This article is help readers understand our hair fusion extensions in Chicago, a popular method for elongating hair. Have you always wanted long and luxurious locks but couldn’t ever seem to get your short, fine hair to grow out enough? Do you have a special occasion, such as the prom or your wedding, that you’d like to have longer, gorgeous hair so you can wear it in your favorite hairstyle? Do you find that you simply don’t have enough time and/or patience to grow your hair out in time?

hair-fusion-chicagoFusion hair extensions are the answer to this dilemma for the modern, trend-setting Chicago woman who wants gorgeous and natural looking long hair.

Hair Fusion Extension Basics

Fusion hair extensions are so named because the extensions that are applied by a trained hair stylist are “fused” — or bonded — with your natural hair. This gives you the seamless and fluid look and feel of real hair that makes the extension indistinguishable from your own hair. They are designed to bond well with your real locks so that no one will be able to tell that you have extensions.

Fusion Hair Extension Process

Chicago women who want beautiful and luxuriously long hair prefer the fusion hair extension method of obtaining it. Only a hair stylist that has been specially trained and who possesses a great deal of expertise is able to provide satisfactory results. Not only is there a very specific process that must be undertaken to obtain desired results from the hair fusion extension that you expect, the hair stylist must have very steady hands and a superb eye for detail. Due to the intricacies involved in the fusion hair extension process, it is wise to allocate between three and four hours for the hair stylist to complete the job. Clients may also be interested in tape-in extensions.

Your Consultation with the Chicago Hair Stylist

When you meet with the Chicago hair stylist who will be applying your fusion hair extensions, your hair will undergo a thorough assessment. The condition of your hair, as well as its health, thickness, current length and color will all be noted so the right extensions can be prepared for you. During this consultation, the hair stylist will also determine which of the two methods of hair fusion extensions is best for your hair as well as your circumstances. This should not be confused with micro bead extensions.

Two Methods of Obtaining Hair Fusion Extensions

fusion-hair-extensionsIn order to obtain the natural and beautiful results that you are looking for, your professional hair stylist will determine which of the two methods of fusion hair extensions would work best with your hair. They are both explained in more detail below so you can more fully understand the process behind getting these gorgeous locks in Chicago. Regardless of the hair fusion extension method that your hair stylist determines is the best fit for you, the process involves carefully sectioning off the hair. To obtain the best results, each specific section is meticulously fused with the hair extension to give it a natural look.

  • Hot Fusion Method

During the hot fusion method of applying hair fusion extensions, glue is heated to a particular temperature to ensure that the extension forms a strong bond with your hair. The hair stylist carefully applies the fusion hair extension with a glue gun. Due to the possibility of irritation as well as burning of your head and scalp, you will only want someone who is highly trained to apply these hair fusion extensions for you. Choosing a professional will also ensure that you get satisfactory results.

  • Cold Fusion Method

If you have fine hair, then it is likely that your Chicago hair stylist will recommend the cold fusion method for you. Rather than relying on heat and hot glue, the cold fusion method involves your extensions being fused to strands of your own hair using a tiny bead of binder made from a polymer that is keratin based. This bead of polymer binder is typically no bigger than a small grain of rice. However, it forms a very tight bond between the fusion hair extension and your own natural hair.

Care of Your Fusion Hair Extensions

You can expect your hair fusion extensions to last from between three and six months. In order to keep them looking their best throughout this time period, you might need to schedule some maintenance — including tightening — with your Chicago hair stylist. Special care should be taken when you wash and style your hair. Gently washing your hair with the products given to you by your hair stylist can help extend the lifespan of the hair fusion extensions.

Because your hair fusion extensions are specially color matched for your hair, it is not generally recommended that you color your hair. Some exceptions include root touch ups as well as highlights using foils. For hair color that you want all over your head — including your fusion hair extensions — you can go with a darker color but not a lighter one.