Our hair salon in Chicago is happy to talk about longer hairstyles. That’s because the expert stylists here have been elongating hair for decades.  While a typical hair extensions store does not usually provide instillation, our fantastic cosmetologists do all the work.  We offer variety of beautiful real human hair brands that feel like the real thing. Better yet-our hair salon offers a free consultation so that you can understand the various prices for hair extensions. The affect can help you to look younger, increase self-confidence, and grab attention. Feel free to ask any of our hairdressers about the process during your visit. Scheduling an appointment is a simple phone call away.

Hair Salon in Chicago That Creates Long Hairstyles

The hair salon is situated close to Chicago’s northside neighborhoods. Whether you are traveling from Wicker Park, Lincoln Park, or Lakeview-this hair extensions store is a short distance. Here are some easy travel directions. Take the brown line train from downtown and get off on Southport Avenue platform. Then just walk one block west to Ashland. For reference, we are just a few blocks south of the new Lakeview Whole Foods and even closer to X Sport Fitness. Wriggleyville is under serious renovations, which makes it the perfect time to check out all the scenes.

Alternatives to a Hair Extensions Store

When you want a hair salon in Chicago to give you a sexy hairstyle then look no further.  The experienced specialists here use a variety of methods to create beautiful and natural looking hairdo. The truth is thinning hair is common as we grow older. Hormonal changes are the leading reason women lose hair. The body produces less estrogen, causing the growth stage to be shortened. Stress has also been shown to have a devastating impact on hair growth. There are other reasons you might want a longer hairstyle. Many ladies that had a bad haircut that was too short want to correct the problem. So long as your hair length is six inches from the scalp, a hair extensions store might be the perfect solution.

Who needs pixie crops or bobs when you can do so much more with long locks? Here are just a few pretty hairstyle ideas for long hair:

  • Waterfall Braid
  • Up-do
  • High Ponytail
  • Long and Curly
  • Straight.

Hair Extensions Store-Chicago, IL

A Hair Salon Offering Longer Hairstyles

Most hair extensions stores explain topics on clip-in products.  These can be great for achieving temporary results. Sally’s beauty supply can be a good choice as well as Heads and Threads on Milwaukee Ave.  Clip-On hair is also useful if you desire a fun hairstyle.  The drawback is Clip-In has been known to cause bald spots if attached too firmly. On the other hand, Chicago Hair Extensions Salon installs long lasting extensions that are meant for everyday wear. By using the best 100% real human hair strands, you will be amazed at how gorgeous your will look.  Read below on how our hair salon in Chicago uses different hair extension techniques. Top brands such as Great Lengths, SoCap, Babe, plus Donna Bella are available to pick. Be sure to ask about hairdreams Nano extensions.

Fusion is a popular method because the keratin strands are bonded with a powerful heat gun. The process can take a few hours, but the aftereffect is incredible. These tip extensions are attached to your natural hair using small bundles. Cold fusion has several different meanings these days due to technology. Typically, cold fusion is a safe alternative to the hot fusion method as there is no heating tool used. Popular cold fusion methods include micro bead or micro ring extensions. The stylist uses a weaving too clamp to run small strands of hair through a micro loop.

Tape-In Extensions are a fast way to make dramatic change.  Invisible 1-inch tape wefts are attached to the natural hair strands. There are many benefits to choosing tape-in hair extensions.  Namely, tape-in extensions are thought to be the least damaging because instillation process is not harsh. They are also reusable. When you come to this hair salon in Chicago, ask about Hot Heads Extensions. They are super high quality and considered among the best on the market. Numerous famous celebrities have worn tape-in extensions. You will easily see these at most area hair extensions stores.

When you need a hair salon in Chicago the only does extensions then go with the best. Talk to us about your needs. Our salon has affordable prices that can fit your budget. Rather than going to a store, check out Chicago Hair Extensions Salon today. Aside from the Chicago location, we are available to the North Shore. Hair Salon serving Skokie, Des Plaines, Morton Grove, Highland Park, Glenview, Northbrook, including Niles and Northbrook IL.