Chicago HairDreams Specialists

HairDreams hair extensions provide dozens of dazzling colors to match the look and feel of your own natural hair.  Marvel at the sheer beauty of hair strand lengths that are as long as 30 inches.  Our licensed cosmetologist are certified hair dreams specialist, available to create clients a stunning new look. Whether you have fine brittle hair, or just short hair – our extension specialists can help.

Get Your Extensions Applied by Professionals

At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon, our professional hairdressers are leading stylists-they have trained students from around the USA.  You will feel at ease knowing services are being provided by top stylists.  We can match hair colors-including black, blonde, brown and red.

As many lesser hair extension brands have been known to destroy hair, Hair Dreams utilizes a safe process, sure to keep hair healthy.  Amongst the most popular methods for lengthening hair are fusion, as well as micro links.

Here is what to expect for natural-looking, longer hair:

  • Free Consultation
  • Choose from a color spectrum
  • Individual application of hair dreams hair are applied strand-by-strand
  • Applied to high quality bonding for durability and extra long duration

Hair Dreams is amongst many of our high quality, affordable hair extension systems. At Chicago Hair Extensions Salon we offer top quality real hair extensions. We also serve Schaumburg and Naperville, including DuPage County, IL.

Call today for more information on HairDreams Hair Extensions. Phone Chicago Hair Extensions Salon at 773-996-0533 for a totally free consultation.