Professional Hair Extensions in Chicago

Experience the excitement of naturally flowing long hair at our salon that does hair extensions in Chicago.

Super long flowing hair has made a serious comeback over the past decade as a way for Hollywood celebrities and woman all over the world to express their beauty. Famous stars that are featured on reality TV shows and on the silver screen love showing off their beautiful long hair.

Clip-In hair extensions are sold at virtually every beauty supply store, promising to bring about natural looking hair just by snapping it in. Whilst hair extensions might not be right for everyone, the benefits compared to clip in might change your mind.

Fusion Hair Extensions are natural looking-invisible, soft, and little maintenance. Unlike Clip-Ons, real hair extensions are fused with your own natural hair, bringing about an invisible appearance with a soft –to- the- touch feel that needs little maintenance. A full head of our signauture Chicago hair extensions can lengthen your hair by up to 60% and add much more volume.

Convenient hair extensions in Chicago at costs you can afford

Hair extensions come ready in a wide range of lengths and colors, from 18 inch to 30-inch lengths. Color matching can easily be performed to go with browns and blonds, to red, depending on the coloring you want to achieve. Yes, Clip on hair often comes in different colors, but is a long way from being custom. 

More about our hair extensions in Chicago

If your hair is one of your best aspects, you probably spend a lot of time brushing, blow drying and styling to get it to look nice. With results lasting up to six months, our hair extensions in Chicago  are meant for anyone who wants change. A recent client stated, “ When I look at the mirror, I feel sexy because I wake up with less tangles, and I don’t look like I have a bad haircut when I go to work!” After the consultation, the application time takes 3 to 4 hours, and touch-ups can be completed quickly.

Many ladies call our salon and ask,  why not just use a wig instead of the hair extensions in Chicago treatments you provide?  Well, one of the major differences between the two include looks, feel, hair type, and longevity. The goal should be to have extensions for your hair that are undetectable.

Hair extensions are available for short short hair, curly or difficult to manage hair. Many of our repeat visitor hair clients got them for a special occasion, such as their wedding, but then became addicted to impact they had on their lives.

At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, we can give you fun styles that last a long time. Our hair extensions in Chicago Look and Feel like your natural hair, only much longer.

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