The fact that a lot of ladies use hair extensions is no longer a secret. It is a modern accessory that helps hide thin hair or change your hairdo overnight. Extensions used to be the priority of celebrities, however this has changed in recent years. Nowadays, more and more women use them to boost their confidence and sport a unique hairdo. Most of the ladies, however, prefer their hair upgrades to remain invisible for the rest of the people. This is easy to achieve if using high quality extensions made of 100% human hair. When you add the following tips of how to choose and style them, you will enjoy a natural looking hair style that will not go unnoticed wherever you go.

Use enough hair extensions

There is no need to point out that you have to select the highest quality of hair extensions made of human hair, if you want to have the best results. There is another very important aspect, however, which quite often might be overlooked and that is to apply enough hair extensions. The new addition should match the density of your own hair. Therefore, if you have thick hair, make sure to use enough hair extensions that will blend naturally with your mane. The other tip to follow is to use hair extensions of different lengths that will match the layers of your own hairdo. If you want your extensions to look good on your short hair, once again, the magic word is sufficient. Do not be afraid that you will feel your hair heavy. The stylists will make sure that the extensions are correctly installed and will choose the right technique in accordance with your scalp and hair type.

Trust your stylist

If you are in doubt about the color of your hair extensions or how to treat them in order to sport them longer, the best advice comes from your stylist. Choose your hair extensions saloon and pick up the stylist whom you trust most. Do not be shy and ask them as many questions as you need. Trust that they will answer you honestly and help you with tips how to look after your extensions. They can also recommend the best hair products to use in accordance with the type of hair extensions you have.

Style your hair extensions as you would do with your natural hair

Styling your hair extensions, the way you do with your own hair, will make them look natural and inseparable part of your hairdo.

  • Trimming and coloring

The best thing of using human hair extensions is that you can have them trimmed and colored in accordance with your personal preferences. Having different layers is even recommended if you want your extensions to look as natural as possible. When the color of the extensions matches your own hair, the success of your new hairdo is guaranteed. You can opt for having highlights or some other modern dying option such as balayage or ombre.

  • Using a flat iron

It is ok to use a flat iron to straighten your hair extensions as long as you follow the advice of the professionals. Keep your hair well moisturized, straighten your hair in small sections with a moderate temperature, always use serum at the end to finish the hairdo.

  • Curling

You can also curl your hair for a bouncier hairdo. The tip to follow is to mix a bunch of your own hair and some of the hair extensions. Thus, they will blend together and it won’t be possible to guess where your natural hair ends, and where the extensions begin. You can choose different types of waves depending on your personal style and the shape of your face.

Treat your hair extensions properly and with the suitable hair products, follow the tips above and you will enjoy them longer. When you style them the same way you do your natural hair, no one will be able to tell them apart.