What Are Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

Double drawn hair extensions are a term which describes custom-tailored hair strands that bring about precise length. Since most women want luxurious longer hair, this method is often preferred.

How is Double Drawn Hair Extensions Created?

The process begins by selecting human hair donors from around the world. For example, Indian or Russian drawn double hair extensions are grown decades before being sold to a manufacturer. Generally, hair used for real extensions are snipped off a ponytail-close to the scalp. Once back at the factory, an actual person inspects each strand twice to ensure exact matching color and length. Shorter hairs are plucked off the batch.

What are Single Drawn Hair Extensions?

There is nothing wrong with extensions using a single drawn technique. The chief difference is that a machine separates hair. The end result can sometimes mean uneven tresses. To remedy this problem, hairdressers will often sheer the extensions on the bottom a few inches to bring about perfected look. When shopping, ask a stylists how the hair was drawn. You will also want to know how much the hair weighs in grams. Ultimately, micro ring, I-tip and fusion can all be created through both methods. 

Where does Premium Hair Come From? 

Did you know that women within some Middle Eastern, cultures, Ladies purposely do not cut their hair until marriage? Brides frequently use their hair as an offering prior to the wedding ceremony. A family may then decide to sell their locks to a specific brand. These elite extensions can be expensive because the hair has never been touched. Making the decision to get hair extensions really comes down to personal preference.

Determining style, cost, plus hair quality should all be considered.  While Double Drawn hair extensions represent the very best quality, it’s always a good idea to speak to a specialist before deciding upon extensions.