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Custom wigs in Chicago and suburbs for women.

Wigs for Women With Thinning Hair

Are you looking for custom wigs for women with thinning hair in the Chicago suburbs? If you are experiencing hair loss as a result of alopecia, cancer or another medical problem, we are here to help.  Our women’s wigs for cancer patients are donned by women throughout the Chicago area yet you would never know it by aesthetics.  We go to great lengths to provide local women with beautiful hair pieces, hair toppers and custom wigs for balding scalps, hair loss, alopecia, cancer, etc.  Meet with our team and you will be provided with the perfect new wig that complements your unique skin tone, facial bone structure and other aesthetic nuances.

Wigs Specifically Made for Women Battling Medical Challenges

If you are dealing with cancer, alopecia or another medical ailment, you have been through enough.  You should not have to worry about the potential embarrassment from going out in public with a bald head, extremely short hair or a scalp with scattered hair follicles.  Instead, opt for a wig from our hair specialists.  Our wigs are specially chosen for Chicago women battling cancer, alopecia and other medical ailments.  These wigs are designed to be as soft as possible when contacting the scalp.  In fact, our wigs even feature subtleties ranging from mesh linings to felt ear tabs and even specialized grips made of silicone for the utmost security.

You can go out in public on a windy Chicago day, do your errands and not feel even slightly self-conscious about your appearance while wearing one of our wigs.  Your wig will stay firmly connected to your scalp so you can be 100% confident in social settings.  The same cannot be said of generic wigs that are comparably low in quality.

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Realistic Hair Pieces

We sell high quality hair pieces that look totally natural. No two women in Chicago or elsewhere look the same.  Furthermore, no two women have the exact same desires for their personal aesthetic.  Everything from your skin tone to the shape of your face, your facial bone structure and the color of your eyes matters a great deal in the context of selecting a beautiful new wig.  The wig that is optimal for your personal aesthetic might not look that great on your neighbor who is dealing with alopecia or a co-worker suffering from a balding scalp. Our Chicago hair salon invests the time and effort necessary to help you select a wig that suits your unique personal aesthetic.  Everything from the hair pieces color shade to its texture and fit are of the utmost importance.

Lean on our beauty experts to help you choose the perfect new wig and you will rest easy knowing your new hair piece looks just right for your idiosyncratic face.  In fact, we even go as far as customizing wigs to ensure customers are provided with the exact aesthetic they envision in their mind’s eye.  Perhaps you are looking for a specific color or highlighting.  Maybe you would like the roots to be one color while the tips are another hue.  Perhaps you are envisioning a wig with curly hair that dangles just below the earlobes.  Tell us exactly what you are looking for and we will customize your wig for your unique aesthetic desires.  Our Chicago hair salon can even help women replicate their natural hair color and style to ensure aesthetic consistency throughout treatment for cancer, alopecia or other medical ailments.

Why Choose Us for Hair Loss?

If you are like most cancer patients and others dealing with hair loss from a medical issue, you are likely hesitant to discuss your balding scalp with anyone, let alone a complete stranger.  We completely understand the sensitive nature of this subject.  Meet with our hair experts and you will find we are understanding of your situation.  Our mission is not to gossip about customers and make a bundle of money; rather, we sincerely want to provide Chicago-area women with lovely wigs and hair toppers that make them look and feel beautiful during medical treatment.

Our suburban hair salon hopes you will be ecstatic with your new look to the point that you feel inspired to recommend our salon to friends, family, co-workers and others throughout Chicago.  We understand you are likely fatigued and hesitant to make yet another appointment in the midst of chemotherapy or other treatment for your medical problem.  This is precisely why we strive to provide each client with a gorgeous new wig in a single appointment.

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Worried About Cost?  Don’t Be!  Your Wig Might be Covered by Insurance

There is a common misconception that women’s wigs for cancer patients are egregiously expensive.  In reality, the average woman in Chicago can easily afford a lovely new wig, especially if insurance pitches in.  In fact, some of our wigs provided to those battling a medical problem are fully covered by insurance.  Our Chicago hair salon provides each client with a detailed receipt featuring all the necessary medical coding to comply with insurance company requirements.  There is a good chance you will be partially or fully reimbursed for your wig if you are undergoing chemotherapy, another treatment or have a medical problem that causes hair loss.

Don’t Sweat the Fitting Process

If the idea of being fitted for women’s wigs for cancer patients does not appeal to you, you are not alone.  Most people who are suffering from a cancer, alopecia or are dealing with sporadic hair loss envision the wig fitting process to be an uncomfortable experience.  We understand this hesitancy so we have gone out of our way to make the fitting process as straightforward as possible.  Put your faith in our hair aficionados and we will find the right wig for you.

The process starts by pinpointing the perfect wig cap for your unique scalp.  We will try different wig caps until we find one that is optimal for the nuances of your scalp.  This might take a little bit of time to get just right as some models work well for certain women and do not fit well on others’ scalps.  Once our team has established the right foundation, we will shift our attention to style.  Whether you are looking for a specific color, length, shape or even highlighting, we will bring your vision to life.

Wigs for Kids

We have several kids wig styles for children undergoing chemotherapy or experiencing hair loss. Natural hair wigs, often referred to as human hair wigs, have become quite popular. The decision between synthetic and natural partially hinges on your unique lifestyle and desires.  If you are looking for a hair piece with short follicles, synthetic might prove best.  Synthetic wigs typically end just above the shoulder to prevent fraying and tangling.

If you seek a wig with long hair, the natural variety might prove ideal.  Natural human hair has the same flexibility as the hair that grew from your head prior to your medical issue.  Opt for a natural hair wig and you will be able to wear your hair however you like, be it braided, a ponytail, parted a particular way, etc.  When in doubt, lean on our hair experts to help you identify the best wig type for your unique scalp, medical condition and preferences.  We will not let you down.

A Wig That is Uniquely Yours

Each of our Chicago hair salon’s wigs is fully customized to suit the patient’s specific desires.  Whether you are looking for a hair piece of a specific length, style or color, we will make it happen.  In fact, we can even match your hair texture, whether it is curly, wavy, straight, etc.  If you would like highlights or any other type of coloring, we will add it to your wig.  Our team even goes to the extent of hand altering caps to ensure wigs for thinning hair provide the proper fit.

No One Will Know You are Wearing a Wig

Our hair specialists go to great lengths to ensure the hair pieces and hair toppers we provide look perfectly natural.  Only you and those you confide in will know you are wearing a wig as we strictly use wigs made with materials of the highest quality.  The best part is your natural-looking wig will feel perfectly comfortable and prove secure no matter how windy it is outside.  In fact, even those who look closely at our Chicago hair salon’s wigs’ roots think it looks just like natural hair.  Lace fronts and other tech advancements make it appear as though women’s wigs for cancer patients have natural hair growing from the scalp.

Your Medical Quality Wig Awaits

If you live in or near Chicago and are dealing with hair loss, alopecia, cancer, a balding scalp or any other medical condition that compromises your hair growth/quality, do not suffer in silence.  Our wigs for thinning hair and women’s wigs for cancer patients will ensure you look your best no matter what type of medical condition you are battling.  You can find out more about our women’s wigs for cancer patients and hair toppers by dialing 224-817-4941 or emailing info@chicagohairextensionssalon.com.  Restore your self confidence with realistic hair pieces that look natural.

If you are looking for custom wigs near Chicago then consider our salon in the suburb of Skokie IL, next to Old Orchard Mall.

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