Hair extensions are a popular method to change your hairstyle and overall look. They are a good idea for a celebration and for everyday styles and give you the option to look different anytime you want it.

There is a great variety of hair extensions offered on the market with a significant difference in price and quality. While artificial hair extensions are much more affordable, they do not offer so many options for styling. Synthetic hair extensions usually look cheap and don’t blend with your hair which can make you feel uncomfortable.

Human hair weaves, on the other hand, are of much higher quality and are preferred by customers. There are different types of weaves that come at a different price with virgin hair being the most precious of all both literally and figuratively.

Many ladies are willing to try hair extensions but are often wondering if they can cause any problems. The answer to this question is not straightforward as it depends on the type of extensions you will use, their quality and on the skills of the hair stylist who will help place your extensions. Working with trusted professionals in the industry means that you won’t have any problems with your hair extensions. Here at Chicago Hair Extensions we take extra care of each and every one of our customers and always start with a free consultation in order to determine what is the best for our customers prior to proceeding further. All you need to do is simply contact us and schedule your appointment.

Honestly speaking, hair extensions do require some special attention in order to keep them in good condition longer but the main two tips we can give is to take proper care of both your hair and hair extensions and pay attention to some general rules as listed below.

Basic hair extension rules

In order to avoid problems with your hair extensions, you need to observe a few rules when it comes to taking proper care of them. Here are the basic ones:

  • Wash your hair and extensions with the right shampoo. It is better to opt for salon-recommended products as they are adapted for hair with hair extensions. Some of the conventional shampoos may contain chemicals that can destroy the hair extensions and their bonds.
  • Take proper care of your hair extensions in summer and in winter. Follow the tips your hair stylist will give you in order to make sure that you can go through these seasons with undamaged hair and extensions.
  • Avoid using heating tools. While it is necessary to do your hair in order to help natural hair and extensions blend better, it is better to avoid using too much heating tools such as flat iron and blow drier. This will have a positive effect both on your natural hair and on your extensions.
  • Brush your hair gently. When you wear hair extensions, it is necessary to be very careful how you brush your hair in order to avoid extra tension on the bonds. The rule of the thumb is to start from the edges and work your way up.
  • Be careful when blow drying your hair. Whenever you or someone else is drying your hair with a blow drier, you need to be extra careful and gentle. Keep in mind that you are wearing hair extensions and that you cannot exercise the same pressure on your hair as before.
  • Choose your hairstyle carefully. While hair extensions are great for changing your look, you need to be careful with the hairstyle you select. A high ponytail and top knots are not the best solutions as they may exercise more tension on your extensions. Opt for a side pony or a romantic curly knot instead.
  • Be careful when running your hands through your hair as this may cause discomfort or compromise some of the bonds. Worn your boyfriend too!
  • Redo your extensions on time. As your hair grows, you will need your extensions redone. Make sure to follow the schedule given by your stylist in order to avoid twisting and turning that will reveal your extensions.
  • Give your hair a break. It is a good idea to give your hair some break from wearing hair extensions in order to make sure they won’t destroy your edges or cause thinning of the hair or any other problem. Generally, it is good to have a break every six months or so but your stylist will give you the best advice based on your personal condition.

Following these simple rules will guarantee  longevity of your hair extensions and better health for your hair. The best advice we can also give is to listen to what your stylist tells you as they know your hair better than anyone else and always hide a professional tip up in their sleeves that can make wonders with your hair and hair extensions.