A new haircut can make or break your day. A perfect hairdo can take off ages from your appearance or shift the focus towards a particular feature that you like such as your chin, eyes or nose. The wrong length, however, can add years to your age. Have a look at some of the haircuts that you should avoid and keep in mind that color and volume also play a significant role.

Worst haircuts that add age

While one and the same haircut can look pretty much different on different people, there are two haircuts that are not flattering mature women and only add years to their appearance. So, the next time you head for the hair saloon, steer clear of:

  • Too long hair

Long hair is attractive but to a certain point. If it grows as long as your ribs and beyond it stops looking youthful and healthy. Quite often this hairstyle is referred to as cat-lady long having a reference to an old woman staying home taking better care of her cats than of her hair. Make sure to cut your hair regularly and keep it at a length that makes it long healthy and shiny.

  • Same length with no layers

No matter if your hair is shorter or longer, if it has the same length without layers that will only add years to your age. Wearing layers adds a bouncy effect to your hair, makes it more vibrant and your overall complexion more radiant.

Be aware of color

Color is yet another nice way to express your personality. Keep in mind, however, that not all tendencies are to be followed because fashion doesn’t always look good on every one. Here are three color trends that may add age to your appearance if not properly done:

  • Gray hair

While in 2017 letting your natural gray hair grow was trendy, we should note that it looks good on more mature women and not on all of them. So, unless you are Helen Mirren, think twice before letting your natural gray hair grow.

  • Blonde

Blonde is a tricky color with many shades and nuances. You need to be very careful when choosing which blonde shade matches your skin color, face shape or your overall appearance. This beautiful color can make you appear much older than you actually are, so better consult a stylist about the perfect tone before dying your hair.

  • One-dimensional dark hair

If you prefer your hairdo one-dimensional and without layers, then avoid dying it in dark colors. It will leave the others with the impression that you have attempted hiding some gray hairs or just made an effort to look younger, which was not quite successful. Choose other dyeing techniques such as ombre or balayage.

Choose the right volume

Not only length and color determine the best look of a hairdo. Volume plays a significant role as well. As you can imagine going to extremes is not recommended for any age. Here is why:

  • Too much volume

While it is true that hair thins with age, adding too much volume is not the right way to cope with that problem. Adding excess volume and using too much hairspray reminds of the 80s and makes people think you miss the time you were young. For better results, ask your stylist about a good volumizing shampoo, get some layers next time you are having your hair cut or consider hiding your thin hair with hair extensions.

  • Too flat

While adding too much volume is not a good idea, having your hair too flat is also not complimenting your appearance. Avoid combing your hair too flat or constantly using the flat iron. This will add years to your age. Adding some waves will make your appearance softer and will add movement and vibe to your hair.

  • Too stiff

Stiff and unmovable hair doesn’t suit anyone and will make you look much older. The hair looks unnatural and the hairstyle is often compared to a helmet. In order to avoid that “effect” steer clear from hairsprays with “strong,” “firm,” or “ultra” in the name. Use light formulas and apply three quick spritzes at the roots at each side of the head and three more misted over all your hair. Thus, your hair will remain bouncy while holding the style.

Do not be afraid to experiment with different hairdos and styles, however follow the tips above if you want to look youthful and radiant. If you are not completely sure about the desired style, you can always try it with hair extensions and thus, keep your natural hair intact.