Chicago Holiday Gifts-Hair Extensions

All of us have a woman in our lives that we want to make happy during the holiday season. You probably found this article when you were looking for the perfect holiday gift for her. It is important to give her gifts she wants. Not only should you look out for the price, but also look out for what she wants and needs. Be smart with your gifts this season and give gifts that compliment her clothing and beauty products. Focus on gifts that she can use every day, or focus on items that she normally wouldn’t buy herself. A great holiday gift is always hair extensions as many women don’t splurge on hair extensions themselves. Hair extensions are valued and will make any woman happy. But most importantly it will not wipe out your holiday budget.

Why Choose Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have never been out of style. Every woman loves and looks good when she has long and beautiful hair. They love it just as much as they love diamonds and pearls, but for you this is without the enormous expense. Unlike other gift items, hair extensions is the only thing that has its utility during any occasion. Today hair extensions come in different types and methods of applying it without damage the hair. It also looks far more natural than the hair extensions of the past decade. As a result hair extensions have a great deal of fashion appeal for all generations.

Where to Buy Hair Extensions

So now that we know what to buy, the question becomes where to buy hair extensions and then later applying and maintaining it so that it looks natural. During the holiday season, shopping can be very stressful. It can be frustrating and is seldom the fun experience retailers portray in advertisements. This need not be the case with hair extensions. You can visit our hair extension specialists in Chicago.

You can avoid driving to twenty different places to face massive crowds, endless cues and a marathon shopping session by purchasing hair extensions and hair care gifts. If you are buying gifts for several women this season such as sister, girlfriend, fiance, mother, daughter, wife or grandmother then you should select a store in your area which specializes in hair care, has a broad range of prices and services. If you know where to buy hair extensions, you will get world class services and products at a discount. Chicago hair extension provides a wide range of services and prices and the professional hair care specialists are the best at what they.

Types of Hair Extensions

Now let us look at some of the hair extensions available in the market, so you can choose that which is right for you.

Tape In Hair Extension

A Tape-in hair extension is a hairpiece made from human hair. A specialized tape system is used to attach a strand of hair to her scalp. Glues need not be used to apply them. Using ideas from the wig industry โ€“ this new technique uses a special adhesive which can invisibly attach to her hair. Braids & clips need not be used anymore making parting hair styles & up dos possible. Special hair is sewn with hand into a seamless, transparent base which is then attached to her locks gently.

Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

This is preferred by some of the top stylists in the world for long lasting, gorgeous hair. It can be healthy to the hair because a protein tip called keratin is used. Using this protein tipped glue the hair is fused with her natural hair. This method is popular with Hollywood celebrities because these hair extensions are invisible. These hair extensions also lasts between 4 and 6 months.

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

For women with thin hair, cold fusion technique is used. Micro bead extensions are used to create longer extensions. Cold fusion hair extensions application rely on ultrasonic waves which can also be healthy for hair.

Micro Bead Extensions

This method eliminates the need for glue. With an eye for placement, a professional hairdresser establishes parts of her head where the links will be attached. The micro link method can bring about long flowing hair extensions that last several months before a touch-up is needed. One of the benefits of getting micro/ring hair extensions is that neither heat nor chemicals are used. A draw back can be that the rings can sometimes be noticed if the right type isnโ€™t used, or if they are not applied correctly. Hair will need to be 4 to 5 inches long prior to having extensions.

Her long beautiful hair will not only bring sparkle and style to her Christmas season and New Year celebrations, but a genuine smile to her face. Good hair extensions are a simple and elegant way to reflect the joy of the holidays and will compliment any wardrobe or personal style. Every woman has her own distinct personality and buying a gift for a woman can be one of the most difficult shopping experiences out there. Hair extensions show you have taken the time and care to choose a holiday gift for her. Although giving gifts during holidays has been glamorized, it is the thought that truly counts. Gifts that come from the heart are more important than the price tag. Call our salon for information about hair extensions-among the perfect holiday gifts in Chicago.