Halloween Hair Chicago

Considering getting hair extensions for Halloween Chicago?  Why not get longer hair that will last you through the holidays? The nights are getting dark and thoughts turn towards Halloween costume store with trick and treat, horror masks and plenty of candy. Then, of course, there’s the Halloween party and that yearly question: how do I turn up looking totally gorgeous (in a freaky way, of course) without breaking the bank?

How about hair extensions with my costume?

Lots of girls love to wear a wig at Halloween and imagine themselves to be a deadly but beautiful witch or a forlorn vampire bride but what about taking it up a notch and trying one of our hair extensions for size? The prices might not be as scary as you have been led to believe and you can effortlessly extend your hair to anything from 10 to 26 inches!

If you want something purely temporary, then clip-in extensions are the way to go because you can take them out whenever you want to. Whether you fancy wavy, curly or ‘Morticia Addams’ dead straight hair, our natural-looking clip-in extensions won’t disappoint.

Looking for something more permanent?

If commitment doesn’t frighten you and you’re ready to try out some hair extensions for a few months, our professional stylists can demonstrate their skillful touch by applying tape-in extensions, micro-ring hair extensions or even fusion hair extensions. Don’t let other people frighten you off with gruesome tales of hair extensions gone wrong. Any hair treatment can go badly in the wrong hands, but our team have the expertise to flawlessly apply extensions you will fall in love with.

Tape-in extensions (or skin weft extensions) are adhered to the scalp using a customized double-sided tape that is strong enough even to handle an up-do. Micro-ring hair extensions (also known as micro-bead extensions) are a neat solution that involves passing your natural hair and the extension through discreet little beads that are then clamped shut. Or if you don’t mind sitting in our comfortable salon for a few hours, fusion hair extensions actually use a keratin glue to attach your hair extensions to your existing locks.

We can also carefully match your hair texture and color so that the final effect is so seamless you would have more luck spotting the Invisible Man at your Halloween do!  Fusion hair extensions are very popular with celebrities at the moment, and they can be easily revitalized by replacing strands when necessary.

So if you’re looking considering something a bit different this Halloween, pop in for a friendly extensions consultation. We know all the tricks and the treat is in our prices!