Summer is here and all the ladies are ready to rock their best hair look at work, around the pool or simply while grocery shopping. This is the time of the year when we are more willing to experiment with hair color. Since 2017 turns to be welcoming anything from natural look to watermelon hair and succulent tones it’s your chance to find your best hair color while being fashionable. We have selected three of the leading trends this year and we challenge you to try them.

The Eternal Blonde

Blonde has ever been trendy and 2017 is no exception. What is new this season is that we will be hearing a lot of new words when it comes to blonde such as smoked taupe, creamy ginger, honey blonde with babylights, etc.


pearlescent hair Pearlescent hair

This pearl shiny finish is suitable for all types of blonde – from gold to platinum. Your hair will look cool and glossy but you might need several visits to your stylist before achieving the final effect.




blonde-gray hair


Even though it is not a new combination the mix of blonde and gray shades with darker, almost black roots is the epitome of modern for 2017. It looks great both on short and long hair.




snow white blonde hairSnow White Blonde

The platinum blonde has been polished and upgraded to look less yellow and more white. Choosing this shade is a commitment in terms of maintenance and preventive hair care but the final result is worth the efforts. If you like the idea of “snow” during the summer heat but prefer more shades in your hair then you can opt for snowlights. These are highlights of pale blonde that make your hair sparkle in the light as if covered with snow.



Baby blonde

In line with the natural look trend baby blonde is taking the stage in 2017. The color is neither too yellow or white, nor bright but looks like naturally growing.





Trendy words for trendy colors

2017 is the year of color combinations and mixtures and the respective words are coined to match the style:


blorange hair colorBlorange 

In line with the trendy blonde blorange is the mix to rock this year. Orange has already won its place onto the hair scene back in 2016 to be overrun by blorange in 2017. The new shade combines blonde and ginger and stands in between the two tones to offer a stunning look.



bronde hair colorBronde

This hair color trend seems to be modern at all times. People love bronde and for good reason – the hair looks blonde in the light and turns chocolate when it’s darker. Two trendy looks with one hairdo – is there something better?





The combination of gray dye and ombre effect is a chic way to add unconventional color to your hair this year. Known as grombre this style is suitable for any hair length.




ronze hair colorRonze

Ronze is a shimmering color that is a mixture of copper red and bronze brown. It will light up your complexion. Stylist swear that you can rock this color all year round and not only during summer.




Going natural

Summer of 2017 is the best time for the ladies who prefer a more natural hair look. You can let nature do its work by letting your hair gray or your roots grow and still be part of the modern tendencies.



gray-gray hair colorGray-gray

If you are lucky enough to have your hair gray naturally you will be rocking a trendy hairdo in 2017 without much effort. For the rest – there is dye and purple shampoo several times per week to eliminate any shades of brass or yellow.




overgrown roots hair colorOvergrown roots

The shadow roots were trendy in 2016 but 2017 takes it to a greater length. The distance between the root and the color can be up to five inches and instead of being scorned for not visiting your stylist you will be welcomed as a fashion icon.




nude hair colourNude hair

Nude hair offers a balance between warm and cool tones. It is easy to wear and is quite trendy since neutral colors are flattering to all skin tones.




ultra thin foilsUltra-thin foils

This is for the ladies who would like to do something with their hair but are not fond of big changes. If you have natural brown hair, straight, wavy or curly, several tiny highlights added to it will do miracles. They will not be immediately noticeable but the contrast will make your hair look thicker.

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Source of our images and of more good hair ideas is Good Housekeeping ( )