Feather Hair Extensions in Chicago, IL

Getting feather hair extensions Chicago is just an appointment away-with multiple colors to accessorize any hairstyle. A very easy to install micro ring is used to fasten feathers into your own natural locks. Just like natural hair, feathers can be washed, ironed, including blow dried.

How can your feather hair extensions create a mood?

The feathers can be custom-styled to fit into your natural length. At our Chicago hair salon, we can even place feather extensions longer than your natural tresses to bring about a dynamic look.

What Feather extension colors are Available?

There are literally dozens of combos to pick from.  Whether your appointment is for micro links or fusion-beautiful feathers can be added to any look. Hollywood’s biggest celebs like Hillary Duff, Jessica Beil and Miley Cirus show off their fun and cool style with feather hair extensions.

feathersSearching Feather Colors?

Various shades of blue can electrify your personality. Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, why not show off an unpredictable side of your ego? Women with short hair love wearing blue feathers because they bring pop to almost any appearance.

Pink feathers are the ultimate female fashion trend. Hot pink ignites passion, plus tells others that you’re outgoing, pretty, and ready to have fun. Unique assortments will absolutely allow your facial features to shine.

Dark colors inspire mystery, along with curiosity. Typically, bright red and Black feather hair extensions make a nice contrast on light colored hair. Perhaps you have seen images of famous movie stars wearing extensions? Actresses have known for years that a few well placed feathers grab attention.

The fastest way to spice up a Halloween costume is a few well placed orange feather hair extensions-just a couple of strands can accentuate your hair. Orange may also be blended with other earth tones bring about transformation. This particular hairstyle is probably most popular during summer months, but can be used for occasions year round.

How much do your feather hair extensions in Chicago cost?

3 feathers any style are just $25.00.

Contact our hair salon near Lakeview to get the hottest feather hair extensions available in Chicago, IL.