeous look.

A preliminary appointment

The whole process of applying hair extensions starts with a preliminary appointment. You can give our Chicago hair salon a call and schedule a free hair extensions consultation. You will discuss with an expert the various options for changing your hairstyle. You can see what are the various extension types and techniques for their application and decide along with our stylist which is the best option for you. The decision depends on your preferences and the current condition of your hair.

Note that, you will get a complete treatment once you get your actual appointment that includes a suitable haircut to allow the extensions to blend with your natural hair for a seamless look.

Brushing hair right

One of the common misconceptions is that you do not have to brush your hair once you wear hair extensions. Many women believe that brushing should be reduced to a minimum in order not to damage the bonds.

While there is a certain piece of truth in this belief, it is not a tip to follow. On the contrary, you need to brush your hair and extension every day to avoid tangling and keep them in good shape. Note that there are special brushes for hair extensions, so you need one of these. Your stylist will be able to recommend the most appropriate one. Such brushes are designed to go over the bonds without destroying them and you can brush from the scalp to the ends.

Choosing the correct hairstyle for your extensions

Your hair extensions give you the option to try new hairstyles and enjoy a great variety of them. You are no longer limited to a few options because you lack length or volume and you are free to experiment. It doesn’t mean, however, that you shall be mistreating your hair or exploiting it. Your hair stylist will give you some ideas about the best hairstyles that pass to your face, hair, and type of extensions.

As a general rule, it is good to avoid a too tight high ponytail or knot as they will exercise extensive tension on the hair extension bonds and may loosen them or compromise them in any other way.

Be careful with styling tools

When styling your hair, make sure to use heating tools as less as possible. They can damage your hair and also affect the bonds of your extensions. The best advice is to keep heat styling tools away from the bonds in order to avoid any potential problems.

Use the right products for hair extensions

Your washing and styling routine should change once you start wearing hair extensions. Shampoo can be dangerous for them especially if it contains sulfate.

It is recommended to use hair products that are made for hair extensions. Your hair stylist will recommend which products are the best for your personal needs and it is necessary to follow their advice if you want to enjoy your new style longer.

Braid your hair while sleeping

While sleeping your hair tangles. To avoid that and the issue of untangling your extensions it is a good idea to braid your hair prior to going to bed. You can also have it in a loose ponytail or bun if that is more comfortable.

Choosing a silk pillow will also reduce friction to your hair and extensions and help you look better once you get up.

Schedule regular visits with your hair extension specialist

To avoid knots or other issues, it is a good idea to visit your hair stylist for a follow-up appointment. You may need a few touches that can restore the initial glamour of your hair extensions and guarantee their longevity.

Check with your stylist when you need to come, usually after 3-4 weeks, and don’t skip the appointment.

These easy tips will help you maintain your hair extensions properly and will prolong their life span. They will also guarantee that your natural hair gets the treatment it needs. The overall result is a glamorous look and healthy hair.