Ordinarily, female hair loss is caused by many things women go through on daily basis; they are physiological activities. When these activities grow disproportionately over time, they begin to constitute various challenges including hair loss. But no woman feels good dealing with hair loss for psychological reasons, these are mostly social issues that may present additional stress concern.

Stress and the Hair cycle

The head has about 150,000 strands of hair. Of these, about 90 percent are growing at about 1/2 inch every month for about three years before hitting a resting stage that last about four months before they start to fall out and be replaced by new ones. Medically, about 100 strands of hairs are loss daily. From this process of hair growth, rest and loss, hair loss is part of the hair growing process but there are times when the process becomes unbalanced leading to excessive loss of hair.

You may have noticed some women having from very little to almost no hair at all. Some women’s hair loss situation can even best be described as balding as you hardly can find sufficient hair on their heads to say they have hair as normal women.

What are the causes of hair loss?

There are so many possible causes of hair loss in women and one of them is stress. Stress is a condition whereby the body is overworked in some ways that normal procedures of life activities over exerts undue pressure on the body that normal functioning of the body system becomes skewed causing imbalances.
Such imbalances may spark a chain of changes in body’s routine physiological functioning causing a disproportionate number of hairs to go into the resting stages at once and in a few months later, the hairs are all shed. When such event occurred, it can be alarming but the reality is that substantial visible hairs are lost.

While issues of weight loss, poor diets, thyroid, low iron levels and hormonal imbalances do exert stress on the body, there is the assurance that once these stressors go away, you are set to return to a healthy hair growing cycle on your head, but you need to be careful of your psychological feelings during hair loss times. Doing this it is to avoid brewing social side effect of hair loss. To you take care of the psychological effect; you have the option of hair extension to give you the feeling of no loss hair.

Many women settle for hair extension to take care of hair loss but often the challenge is having the right person with the skill to handle hair extension to get you the fuller and perfect hair finishing. Although no salon will admit they make bad hair extension treatment, but only after the job is done that you get to know their level of expertise. However, using hair extension services, particularly human hair extensions will help you navigate the hair loss period.

Hair Extensions can Help

Medically, your hair loss situation will improve and your hairs grow back automatically as the stressors are addressed to take care of the imbalances but in cases where the hair loss is no longer on but in your head, the ensuing psychological issues may hold back the physiological improvement likely to come. It is for this reason you need a competent and professional Chicago Hair Extension salon to give you the kind of hair extension treatment that meets your heart’s desire.