Hair Extensions Services

Get Beautiful Hair With a Free Consultation!

Don’t wait, run to get the best hair extensions in Chicago available at super low prices. Although most salons do use real hair, it’s the quality of the strands which really make the difference. Chicago Hair Extensions Salon can give you the looks you’ve always dreamed of. In the hair extensions world, the term Remy means 100% high quality human hair. We have a great sale right now – Affordably Priced Remy Hair Extensions.

Envision having much longer, thicker hair that has lots of volume and feels totally real. Now you can achieve incredible results with a new hair extensions method which will give you a full-bodied, glamorous look that was once only available to Hollywood celebrities. Our unique services allow you to enjoy the ultimate VIP experience by having your very own Chicago mobile hairdressers travel to your location to extend your hair. Of course, you can always come to our cozy salon for an appointment. Since our specialty is hair extensions, rest assure our girls will help you pick out a glamorous new look. Appointments are structured in such a way that your stylists provides you with the utmost personal attention. Their goal is to help you improve your appearance.

What are the best hair extensions brands available?

At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon we work with only the best hair extensions brands. Among these are Hairdreams, Great Lengths and Foxy Hair Extensions. There are literally dozens of techniques on the market for getting longer hair. Some are fantastic, while others can actually cause damage. We use a long lasting, natural looking method known as fusion extensions, which is used at the top salons across the country. Perfect for dry, thinning or brittle hair – fusion hair treatments can be used on nearly all hair types. Once applied, your new hair will be indistinguishable from your natural hair with dramatic results lasting up 5 months. Monthly touch-ups are recommended to maintain a full look.

What is the Cost for Your Hair Extensions in Chicago?

The price extensions really depends on how much hair you want. Since everyone has different needs, a one on one consultation with our stylist is required. Please see the prices page for more info.

What’s best hair extensions method for short hair?

There are so many techniques used to apply real human hair extensions for short hair. At our salon, our stylists learn the latest techniques to give you the look you want. We are much more interested in getting it right rather than rushing you through an appointment. A touch up is recommend every few months to maintain fullness. Depending on your needs, even the very best hair extensions stylists take between 3 and 5 hours to provide application. You can get them done anytime when you schedule a free consultation. Choose straight, curly, and wavy or even super long sexy hair extensions. We are proud to be a Great Lengths hair provider and carry many different brands. Feel free to check out our prices page out the latest deals available. Change the way you feel about yourself by boosting self confidence with sultry, gorgeous hair.

Ask About Fantastic Deals on our Best Hair Extensions available in Chicago, IL.

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