Virgin Hair

Many women look to buy virgin hair extensions online because the prices are often very affordable. Unfortunately, there are next to zero regulations on hair extension guides which dictate the type of information being provided. While some brands require you to be a licensed cosmetologist before purchasing hair, most companies allow anyone to make an order.

What is Virgin Hair?

virgin hair extensions in chicagoThe best virgin hair extensions are 100 percent real human hair strands which have not been altered by a chemical process. Anything else isn’t real.  This important factor means no damaging bleaches or coloring agents have altered natural pigmentation. Brazilian virgin hair, Indian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair as well as European virgin hair is generally among the most sought after locks. Where do I find Virgin Hair Extensions? You don’t want artificial hair integrations made from synthetic fibers. Instead, pick authentic extensions – cut from human donors. A

reputable virgin hair extensions company usually sells bundles by weight. Prices can vary depending upon where you choose to buy.

How is the Hair Collected?

A predetermined length is gently snipped off a ponytail from a single person and then carefully wrapped for later use. Hair can be harvested from any country around the world. To qualify as virgin hair the cuticle strands must flow in one direction. African American, Latin, as well as Caucasian virgin hair extensions are all collected with the same method. Virgin hair can be cultivated for the following types of applications: U-Tip fusion hair extensionsI-Tip micro-link hair extensions, plus weft for tape-in and sew-inhair extensions.

What are Keratin Hair Extensions?

Nearly all definitions of real human hair will include the term Keratin. Keratin is natural protein produced by the human body. In biological terms Keratin equates to amino acids. Women with shiny or healthy hair often consume foods rich with poly peptides.

How is Remy Hair Different from Virgin Hair?

While remy hair is technically human hair, it’s not the same as virgin. Most consumers are unaware that 97% of all hair extensions have been chemically treated prior to application. Virgin Hair is different because it’s never been touched. Hair extensions which have been processed can still be very good quality. Ask your stylist about the origins of your virgin hair during a consultation.

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