Asian Hair Extensions in Chicago, IL

Sooner or later, you’re bound to read all kinds of false information about hair extensions for Asians. The myth goes something like this: Asian hair extensions are not as high quality as European or Indian hair. So called experts in the field from leading extensions websites try to push the idea that hair donated from Asian women is too thin or brittle to be used.Sometimes it’s easy to believe things we read on the internet, especially when those who are in the business of selling hair online put out such nefarious claims. While it’s true that some Asian woman have fine hair, it’s also a fact that plenty of Asian woman have perfectly healthy, thick hair.

Asian Hair Extensions Specialists

To believe these claims, one would have to believe that Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, as well as those from Korea all have the same genetics.

While DNA does factor into hair overall structure, it’s also true that diet and life style play just as crucial of a role as to its condition.  Did the person who bequeathed their strands consume plenty of protein rich food? What is the age of the person who donated their hair? These are simply impossible questions to answer without being there in person to see it donated.  In short, there is a myriad of factors which go into quality of hair.

If you are an Asian woman who is thinking about having extensions done, just remember that this is a multi-billion dollar industry, and everyone is vying for your dollars. Russian, Italian and a host of other hair dealers depend on getting you to believe their product is best. This is pure psychological advertising.

A much more prudent concern is the experience of the hair stylists. Are they able to cut the hair properly after it’s been attached? Can they match the color and density of your natural hair?

My strongest advice for anyone looking to purchase Remy hair for their extensions would be to just research the company who is selling it. Look around the web to read reviews, see testimonials and check out photos.  If you’re still not sure, simply ask an experienced stylist. Chances are they have no problem with using Asian hair.

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