Every woman wishes to have long thick hair that looks vivacious and healthy. Unfortunately many of us are not that lucky and have fine thin hair that is often prone to split ends and breakage. The type of hair is a genetic issue so what we need is to accept it looks and do our best to improve it. Another reason for the thinning of your hair may be age. When we grow older our hair grows slower and falls more often. However, if we take good care of our hair and use one simple clever trick – proper hair extensions, we will have the voluminous mane we have always wished for. Below we will try briefly to explain why your hair doesn’t grow so fast, what you can do to hide it and what are the best hair extensions to use with fine hair.

My hair won’t grow: WHY?

why hair don't growWe have already mentioned that genetics plays the main role in terms of hair thickness and growth. Age also has its say. However, there are some other factors that prevent your hair from growing and thin it further:

  •  Breakage – if your hair does not receive sufficient nutrients it will break easier and faster than it grows. Therefore it is important to use only quality hair products and treat your hair properly. Avoid to much coloring or heat treatment, opt for natural shampoos and conditioners, eat healthy and drink more water. If you want longer hair follow these simple tips (LINK to article) and you will soon see improvement.
  • Diet – quite often if we are on a diet this will affect our hair growth and thickness. Make sure to always include a lot of iron, Vitamin D and B-complex intake in your diet and to stay well hydrated. Foods that will improve your hair look include eggs, spinach, avocados, whole grains, salmon, etc.
  • Split ends – if your hair is deprived of the necessary nutrients it will split into two or even three at the end. The best way to cope with split ends is to cut them. The sooner you do it the better since if left the split will go higher and higher in the hair. To stop your hair from splitting avoid bleaching it or drying it with a towel too harshly.
  • Medical condition – it is normal to shed about 100 strands every day. If your hair falls more intensive and is very dry and damaged you might be experiencing some condition that needs medical treatment. Visit your doctor and get yourself checked.

How to hide my thin hair?

conceve thin hairIf your hair is thinning there are a few tricks that you can use to hide this:

  • Visit the hairdresser – a good solutions to improve your hair look is to chop it off. If you cut some inches and add layers your hair will look more voluminous.
  • Get a good blowout – a quick way to instantly add volume to your fine hair is to blow it out. You can achieve an attractive look even at home using a round brush and a hair dryer.
  • Use proper hair products – always use shampoos and conditioners that are meant for fine hair and that are alcohol and sulfate-free. You can use volumizing mouse before blow-drying your hair for a fuller look.
  • Wear hair extensions – choose the best natural hair extensions that will help you get instant thickness and length without damaging your hair.

Which are the best hair extensions for thin hair?

hair extensions to use with thin hair

While following a healthier diet and treating your hair properly is a must in order to promote its growth and good condition, there is one other quicker solution for hiding thin hair: hair extensions. There are several types of hair extensions and not all of them are suitable for fine hair. Clip-ins, for example, will be too heavy and may only damage the hair further. Our best advice for fine hair is to use quality tape-in hair extensions. This is an amazing methods with natural looking result. Once the hair extensions are “taped” you can finally enjoy a gorgeous head full of hair. And the best thing is that you can style it the same way as natural hair. Different updos, fuller ponytail or curls are not a problem anymore. You can rock a beautiful hairstyle no matter if you are having a night out or exercising in a gym. Our tape-in hair extensions are light and won’t be heavy on your natural hair and scalp and thus prevent growth.

We are strongly recommending to consult a hair extension stylist who will be able to best advice you on the proper color and length for you. At our Chicago salon we offer free consultations after an appointment and our experts will be more than happy to help you.