Worst Celebrities’ Hair Days

Hair extensions are a favorite way to bring that much sought after volume and shape to a woman’s hair. In many cases, well-fitted though pricey hair extensions will actually do the trick, especially if a woman takes good care of her natural hair and her extensions too. Having said that, there are always two sides to every story, and hair extensions make no exception. Sometimes bad advice and bad hairdressing in combination with poor extension maintenance can really degrade the look of and feel of a woman’s hair. Without pointing fingers or making a bad example of someone, here are listed some of the cases where hair extensions have gone wild – making up for some of celebrities’ worst hair days.

Naomi Campbell

Supermodel with decades of carrier experience has had some bad hair days in recent years. Apparently her hairline has receded due to her wearing heavy wigs for many years as part of her modelling work. Currently Campbell does have extensions added to her hair though her damaged natural hair is clearly seen in some of her photos. Hopefully Naomi manages to grow her luscious natural hair back again or at least entrust her hairdo to true professionals.

Naomi Campbell Receding Hairline

Beyoncé Knowles

Arguably one of the best R&B singers and performers of our time frequently makes use of hair extensions in their full glory. On many occasions Beyoncé’s lace front is quite visible – one would think she knows how to conceal such things after her career practice and experience in wearing extensions. Nevertheless, Beyoncé is an example of the fact that extensions can actually look decent when taken care of and fitted properly.

Beyonce Hair Extensions - Lace Front is Visible

Britney Spears

America’s former pop sweetheart has been on the receiving end of destructive criticism, even ridicule many times for her lifestyle, fashion style and what not. No stranger to shame, Britney did opt for hair extensions at one stage but the results were far from good unfortunately. Unexplainably, Spears was wearing her hair up for a period of time thus showing openly the many extensions and the little natural hair she had at the time. Hopefully things improve for her and her appearance.

Britney Spears' Hair Extensions Showing

Jenifer Lopez

The dancer, turned singer, turned actor, turned etc. is actually an example that hair extensions can be made to work as long as you spend quality time on regular styling and maintenance. Those in the know, say J-Lo’s extensions are some of the best fitted and maintained out there. Only after a close and detailed inspection, there is the odd chance that one can see a so called ‘glued’ extension in her hair, and that’s only on a bad day.

Jenifer Lopez' Extensions - Barely Visible

Lindsay Lohan

Controversy, substances, issues, rehabs and a bunch of other such things describe this turbulent persona quite well. Lindsay has gone through many personal, physical and emotional transformations, so has her hair. Before 2013 she was anything but a good hair celebrity. For a time, she did not care one bit whether or not her extensions were showing and the wiggly bits were frequently showing in her photos. Thankfully she is back on top of things and her hair looks much more presentable in recent months.

Lindsay Lohan Extensions Showing

Katie Price

Extensions have been officially added to Price’s hair since she went totally blond. Problem was that there was a mismatch between her natural blond hair and her blond extensions. This usually happens when hairdressers do not add different shades of color (blond in this case) to the extension in order to match the variable natural hair shades. These days Katie has returned to a more natural darker shade which conceals the extensions better.

Katie Price Extensions Color Mismatch

Kelly Rowland

Another R&B star who performed side by side with Beyoncé during the Destiny’s Child days, has also fallen victim to an ill-fitting wig! As beautiful and stylish as Kelly is, her lace front is showing badly at times. Nothing wrong with adding some extra hype and vibe to your natural hair, but doing it right is what really pays off. Hopefully Kelly will find the right balance between natural and synthetic hair soon.

Kelly Rowland bad wig front lace showing