Fun Winter Hairstyle Ideas

Winter Hair Ideas

Everyone knows that Chicago can make finding a winter hairstyle tricky. When you have long hair to play with, there are countless possibilities in styling them, as opposed to having short hair that can only be styled restrictively. Thanks to the option of now having real hair extensions, that go so well with your natural hair that nothing about it looks artificial, everyone can have long hair to style and wear as they please. So get you ready for the winter, we have gathered some ideas how you can style your hair this winter:

Loose Winter Waves

The best part about winters is that you can leave them open everywhere without it annoying you or sticking to your neck. This is because there is less humidity in the winter, and the environment is dry. Loose winter waves are an easy hairstyle that can be worn casually or formally. The best part about this hairstyle is that suits all face shapes so everyone can look great with it.

Quick How-To: Use a curler to curl up the ends of your hair going three quarters up, release, set with fingers, and use hairspray to keep them intact.

Holiday Evening Twist ‘n’ Bun

This easy to style hairstyle is perfect for winter holiday events – Christmas parties, New Year’s, you name it! It goes well with dresses and suits all hair colors and textures. If you are going to a formal evening party, this is definitely your look.

Quick How-To:  Make a side or middle part, depending on what suits your face more. Take a side and begin twisting the front of hair back until it reaches your ear, and secure with a bobby pin*. Do the same with the other parting. Take the leftover hair in the back and circle it into a low bun that lies on the base of your neck.

*Use embellished bobby pins to give it a fancier look

Beanie Hair

Winters call for winter clothes and accessories, and beanies are an absolute must-have in your wardrobe. If you do own one, beanie hair is a great winter style, especially if you are going out with friends or are likely to be outdoors. Just make sure the beanie matches your outfit!

Quick How-To: Apply protective serum and use a straightening iron to have long, shiny straight hair. If you have fringes or bangs, straighten them out too. Set your hair over your shoulders or behind, any way you like it. Wear your beanie, and if you have fringes/bangs, make sure they slightly show through in the front.

Side Fishtail

If some hairstyle never goes out of fashion, it is braids. All kinds of braids are perfect for all seasons. However, we’ve picked a creative way to braid and style your hair in winter. It is easy to make gives a casual yet runway-fashion look. The best part? It goes for all kinds of occasions and it does not matter whether your hair is straight, waved, or curly.

Quick How-To: Side part your hair and begin fishtail-braiding it from the nape of your neck, not from the top. Make sure it is slightly loose and braid all the way down until you secure it with a band, and flip it over the front. If you have layered hair, then some strands should already fall on your face, push them back and you’re done. If you do not have layered hair, then roughly fix the side parting again to loosen your hair from the braid and push back some strands to secure with bobby pins.  Ask a stylist at our Salon in Chicago about fun winter hairstyle ideas.