Learning how to curl your hair extensions safely is always a good idea.  Do you covet those bouncing curls? Do you long for those luscious waves? Trying for some extra texture?

The safest way to create the curls you crave is to put your hair to work while you are sleeping. Separate dry, slightly damp, or wet hair into sections – the smaller the section, the tighter the curl – twist each section and pin in place with bobby pins. An alternative is to use hair rods. It’s easy, just wrap sections or hair around the hair rods and move on. Go to sleep while your hair does all the work.

How to Curl Hair Extensions Safely

Chicago Hairstylist Shares Curl Techniques

Wake up and release your curls for a new ‘do with limited work on your part. If only hair styling could always be so easy! Overnight hair curling is not always an option. If you are set on using heat to sculpt those oh-so-sexy curls, start with the right tools. Craving more texture to your long locks?

Pick up a flat iron and go to work. Hot rollers are a fantastic, hands free option if you have the time to wait. For that bold, bedhead look that’s so hot these days, try using a one inch curling iron. Corkscrew curls are always in style and easily created with a 3/4″ curling iron – if you have a lot of patience! Women with longer locks will love the beach wave look that can be achieved with a 1 1/4″ or a 1 1/2″ curling iron. Make sure to choose quality tools – don’t skimp when it comes to your hair! Ask our hair extensions specialist at Skokie or Chicago location for tips.

Curl Your Hair Safely

Before starting, be sure to apply a protective hair product to your locks – there are several products on the market and they do more than just protect your hair from the heat! You can also pick up “perm paper” from your local beauty store to wrap each hair section before using the curling iron.

To further protect those lovely locks, make sure you select the right heat level for your hair – the finer the hair the lower the heat setting you should use. Those of you who were blessed with thick, coarse hair should use a hotter setting but it is not recommended to use the highest setting at any point. Most hair extension methods can easily be curled. Since fusion or micro ring is very popular, curling will be easy.

Whether using a curling iron or flat iron, it is best to hold the curling iron and an angle so that the tip of the iron is pointed toward the ground or toward the ceiling. Curl away from your face and make sure you twist the hair instead of the curling iron. Do not hold your hair in the curling iron for more than 7-10 seconds to avoid damaging your hair!

Here are just a few tips for those lovely ladies with hair extensions

Hair curling can be trickier when you have hair extensions. Make sure to always use the lowest possible setting. Avoid brush or velcro rollers if you have extensions and go light on the styling products! The goal is to look hot for that selfie right?

By observing these simple tips on hair curling, you will avoid unnecessary damage to your lovely locks! As always, check out our Hair Extensions Blog to learn more about hairstyling trends.