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How to Choose Hair Extension Colors

purple-hair-extensionsChoosing black, blonde, purple and red hair extension colors are easy from Chicago Hair Extensions Salon.Glamour has a new definition which has completely redefined the beauty of all the lovelies. While hair extensions have been known to have existed for ages, they have made their presence felt like never before in the past few years. They are the instant step ups which transform the look instantly and boost the style quotient. Bored of your usual hair style, hair texture and looks, going for hair extensions is an experience altogether, which offers, exciting range of styles and new look to sport every single day. This article will help to learn how to pick colors.

Gone are the days when hair extensions gave a fake and artificial look, now there is no going for this adoption if there is no realness in the adorned hair. And with the expanding market of virgin hairs and other real looking fake hairs, there is a wide range to pick and choose from. Whether you want a straight look for yourself or love that bouncy hair singing and dancing to your tunes, hair extension is the world to be explored which also has an alluring range of electric and bright colors, to match up with your vibrant self. They say life is a pallet of colors and each color has its distinct way to touch our lives.  They are a heterogeneous mix of vibrance, joy, ecstasy and life with a definite one to pair up with you and completely define your existence. While colors, add substance to anything alive, they have an indelible way of defining hair extensions as well.


Hair Colors and their significance.     There is an exclusive range of popular colors in the market which can be adopted depending upon your taste, choice and most importantly persona. The color has to match up and accentuate your personality and thus has to be chosen carefully. While there is a wide variety to choose from, every color speaks about you differently. So lets have a sneak peak and listen to what the popular colours have to say about the personality of the bearer:

  1. Black. Black hair extension colors signifies the depth and vastness but also speaks about a woman as mysterious and tough. Although it is the most sought after and desired hair color it might highlight the skin flaws if any, as by property it reflects clarity and distinctness. Thus, if you go for a black hair color or black colored hair extensions, you can be at the receiving end by getting your skin imperfections highlighted. Thus going for a black hair color, it is recommended to break the depth with high contrast colored streaks.
  2. RedRed hair extensions has always signified hot, sexy and happening and continues to do so when it comes to even hair colors. Red is even associated with short tempered and high headed. While carrying a red head you can be taken for a passionate and romantic person and also as a seductive lady who is even creative. Therefore, if you are selecting a red color for your hair or hair extensions, you need to carry it well with enough oomph and style.
  3. Brown. Brunette heads, considered the most sincere and dedicated souls are much in demand while hiring for any job. The traits reflected by this color which makes it a filtering essential at many places are consistent and sincere. A person donning this color wears an irresistible charm which makes him looks approachable and reliable. While this is the commonly found natural hair color, this is the most staple color catered by any hair stylist also.
  4. Pastel. Pastel hair color is one section which is gaining a whooping popularity with many celebrities flaunting of their pastel shades. Whether it is about wearing off a pastel in moderate streaks or going all out with a complete makeover this colorful splash is very refreshing and is a welcome change. It promises to lift up the spirits and gives a lively kick to complete persona. When it comes to trying different looks with varied pastel colours, the sky is the limit.
  5. OmbreOmbre hair can be adopted in various concentrations and each variation gives a smashing new look which is so vibrant, making a loud statement at times and sometimes giving a subtle appearance. Ombre texturing is gradual with darker shading at the roots which gets lighter towards the ends. It is a low on maintenance coloring, but helps you to achieve the desired look.

Tips on how to choose the best hair extension color. No matter how much we love a bunch of colorful hair extension color, if we do not select the perfect one, it may not compliment our persona and we may not be able to carry it off well. Although this is not a permanent change and especially we speak about selecting the color of our hair extension we can always revert back to the basics but why to go wrong in the first place? So here are a few tips which will help you make the right choice while choosing the colour of your hair extension:

  1. The basic underline selecting factor is what goes with your skin tone. What looks good on you has to do majorly with your skin color, texture and undertones of your skin. While there the undertones can be broadly categorized into three here are the recommended hair shades for each one of them:

(a)       Pink or blue skin undertone. What looks good on such kinds are the shades of brown or red. One can even go with a blonde look if that suits well. The base color can be highlighted with contrast colored streaks.

(b)       Red undertone. Naturally with this kind, one color which will be a strict no-no is red. In fact, pastel shades would go excellent with caramel lowlights which will accentuate your exotic look and make your skin look flawless and bright.

(c)        Yellow undertone.  Again the color which has to be avoided is yellow or anything to do on the similar shade like golden hair color. The main aim has to be to reduce the pale look which can be achieved with dark intense colors like auburn or mahogany.

  1. Although the hair colors and their implications have been quite stereotyped but if you believe in that rules are made to be broken, then you can go ahead and go experimenting and redefine the laws with self impression. But before you carry it off almost amazingly, you need to be clear that your selection promotes your own personality. Forget about what the books say. Just place yourself in the natural light in a white background, be true to yourself and go for the best one. You are the best judge of your own look, so I am sure you won’t go wrong.
  2. Then another deciding factor would be the color of eyes. Since hair falls are generally kissing the face, they come in comparison to the color of the eyes as well. You need to match up the color of your hair extension with the color of your eyes. If you plan to put colored contacts, then of course you have a wide variety to choose from and if a particular shade of hair color appeals and is complimenting your skin, you can select the colour of contact accordingly.
  3. Even if there is one particular, which best defines you, is your comfortable zone and you don’t want to experiment, try out with contrast streaks and coloured pin ups which will bring more life to your normal boring look. With popular celebrities promoting the streaking pins available in a vivid and a wide array of options, you can try out this in thing in the market of hair extensions.
  4. The more colors you add to the hairs, the more radiant it would look. The only thing to be taken care of would be correct contrasting of colours so that they compliment each other, highlighting is done in appropriate proportion and there is no visible clash to spoil the look.

Colors are the live wire of any  existence and when it comes to donning a perfect hair color, there is a heterogeneous mix of textures and shades laid out for selection. The market of hair extension is blooming and alluring more and more to try out something new and go adventurous. Colorful hair extensions give a luxurious look which add style and glamour to your locks step by step to completely revamp the normal boring looking dull hair.

While the ladies are nervous in the beginning to experiment with their looks, going for a natural looking hair extension will give you the required makeover. And getting a hair makeover is easier than ever thought before with a rapidly changing market of hair extensions and trends revamping every now and then. So getting that amazingly beautiful and fashionable hair is achievable with adopting from the wide range of hair extension and further glamorizing it by choosing from the wide array of available colors. Speak with a stylist at Chicago Hair Extensions salon about choosing black, blonde, purple, red or other hair colors.

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