Filipino Asian Hair Salon in Chicago

When a Filipino opens an Asian hair salon in Chicago, IL-it’s a pretty big deal. Meet Jennifer San Juan- a second generation Filipina, who applies high quality hair extensions on ladies throughout the Midwest. Most American Filipino women go into other careers, such as nursing, accounting, or other professions. Jennifer bucked the trend and decided to follow her passion by giving ladies a new hair style.While there are several Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, plus Korean Asian hair salons in Chicago, IL, Jennifer San Juan is proud of her Filipino heritage. Her parents were both born near Manila, Philippines and moved to the United States to create a better life. “There really isn’t a huge Chicago Filipino Community. Most of us kind hear about places through friends”, says Jennifer. Popular Filipino hangouts include Joseph Rizal Center, Argyle Street, Isla restaurant, Little Quiapo, including China Town. Ms. San Juan speaks Tagalog and English. If you happen to need English Classes on line, check out our friends at E Tutor Schools. Filipino Community, Chicago, ILWe Serve the Chicago Filipino Community & Many More

Filipino community ChicagoAlthough the beauty salon caters to many different cultural backgrounds, we are happy to have many different friendly Pinay women working here. Visitors have often said they appreciate our diverse staff members because the stylists represent faces from around the globe. Just because we are a Filipino owned hair salon, doesn’t mean we don’t do extensions for everyone.

These days, Asian hairstyles are super long with extra volume. Within Filipino fashion culture, a big emphasis is placed on a woman’s beauty. Filipina celebrities featured on The Filipino Channel can be seen sporting much longer hair, often by going to an extensions specialist.

Hair salon stylist Julie, featured on left.

Hair Extensions-Our Primary Service

black hair extensions

Elongating tresses with extensions for short hair is extremely popular throughout Asia. Jenny believes that women from all ethnic backgrounds will enjoy the fashionable hair extensions craze. Since thinning fine hair can be problematic-extensions make it possible to get naturally looking longer hair within a few hours. The specialty boutique operates 7 days a week, even on holidays.  There are several hair extension methods, each depending upon the style you desire. As an Asian hair salon in Chicago, we know that people want services year round.  

Does your Asian Hair Salon Serve Everyone?

Chicago hair extensions salon welcomes clientele from everywhere. The shop operates to serve anyone who wants to change their hair look. Jennifer San Juan gives free hair extensions consultation-with no obligation. As a licensed cosmetologist, she can provide advice on hairdo to fun hair colors. Extending hair can take several hours, based upon which technique is used.

The Chicago Filipino community just got a tad bit bigger-with Jennifer San Juan’s business. Make a hair extensions appointment today by calling us at 773.996.0533.