Blonde is one of those colors that never gets out of fashion. It suits well all types of faces, ages and it doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair. But do you know which blonde nuance matches your skin? Is it platinum, icy, creamy or golden?

If you are not sure, you can initially try adding some hair extensions and see how blonde frames your face, does it match your eyebrows and overall expression. A new hair color can boost your confidence and remind you that you should love yourself as much as you love your family and friends.

There are many reasons to change our hair color.

  • New workplace? Why don’t you try something new?
  • The boy who works on fifth floor got your attention? Change color time!!!
  • Your life is boring, hell NO! Try something new. Blonde?
  • Party is near, have some fun! Let’s make some changes!

The reason may not be so important, however, the right blonde nuance is. It brings energy vibration and adds more style and beauty if chosen wisely. There are many factors that can determine which shade is the best for you but one of the most important factors is your skin undertone. So, if you are wondering which blonde types matches your skin take a look at our suggestions below. If you are not sure, you can always book a free consultation with our stylists.

Cool skin undertone

If you have a cool skin tone, the best way to make your face shine is to choose blond for your hair color. You can experiment with different light blond hues as this face color is perfect for blonde. Some of the best options to choose from include:

  • White Blonde
  • Creamy Blonde
  • Champagne Blonde
  • Icy Blonde

No matter which of these hues you will opt for, the stunning result is guaranteed!

Warm skin undertone

Women with warm skin undertones should consider classy blonde colors. It will make them look and feel younger and bolder. if you want to be completely satisfied with the end results the following four nuances are the best for you:

  • Golden Blonde
  • Bright Golden Blonde
  • Sandy Blonde
  • Baby Blonde

These hues will make you shine and illuminate the entire room as the sun!

Medium skin undertone

If you are a medium skin undertone woman, you should try the so called dirty blonde colors! With a medium complexion you can still have a lot of fun with almost any nuance but you should avoid going to total extremes.  For a sexy hair color choice, you need to consider:

  • Golden Dirty Blonde
  • Gingery Blonde
  • Golden Beige Blonde
  • Fair Amber Blonde

Any of these shades will make you feel better in your skin and let your beauty shine!

Dark skin undertone

If you are a lady with dark skin undertones you could give chocolate blonde colors a try! If you want to sport the best version of your blonde locks you need to experiment with some of these sweet color options:

  • Chocolate Blonde
  • Cafe Au Lait Blonde
  • Honey Blonde
  • Caramel Blonde

Let the gentle taste of these sweet temptations conquer your hairstyle as well!

All in all, blonde is a timeless classic when we talk about hair color. It has so many variations that it is impossible not to find the best one for you. Just keep in mind that it takes its toll on your hair, so do not experiment too often with it!