Getting over a relationship can be a struggle, no matter how intense the romance. That’s because it’s never easy to let an ex go. So, why does it seem that some people can get over a relationship fast? A lot of women simply try to ignore their feelings, and forget their former lover. This is basically a short term solution that won’t last. The good news is that every broken relationship presents a learning opportunity-which makes it possible to begin living life again.Getting Over a Relationship

At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, many ladies discuss hard breakups with our stylists. We talked to a professional counselor for tips on emotional help after a relationship ends. Below we have listed some basics to help you on your journey. Hair Extensions are a great way to boost self confidence.


Get Over a Relationship Without Self Blame

“It is very common to be angry after a relationship is finally over”, says psychotherapist, Janice Cooper. All too often, women especially-have a tendency to think they can save a relationship. Perhaps, this is because girls are naturally nurturing, believing we can fix almost any situation. Torturing yourself by replaying events in your mind is a sure self-esteem killer.  Instead, it might be better to take a self inventory so that you can focus on all the positive aspects of your personality. The point is to understand that sometimes breakups happen, no matter how much we want things to work.  It’s not your fault. There is an old expression that goes: You can’t mix May and December.

Slow Rebound

Some people say that the best way to get over a relationship is to hook up with someone else right away. This method nearly always ends with disaster because we project our memories, as well as expectations onto the new man.  Think about it. Is it really fair to magically think the new guy is going to be absolutely perfect?  Won’t you be hurting his feelings too by making him a temporary place holder? Having a history of multiple relationships over a relatively short period of time can be a signal that something much deeper is wrong.   It’s totally okay to date around, just be careful not to jump heart first. Be honest with him by letting him know you just got out of a serious relationship. This way things start off on the right foot, plus mutual respect will be built.

Reconnect with Friends

Has it been a while since you had a night out with your girlfriends? Are you naturally an outgoing person but have spent so much time feeling frustrated that you can’t remember how to have fun? Chances are your friends will understand. Yet another advantage to increasing your social support network is not depending on one person to be happy. Over time, you will begin to get that self confidence back, including re finding your groove.

Pamper Yourself

When is the last time you went to a spa or visited a salon? A big part of healing after a relationship is self care. Sitting isolated at home is bound to make things worse.  A good way to get your mind off him is to do things you like.  Listen to your favorite music really loud. Get back to the gym and start working out. Plan a daily schedule so that you are not endlessly waiting for him to text you.  Give yourself permission to enjoy life again. Try to recall the exciting girl that you once were. Those traits are still alive within you.

There is no magic pill that will quickly make everything better. The best way to get over a relationship is simply time.