With so many websites to buy wholesale hair extensions online, trying to make a wise purchase decision can sometimes be overwhelming. Some companies that claim to sell real human hair are often based overseas which can complicate the entire process due to language barriers. Unfortunately, many manufacturers have been known to sell poor quality hair that breaks apart soon after instillation.

Before spending your hard earned money buying hair on the internet, consider scheduling a free hair extensions consultation in Chicago with us.  Listed below is what you can expect:

Get Good Hair Extension Prices

One of the most common questions from clients is “How much do hair extensions cost”? When you schedule an appointment at our Chicago based salon, rest assure a highly experienced stylist will go over the many options available to make your hair longer. Since budget is important, you be able to better understand the differences between hair extension techniques and application methods. The idea is to assist you with getting the new hairstyle you want, without making things confusing.

Learn Hair Extensions Types

As most women know, there is no shortage of advice on ways to get long hair. During your free consultation, a knowledgeable hairdresser will explain the basic hair systems we use to bring about the look you have dreamed about.  We generally apply 100% real human hair extensions by using numerous techniques. Unlike wigs, this is semi-permanent hair that stays on your head 24 hours/day. Whether you’re curious about micro bead extensions, fusion extensions, tape extensions or sew-in extensions– our top hairstylist will help.

Expect Great Service

We realize that there are endless salons that do extensions. Having said this, we provide a free consultation because we want customers to feel confident when making a choice. We hand picked the most experienced hairstylists to do extensions. They have worked with some of the leading hair extensions brands, including Great Lengths, So Cap, Dream Catchers, Donna Bella, plus Hair Dreams. If you bring hair that you bought on your own, we can share our opinion to its quality.

Making the trip to Chicago to get the free hair extensions consultation isn’t always necessary. If you are from out of town, simply send us a current photo. Try to take images of your hair from different angles. You can also include a hairstyle taken from your favorite magazine-to give us a better idea of the look you want to achieve. Pinterest and Instagram are great hairstyle resources. Email to info@chicagohairextensionssalon.com . Someone at our salon will get back to you within 24 hours.

What to Expect after your free consultation.

Once you have talked with our cosmetologist-it’s time to order your brand new luxurious hair. Since our hair salon has accounts with leading hair extension companies, prices are regularly less expensive then if you ordered elsewhere. More often than not, we can get the hair shipped next day.


To buy the best hair extensions possible, schedule a free consultation. Talking with a hair expert will greatly increase your knowledge base about the entire process.