Sew-In Hair Extensions

Woman with sew in hair extensions in Chicago, IL.

Sew-In hair extensions are often referred to as invisible because the hair looks completely natural to the eye. One of the chief benefits for this method is a fast beautiful long look. The example sew-in weave photo featured on this page is of our actual client who appeared on the Dr. Phil Show for a make over.

Our Sew in Weave installation prices start at $450. This is full service includes cut, color, blowout as well as style. The totally free hair extension consultation is the perfect time to tell our professional hairdressers the kind of look you want to achieve. Since we use 100% real remy hair-your results will look completely authentic. Some customers like to show our staff celebrity hairstyles and request a specific look. 

How does Sew-In Hair work?

Your real hair is braided into classic corn rows. Another option is to create a traditional French braid. Using precision, the weft is then gently sew unto the pre-braided hair. This creates a free flowing appearance. For women who cope with thinning hair or Alopecia, these extensions can be a fantastic solution.

Why Choose Sew-In Weave Hair Extensions?

The sew-in weave can be a great alternative to the fusion technique. It is also considerably less expensive than micro rings. Sew-In weave can be used on virtually all hair types-Asian, Black, White, and Latin.

Braided Sew In extensions example.


Can I buy my own hair for the appointment?

Yes. We are happy to install  hair extensions from your choice, after a consultation. Our hairstylists can do Brazilian methods as well as other types of sew in extensions.   The appointment time can last between 2 and 4 hours, depending upon the individual.

Do you make very tight braids?

Nope. The goal here is to give you a new look. Not a headache. Some stylists have been known to pull hair straight out of the root because braiding was careless. Using a firm braid will ensure the hair system lasts.

Are your stylists experienced in doing hair?

All of our hairdressers are licensed cosmetologists. Some of our team members have been doing hair for over 20 years. Several staff members are hair extension instructors and have provided services on Hollywood movie sets. Contact Chicago Hair Extensions Salon for a free sew-in braid consultation, available from our top stylists.

Chicago Hair Extensions Salon: Sew-in Method in Chicago, IL

Type of Hair Extensions: Sew-In

The model used was April Sutton. April is a local Chicago celebrity. She is a fitness model and actress. She has appeared on TV shows such as Super Natural, and Chicago Fire.

The hair stylist is named: Crystal Akakpo

Sew-In Hair is also referred to as Track in Sew or Weft Hair Extensions because the hair comes in large wefts. Our stylist applied 18 inch hair extensions to give the model a longer and fuller look. The hair is 100% real human hair, using remy strands. Approximately 2 Wefts were used to complete the process.

The stylist created corn rows using the models natural hair. The wefts are then carefully sewn into the corn row to secure the extensions in place. Can last up to 4 months with proper care.


Salon for sew in hair extensions in Chicago, IL.

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