Hair Extensions Need Care Before Sex

So, he can’t stop staring at your super long hair extensions & you know it won’t be long before he wants sex. The moment seems right, but what if he pulls your hair too hard and loosens the bonds which created your glamorous new look?

It’s not uncommon for guys to get extremely turned on by women with long hair. In fact, you might have to fight them off with a stick. Men are hypnotized by soft long hair. Yes, your new extensions can withstand an intense bedroom encounter, but it’s always wise to be careful. After all, you spent good money to have luxurious long tresses.

Chicago Hair Extensions Salon surveyed several women for some practical advice during intimacy. Here are 5 useful tips to protect your hair extensions during sex.

1.Tell him your wearing extensions first

Before things get too hot, explain to him that you are sporting hair extensions & there will be no severe yanking. Don’t worry, this won’t kill the mood-he will still be all over you. That long hair will make him feel hypnotized.

Beautiful man's face

2.Dim the lights

Although hair extensions are virtually undetectable, he doesn’t need to check out every detail. A few well placed candles can set the mood, as well as create some mystery. Does he really need to see each individual micro bead?

3.Make a fast ponytail

Putting your hair up into a ponytail or using a hair clip can reduce tangling during intimacy. A simple hair tie can also do the trick. Be proactive by keeping a rubber band nearby. An added benefit to keeping the extensions up is reducing sweat.

4.Take the top position

Be the dominant one by jumping on top. This will give you more control over the situation, plus eliminate any concern of him getting too rough. The dude will love seeing your bouncy hair in all its glory.

5. Try light foreplay

Let’s face it- part of the reason you got hair extensions was to feel more attractive. While a little rough and tumble can be fun, it is really important to protect those precious strands. Have him refrain from the following: hair yanking, braid pulling or tight hair grasping.

It may seem a little silly worry about extension bonds during intimacy, yet it’s one of life’s realities. Just remember these few tips to protect your hair extensions during sex.