Human Hair Weave Types

1) Virgin hair

Virgin hair is the most expensive type of human hair weave. It lasts longer than other types of human hair because it is 100% pure and hasn’t undergone any chemical processing. It is sourced from one single donor. Another differentiating characteristic of virgin hair is that the cuticles are intact and all of them are running in the same direction.

2) Remy Hair

Remy hair is 100% human hair. High quality remy hair will have the cuticle intact but it may have gone through some kind of stain processing even thought it might not have been dyed or permed. It requires more care than the regular 100% human hair and it can also be dyed. Depending on its country of origin, Remy hair is classified as: Malaysian, Indian, Peruvian, Brazilian, Mongolian, European, etc. You should always be careful when buying human hair weaves because the hair industry is not regulated and some manufacturers will mark hair that does not correspond to the above characteristics as Remy.

3) 100% Human Hair

Human hair weaves marked as 100% human hair are chemically stripped from its cuticle (this is what differentiates it from Remy hair). They do this so it can be machine processed. It’s all good though – this creates a problem because when you strip the cuticle you get brittleness, tangling, matting and dryness. 100% human hair weaves are not mixed with any heat resistant fibers or synthetic fibers. This type of hair last a long time, but not as long as Remy.

4) Other Types of Human Hair Weaves

Low quality human hair – it may have been diluted with animal and synthetic hairs in order to bring the cost down.
Human hair quality hair – not 100% human hair because it has been mixed with premium quality heat resistant fibers or other synthetic fibers. It’s a lot cheaper that 100% Human hair. It can be curled and straightened, but you cannot dye this hair because it is not 100% and will not be able to hold.

Woman wearing human hair weave extensions in Chicago, IL.

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