Big Hair-1980s Celebrity Hairstyles


Women wearing big hair during the 1980s captivated our attention and inspired us with cool celebrity hairstyles that looked incredible. With so many great movies, as well as television sitcoms during this exciting era-super long hair gained popularity.

Since big hair is hotter than ever, I wanted to share some of the top 1980s celebrity hairstyles we all remember.

1980s Featured Big Hair!


Valarie Bertinelli Big Hair


Valarie Bertinelli sported a fashionable big hairstyle that has influenced beauty trends throughout the years. Who could forget her childhood acting years on One Day at a Time, which aired 1975 thru 1984? Valarie’s naturally thick hair allowed her to pull off both short and long lengths on given period. Very few celebrity women have aged as gracefully as this famous actress. These days, Valrie Bertinelli is more attractive than ever.

Vanity 1980 hairstyle


Vanity-Denise Matthews outrageously big hair style was a thing of beauty during the 1980s. Her very public relationship with singer Prince kept our eyes glued to celebrity magazines to see what she had planned next. Although she is well known for singing with Vanity 6, Denise Matthews epitomized big hair in the movie: The Last Dragon. No longer a party girl, Vanity has changed her life and is now a heavily devout Christian.

celebrity hair extensions
World famous model Christie Brinkley graced over 500 fashion magazines, including being the face of CoverGirl makeup. Christie’s glamorous blonde hair helped her to be one of the few featured Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models for three years in a row. Playboy magazine named her one of the most attractive women of all time. If you grew up during the 1980s, then you probably remember her unforgettable role in the movie National Lampoons Vacation. Christie Brinkley has often said she loves wearing hair extensions.

1980s big hair styles

Do you remember when Demi Moore first appeared on the soap opera General Hospital back in 1981? Over the years, her dark tresses have appeared on such movies as About Last Night, Blame it on Rio and Saint Elmo’s Fire. I would have to say my favorite Demi Moore film is probably A few Good Men with Tom Cruise. As an accomplished actress, including director, her big hair has influenced many celebrity hairstyles.

Of course, there are many other 1980s celebrity hairstyles that will forever be seared into our memories. Famous stars like Michelle Pfeiffer, Brook Shields, plus Julia Roberts hair are certainly inspirational at any age.