Back to School-Get a Longer Hairstyle

Back to School Hair Style

After those joyful weeks of summer break, it’s time to get serious again! Whether you’re moving up into college or still in high school, the pressure’s now on to create that wow factor from day one because, as you know, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

So many girls like you will be agonizing over their back to school hair, wondering what girly do to opt for. In bedrooms around the country the flat irons will be out turning straight styles into wavy long hair or curly long hair into pin straight long hair. You really don’t want to be the only one of your girlfriends wearing the same tired style from the previous school year do you?

So what is your “back to school hairstyle” going to be like? Braids are as popular as ever, and there are plenty of tutorials around on how to create everything from a double twisted French braid to a lazy fishtail braid. Maybe you prefer the bohemian bedhead look, or the dramatic big bun or maybe blunt bangs with a ponytail instead? The choice is yours, but a funky longer style usually beats a chic short crop when it comes to judging who’s got the best back to school hair. After all, there’s so much more you can do with long hair, right?

And if you’re looking to impress a certain guy then you definitely need to go long, as guys love a girl with long locks.

Help! I need long hair, quick!
There’s nothing quite as amazing as seeing the envious looks on your school friends’ faces when you roll into a new semester having totally transformed your hairstyle. Going from a short bob to a waterfall braid in the space of a few weeks is bound to get you noticed but to pull off that curly long hair you’re going to need some help.

Quality hair extensions are a fantastic way to create natural-looking long locks and you can create any style you like, just as with natural hair. With hair extensions you could start your new college life with pin straight long hair or wavy long hair, depending on what you want to say about yourself and what you feel comfortable with.

If you’ve never considered hair extensions before, you might be surprised at the number of different kinds there are and how well they can be made to blend in with your existing hair.

Don’t waste any more time. Start work on your back to school hair Chicago today!