It really isn’t any wonder that guys like women with long hair. The preference can be traced back to the long hairstyles worn by pinup models from the 1950s. Images of these glamour models were mass produced to society. During this period, it finally became fashionable for women to show off their tresses. Brigitte Bardot, Bettie Page and Rita Hayworth were some of the more famous actresses to start showing off longer hair.

Guys Love Long Hair

Guys like women with long hair because the hairstyle is extremely attractive to us. To be blunt-we find super long hair sexy. Maybe the long curls or bouncy waves trigger a certain positive reaction. It’s been scientifically proven that men are primarily visual creatures. This means our brains make quick judgments on what looks attractive within a split second. I can’t speak for all males, but I am willing to wager that most men prefer girls with long hair. “I like long hair because she looks like a model.” explains one of my male friends. That’s not to say that short or medium hairstyles don’t look nice. Men have been conditioned to want women with long hair. For example, take a look at movies from the 1980s to present. In the movie Weird Science, two high school boys design their own female. They constructed a female with an hour glass shaped body, plus unbelievably wavy long hair. Today, the hairstyles of Beyonce, Shakira and Christina Aguilera are widely popular at beauty salons.

Long Hair Takes Work

Women spend a great deal of time, money and resources creating a desirable hair look. Since women are more likely to judge the appearance of other women, they must also worry about looking presentable to both sexes. It’s unfortunate, but girls are under much more pressure than males to appear attractive. Girls are constantly flooded reality shows, fashion magazines, plus super models-all with really long hair.

How to Get Long Hair Fast

Any easy fix is hair extensions. These days, it’s possible to get 100% real human hair applied by a stylist, within just a few hours. The technology means your extensions will last a very long time. You can choose micro bead, fusion, including skin-weft styles. Love it or hate it, guys really do like women with long hair.