Extensions don’t just add to the length of your hair — they also can add volume, which is perfect for thinning, fine or limp hair. With hair that’s as short as 3 inches, you can get beautiful extensions.
>Unfortunately, some people still believe myths about hair extensions damage. The truth is, getting hair extensions isn’t painful, and it doesn’t cause damage or breakage of your hair when applied by a qualified stylist. Don’t believe the myths you hear about professional hair extensions. Instead, arm yourself with these facts.


Do Hair Extensions Run Hair

Professional hair extensions keep healthy hair healthy


It’s false that hair extensions ruin your hair. As long as you see a trained professional for your hair extensions, they are completely safe and will not cause damage or breakage. In fact, hair extensions may even help your natural hair become healthier and stronger as it grows to your desired length.

Your professional stylist will help you choose among the types of hair extensions depending on a number of factors. Great Lengths Cold fusion is a relatively new method that’s especially gentle for hair. It uses a keratin-based polymer to attach extensions to the roots of your hair. The safety of cold fusion hair extensions is well-demonstrated and results in hair that feels extremely natural. Cold fusion hair extensions can last up to six months.

Fusion hair extensions are a popular type of professional hair extensions that uses glue or wax to fuse the extensions to base hair using a hot fusion tool. Fusion extensions last about three months with proper care.
Micro bead extensions bypass the need for glue when adding to the length of your natural hair. Weft hair extensions use tracks of hair that are secured at the top, giving the look of a curtain of flowing, silky hair.

Getting hair extensions doesn’t hurt

When a trained professional applies your extensions, you should not experience significant pain. In addition, it’s a myth that wearing hair extensions hurts. Ask any of the millions of people who wear them!

If your hair extensions are removed and applied properly by a qualified professional, your natural hair will not be damaged, so you won’t need to take a break between applications. Most clients choose to have extensions removed and replaced on the same day to keep their stylish look in place.

Your extensions will look natural

Another common myth is that hair extensions look fake. You might be surprised to learn that many of the most beautiful and famous celebrities wear hair extensions. When you invest in high-quality extensions and work with a professional, you’ll love your natural, glamorous look.

Hair grows normally with extensions

Your hair will grow as it always does with your extensions in place. In fact, extensions can serve as a solution if you’re transitioning from short to long hair, eliminating that awkward in between phase.

Don’t believe the myths. When you work with a professional stylist for your hair extensions, the process is completely safe. Your natural hair will not suffer breakage or damage, and it may even end up longer and healthier. For more information or to schedule your personal consultation, contact Chicago Hair Extensions. Truth: Hair extensions will not ruin your hair.