So, you’ve just invested a good deal of money into your appearance and are probably wondering the some good tips for practicing hair extensions care. This advice was collected from professionals around the United States, with the goal of helping you keep your new hair looking beautiful for a long time. Please keep in mind this is extension care with professionally applied, Remy fusion hair.

How to Wash Your Hair

While the bonding used to fuse your hair is very strong, it’s really important to use proper techniques when washing your hair extensions. Take extra time to soak your hair little by little, gradually applying a high quality shampoo going down to the ends. Try not to yank, pull or be too rough when cleaning your hair, as this can just wear the extensions down over time.  Of course, the salon stylist will be able to recommend the best products. Rinsing is also equally important. Simply allow warm water to softly flow down the hair until the soap is gone.

A common mistake people make with new hair extensions is excessively rubbing their hair with a towel. A better option would be to just pat it dry, rather than create difficult to comb tangles.


You’re going to hear lots of tips about what types of conditioners work best for hair extensions. Many stylists recommend buying a good quality leave-on conditioner. The most critical factor is to keep the hair healthy and soft through a good supply of nutrients. Another option is to simply purchase a nice spray on conditioner which can be used once you get out of the shower.  Hair extension slippage occurs when harsh chemicals are rubbed into the roots through repetition.


Now that you have much longer hair, you are going to want to know some solid tips for extension styling. The first thing you will need is nice wide paddled brush with soft bristles. Try to stay away from the fusion bonds all together during brushing. Many experts recommend starting at the bottom of the hair, using gentle down motion strokes, making your way towards the top.

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