Hair extensions are the perfect solution for people with short or thinning hair who want to add length and volume. Instead of waiting months or years for your hair to grow out, why not get the luscious hair you’ve always dreamed of today?

Chicago Hair Extensions Salon offers many different types of hair extensions. Check out three of our top picks.

Remy Fusion hair extensions Bar in Chicago

Fusion hair extensions are quickly becoming all the rage! These extensions are used by top stylists for popular celebrities because they’re invisible to the naked eye. Stylists use pre-tipped keratin glue made of protein and fuse it with your natural hair.

When you come in for fusion hair extensions, our stylists will match the texture of your natural hair or color it so the extensions can’t be seen. These hair extensions come in 12- to 30-inch options and can last anywhere from four to six months. When that time has passed, just come in to have a stylist remove them and give you new ones. This should be done by a professional so you won’t damage your hair. Need a tweak in the meantime? Our stylists can replace strands at any time.

We carry the following reputable brands: Great LengthsSoCapHairdreams and many more. Prices for fusion hair extensions vary. High-quality real hair extensions start at just $150 per bundle. When choosing a hair extensions bar in Chicago, it’s important to go with experienced stylists like ours.

Micro bead hair extensions

Unlike fusion hair extensions, micro bead hair extensions lengthen your hair without glue. Instead, beads are used to lock the extensions in with your natural hair. First, a stylist finds the best areas of your head for links to be attached. Using a special tool, the stylist runs your own natural hair through a small Micro Bead hair extension ring and loops it up toward the scalp while holding it in place. Next, an I-Tip hair extension will be pushed into the same link where your natural hair is placed. Then, the link is brought down from the scalp about one centimeter so there is room for styling. This makes the hair extension invisible. Once both your real hair and the extension are in place, the bead is clamped closed, which locks everything together beautifully. The stylist then repeats this process through different parts of your head.

Micro bead hair extensions are real human hair, they look very natural and they can last three to four months. A big benefit of this type of hair extension is that it doesn’t require any heat or chemicals. Another benefit of micro bead hair extensions is that they work great if you’re Caucasian, Asian, Spanish or African American. A potential drawback? If the rings aren’t applied correctly or the wrong type is used, they can be visible. In addition, your natural hair should be at least four to five inches long before getting micro bead hair extensions.

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are gaining popularity amongst top hair professionals because of how natural they look.

Each tape-in hair extension is made from human hair. The hair is attached to your scalp through a specialized tape system. Your stylist will use a double-sided adhesive that attaches to your hair invisibly. The hair extension is hand sewn into a seamless base that gently attaches to your own hair. Tape-in hair extensions look so natural that you can even do updos with them!

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